Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 19 “Borrowing Books”

Last chapter recap: Kong Hou’s harasser is punished and leaves.

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Chapter 19: Borrowing Books

After walking out of the borders of Splendid Cloud Sect, Zhou Xing who had been silent said in a trembling voice, “Big Brother, the people of Splendid Cloud Sect are all fake gentlemen. They are… are…”

He thought about how he had been imprisoned in a dark and silent jail cell for several days. No one spoke to him, and he couldn’t see a thing. He managed to see a light inside, but what he saw were other people being punished. The wails were one louder than the previous, and caused him to tremble.

That wasn’t all. The one applying the punishment said, “This Mind Manifestation Forebear being punished still has five thousand cuts left to go.”

“He used children to make pills—what forebear does he count as?” The other person snorted. “Death would be a benefit to him.”

For some reason, Zhou Xing felt that those two glanced towards where he was when they were speaking. This frightened him. He didn’t dare to curse or shout, and even lightened his breathing.

The outside said that Splendid Cloud Sect were peaceful, easy-going, and lived in harmony. Those were all lies. What part of those punishments was easy-going? Right now, when he closed his eyes, he could see that Mind Manifestation cultivator’s flesh being cut off his body.

“Close your mouth!” Zhou Cang said angrily. “Splendid Cloud Sect let you live because I threw away my face and begged. What place do you think this is—those second and third-rate little sects? This is Splendid Cloud Sect, a large sect which has existed for many years. Do not think that Splendid Cloud Sect is really easy to bully because others joke about some of Splendid Cloud Sect’s little matters. If Splendid Cloud Sect were really so useless, would they have been able to exist for this many years in Lingyou World?!”

Zhou Xing was still unwilling. He just wanted to say how Splendid Cloud Sect punished others when he heard Zhou Cang say, “When we return, you will go into seclusion and cultivate. Without my permission, you will not go anywhere. If you do such a thing again, I cannot protect you.”

“You are the sect master of Sky Sect. Do you…”

“Not anymore,” Zhou Cang said expressionlessly. “Radiance Sect will not allow a cultivator who cannot control his family to be the sect master.”

The Zhou Brothers had left, but Radiance Sect’s peak master Song He still remained in Splendid Cloud Sect. People who cultivated sometimes needed to gather together and discuss to make up for their shortcomings.

Splendid Cloud Sect had abundant spirit energy, a harmonious atmosphere, and delicious food…

Song He stood on the mountain peak. He looked at the mists covering the mountain and sighed. Splendid Cloud Sect was a place that people came to and did not want to leave. No wonder foreign cultivators would frequently come to Harmonious City to play, and the major sects came to Harmonious City to open shop. The people who lived here enjoyed life too much.

If he was not a sword cultivator with a strong mind, as he ate the delicious food that Splendid Cloud Sect prepared every day, he would most likely also feel that life had to be so comfortable. After lamenting for a time, he heard a voice from midway up the mountain. The disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect must be having classes.

Shixiong, so divination also requires memorizing these things. I thought that someone could naturally understand when they started cultivating.”

“Who told you that you will know everything when you start cultivating?”

“I did not read random storybooks.” Kong Hou shook her head. “I’m just asking, just asking.”

“The heavens and earth, the yinyang, the heavenly stems and earth pillars, the stars and mountains, all of them are related to divination.” Cheng Yi did not argue with her. “The simpler one’s life, the easier it will be to divine. The more complex the person or the matter, the easier they will be affected. Our Splendid Cloud Sect is not skilled in divination, but we cannot be ignorant. You have reached Base Building. After you start on divination, you can go to Treasure Hall and pick a lifebond talisman for yourself, or pick suitable materials to make one with your own hands.

“This place is large and empty, full of spirit energy. It is easier for you to comprehend divination here.” Cheng Yi looked at the sky. “The weather will not be good in the next few days. When the weather is good, I will teach you to read the star signs.”

Song He did not interrupt the apprentices. Of course, he would also not go watch how they taught. While many internal cultivation methods were shared between sects, and they would discuss together, he would respect them and keep himself away. Who said that the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect were lazy? They appeared very hard-working to him, nothing like what the rumors said.

He shouldn’t listen. Song He prepared to leave when he heard another male voice.

Shixiong, Shimei has been learning for so long. Let’s eat and rest for a while. Do not rush. The little child is still growing. If she uses her mind too much, she will grow up ugly.”

Song He paused in his steps and almost didn’t believe his ears. So absurd. How long had she been learning that she needed to rest? The first thing the disciples of Radiance Sect did after waking up was to swing their sword three hundred times. Then they would barely avoid being called lazy. Would she be tired after this little while?

Shidi is correct. Kong Hou, rest for half an hour.”

Song He could not endure listening. He was afraid that if he continued to listen, he would point at these disciples and start scolding them. Fortunately, he was a forebear with cultivation and composure. He knew he could not scold other people’s apprentices, so he could only swallow this.

Such a good pentad spirit base disciple—what will Splendid Cloud Sect raise her to become?

With Song He’s cultivation and ability to conceal his energies, the trio did not know that someone had been standing above them. The trio drank and ate, sparred and quickly passed a day pleasantly.

After returning to the cave residence, Kong Hou took out her little book and used a brush to write down a few phrases.

Lingyou World, Year Five, the nineteenth day of the third month. I studied with the shixiong and pleasantly passed another day.

In the next few days, Kong Hou finally memorized the transformations for divination. She also helped Second Shixiong calculate a small divination, and said that he would lose a small amount of wealth soon. A few days later, Second Shixiong told her joyfully that he had dropped a bag with five spirit stones.

The shixiong and shijie heard that Kong Hou finally started divination, and came to congratulate her as though she had done a great thing.

Through the doors to the main hall, Song He stood and watched as the apprentices on the distant training grounds laughed and played together. He turned and looked at Heng Yan’s face. The other showed no emotional shift, as though he was used to this.

Detecting Song He’s gaze, Heng Yan smiled slightly and said, “Our sect’s disciples are slightly lively. Brother Song, do not laugh at us.”

“No, no, your honored sect’s disciples… are intelligent and lively. Good, good.” Song He was slightly shocked inside. These apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect were really so close to each other?

Even in Radiance Sect that was strictly managed, there would be conflicts between apprentices because of the problem of resources. From Splendid Cloud Sect’s present situation, the apprentices all had good talents. They were originally the geniuses of their sect. Now, a pentad spirit base shimei came, and reached Base Building in four short years. Did the other apprentices not have other thoughts?

“I’ve come to bid farewell to Sect Master.” Song He bowed to Heng Yan and said, “It was our Radiance Sect that did not govern properly in this matter. Fortunately, Sect Master is benevolent and did not harm the friendship between our sects due to this matter.”

“Brother Song is too serious,” Heng Yan said. “How can this be blamed on your honored sect? This matter has passed; we do not need to mention it again. But why is Brother Song He in such a hurry? Have I not been a good host? Why do you not stay at our sect a few more days, and I will take better care of you.”

“Your honored sect has been very enthusiastic, but my sect has many matters. I have been stealing free time by staying these few days.” Song He shook his head. He hesitated and did not mention the matter of Zhong Xi’s unstable mental state. He only spoke of some other matters.

Heng Yan knew that he had made his decision. He did not press but kept Song He for the noon meal before seeing the other cultivator off from the doors of Splendid Cloud Sect’s main hall.

“Sect Master Heng Yan, please do not see me off any further. This one bids farewell.”

“Have a good journey.” Heng Yan returned the bow and watched as Song He left on his flying sword.

Song He flew quickly on his flying sword. Seeing someone flying towards him, he moved to the side. As a Projection forebear who was old and could conceal his cultivation, he usually did not like fighting for space in the air with young cultivators.

“Greetings, Elder.” But this young cultivator flew in front of him and bowed.

Wasn’t this Wang Tong’s pentad spirit base apprentice? She had been on the training grounds in the morning. In the span of a lunch, she had left?

“Kong Hou Shizhi, no need for such courtesy.” Song He saw a storybook peeking out from the other’s sleeve. Written on it seemed to be [Records of Seeking Immortality].

Noticing Song He’s gaze, Kong Hou bent her head and pushed the book into her sleeve.

Song He: “…”

Kong Hou: “…”

If she had known beforehand, she would have put the storybook in her storage bag. Now, she had embarrassed herself in front of other sects.

“On the path of cultivation, you should not be obsessed with material things.” In the end, Song He did not bear to see such a good child go onto that lazy and curved path. He decided to be the villain for once and say a few more words. “Could Shizhi let me borrow this book?”

Kong Hou touched the book inside her sleeve again. Suppressing her reluctance, she handed the book with both hands to Song He. “Thank you, Peak Master, for your guidance. Please.”

“Thank you, Shizhi, for lending the book. Farewell.”

“Peak Master, have a good journey.” Seeing Song He fly away like a meteor, Kong Hou sighed in relief and joyfully touched her sleeve. Luckily, she had hid one inside, and this peak master hadn’t seen it.

When Song He returned to Radiance Sect and leapt off his flying sword, he heard someone ask, “Shishu, what is in your hand?”

Song He finally remembered that he had taken a little girl’s storybook. He turned back and saw his pale-faced shizhi and said, “I borrowed it from a young friend.”

The asker’s gaze landed on his hand. Long eyelashes fluttered. “So that’s how it is.”

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