Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 20 “Right in Mind and Body”

Last chapter recap: Kong Hou gets one of her storybooks taken away.

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Chapter 20: Right in Mind and Body

Seeing Shizhi ask a rare question not related to any matters, Song He felt happy and couldn’t help but speak a bit more.

“A good pentad spirit base girl is being spoiled by all of Splendid Cloud Sect. She actually reads such common storybooks—how would they benefit her mind?” Song He did not bear to say too much. “But this child is of good conduct, obedient, and is likable.”

Song He said a bit more about how Splendid Cloud Sect treated this young shimei. Seeing his shizhi’s expressionless face, he thought the other was not interested in hearing more. He prepared to stop and rest when his shizhi spoke again.

Shishu, could you let me borrow this storybook?” After saying this, his shizhi coughed again, his pale face flushing with blood.

Song He gave the storybook to his shizhi without a word. The other reached out with a white hand and took the scrolled-up book. He gently unfurled it, even the rolled-up corners. “Many thanks, Shishu.”

“No need for thanks; it is just a storybook.” Song He looked at his shizhi‘s sickly face and wanted to say more things but didn’t know what to say. This shizhi was almost the most outstanding genius in the last few centuries. From Energy Refinement to Mind Dividing, he seemed to be blessed and never went astray. Even he, the shishu, was only at Projection Stage.

The difference between Projection and Mind Dividing appeared to be just one stage, but surpassing the barrier was so difficult. Right now, in the entire cultivation world, those of Mind Dividing Stage or stronger were less than ten. They thought that Shizhi was the cultivator most likely to reach Ordeal Surpassing and ascend in the last millennia. However, when he reached Mind Dividing Stage, a mental demon appeared.

When he had been in Mind Manifestation Stage, there hadn’t been any signs. No one had known of the great calamity in the future.

“Zhong Xi…” Song He wanted to tell his shizhi to not be obsessed with lowly storybooks like this. But when Shizhi turned around and looked at him with clear eyes like calm water, he stilled and couldn’t say anything. “Nothing. If you have time, go and relax. There are many interesting places in Lingyou World.”

“Thank you, Shishu for telling me. Farewell.” Zhong Xi nodded slowly and bowed to Song He. Then he summoned a crane and stepped on its back to leave.

The white clouds rolled and quickly covered his figure.

Song He sighed, shook his head and left.

When Kong Hou returned to the sect, she was too embarrassed to say that the peak master of Radiance Sect had found her secretly reading storybooks. She obediently studied divination for several months. However, she seemed especially bad at this, and was not accurate even after studying for a long time. After this period of time, she didn’t even read storybooks, just read divination books every day.

“Three yin and three yan, the sun and moon cycle…” Kong Hou yawned, drawing on the paper as she recited, her mind a muddle.

Shimei.” Tan Feng walked in and saw Kong Hou laid out dispiritedly on the table. He handed a new hairpin to her. “Why are you so dispirited?”

“Thank you, Shixiong.” Kong Hou’s dim eyes finally had light. She took the hairpin box and said, “Should I be accepting a truth soon?”

“What?” Tan Feng poured himself a cup of water to drink, and sat down cross-legged across from Kong Hou. He took the book in front of Kong Hou and glanced at it. The dense divination diagrams on it caused him to become dizzy.

“Maybe I do not have luck like the storybook protagonists.” Kong Hou frowned, her fingertip tapping around the hairpin box. “The protagonists are all extremely intelligent—they will master whatever they study. I have such a difficult time even learning divination.”

“There are no perfect cultivators in the world; the storybooks are lying.” Tan Feng saw the bags under Kong Hou’s eyes. “So what if you are not good at divination? Master and I both aren’t. Only Eldest Shixiong is slightly good at divination out of everyone on Moon Perching Peak.”

Otherwise, Little Shimei‘s divination classes would not have been given to Eldest Shixiong.

“Really?” Kong Hou felt that, although it was not kind, she was… very happy when she thought that two people close to her were also not skilled.

“Of course. Actually, Eldest Shixiong‘s mastery is only relative to our sect. The sect actually skilled in divination is Moon Star Sect.” Tan Feng drank as he said, “In the entire cultivation world, the one best at divination is Moon Star Sect. For the disciples that join their sect, the spirit base is not most important, but their ability to perceive the world.”

“The one among the ten major sects, the only one behind us?”

“Cough, cough, do not be so honest.” Tan Feng patted his chest. “In the sect, just mention that we are one of the ten major sects. Ranking is not so important.”

“Oh.” Kong Hou nodded obediently. “Then what is our sect most skilled at?”

“Our sect is most skilled at…” Tan Feng was slightly embarrassed. Their sect seemed to have everything. Daybreak Cloud Peak was most skilled at pill-making, Noon Sun Peak was skilled at forging and sword arts, Setting Sun Peak was most skilled at training beasts, Midnight Sect was most skilled at drawing seals and making formations, their Moon Perching Peak… their Moon Perching Peak knew a bit of everything, but it depended on the disciple what they were best at.

Listening to Tan Feng’s explanation, Kong Hou’s expression lit up. She clapped and said, “I understand, our Moon Perching Peak is the strongest. We are skilled in all of this, yes?”

“Ye-yes.” Tan Feng jerked his lips in a smile. It was good to have dreams.

On the main peak of Splendid Cloud Sect, after Heng Yan finished teaching Wu Chuan a new sword move, he pointed in the direction of Treasure Hall and said, “Tomorrow, you will take Kong Hou to pick her talisman.”

“Master, Kong Hou Shimei is still young…”

Heng Yan slowly shook his head and said with a smile, “While she is young in age, she is a Base Building cultivator. She should go find her own weapon.”

Wu Chuan hesitated for a moment. He bowed and said, “This apprentice will do so.”

Within Splendid Cloud Sect, disciples without their lifebond talismans were people to be protected. If enemies attacked, they were the disciples that would be protected. But if they took up their lifebond weapons, it meant they lived as members of Splendid Cloud Sect, and died as ghosts of Splendid Cloud Sect. If enemies came, they would have to defend the sect to their deaths.

After receiving the news from the main hall, Wang Tong sat inside his room for four hours. In the end, he sighed deeply and returned a “yes” to the main hall.


“Tell your shimei. Tomorrow, you will accompany her.” Wang Tong waved his hand for Cheng Yi to leave.

“Yes.” Cheng Yi bowed and left. He came to Kong Hou’s cave residence on his flying sword and saw his shidi and shimei taking turns memorizing divination diagrams. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Eldest Shixiong.” Kong Hou saw Cheng Yi and stood up from the ground. “Why did you come here?”

“I cam to tell you that I can take you to Treasure Hall tomorrow to pick your lifebond talisman.”

“Really?” Kong Hou showed a bright smile. “Great.”

Looking at Kong Hou’s smile, Cheng Yi said, “Then do you know what rules disciples with lifebond talismans have to follow?”

“I know,” Kong Hou said without thinking. Her face, still with its baby fat, was solemn. “Disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect need to remember to be right of mind and body, to guard the sect and the people. Those that betray the sect will die without any burial.”

“Good.” Cheng Yi nodded. “Do not ever forget these words, understand?”

“Yes!” Kong Hou nodded.

Translator Ramblings: That switch from humor to I will die without a burial was abrupt.

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