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Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Qin Aohai “run” back to the Qin Family.

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Chapter Two – Celestial Rank Skill

As soon as the word fell, Aofeng and Qin Aohai had burrowed into the crowd and disappeared. Lan Cheng almost jumped on his feet in angry but he could not just run into the Qin Family’s ranks to catch them. He spat and swallowed down his anger. Under people’s mocking gazes, he turned and went back to the front of the Lan Family group.

The younger members of the Qin Family looked with schadenfreude at Lan Cheng and talked among themselves.

“Haha, that was good, he only knows to laugh at our family for having a good-for-nothing, let him taste how it feels to be called an “idiot” by the good-for-nothing.”

“Seventh Young Master isn’t strong, but is spirited. The rumors of timidity must be false.”

“As expected of His Excellency Aotian’s younger brother.”

Aofeng hadn’t thought that her retort of “idiot” pleased a group of people, changing the impressions of the members of the Qin Family who came out to gain experience. The three other spirit magisters in the group, other than Qin Aohai, smiled at her. Qin Yang and Qin Liu were brothers from a cadet branch. The young woman Qin Fei’er was an admirer of Qin Aotian.

Aofeng nodded minutely towards them, her expression still as cold as usual. She walked at the front with Qin Aohai and the other spirit magisters, immediately behind Qin Jian. Out of the corner of her eyes, she observed the four great magister families’ training squads.

The Qin and Lan Family all had four to five spirit magisters at the front. The Lian and Xiao Clans only had two and three spirit magisters at the front, respectively. They were all low sword-level spirit magisters, none of them over three-swords. Their second-rank senior magisters mostly had low-sword levels. Qin Aohai became the “strongest” in this group other than the five celestial magisters.

They could not compare to the collective strength of Freedom Alliance as these people were only ordinary members of their families, and not the best. They could not match many of the magic beasts in Death Ridge. However, the leading five celestial magister were extremely strong and guaranteed the safe passage of the group.

The deep path still had no end in sight. The group sank into silence again, and the long journey seemed endless.

Taking this opportunity, Aofeng humbly asked for help from Qin Jian. “Teacher Q, do you know what one needs to become a celestial magister other than enough magic?”

Recently, Aofeng had tamed so many sacred beasts and divine beasts, even a five-star divine beast, the Komodo Dragon King. She thought she had enough to level up but she could not step over the doorsill to celestial rank. No matter how many beasts she tamed, she could not overcome that barrier, and her magic could not level up.

Aofeng had a headache over this. She even felt, in this present situation, would she be able to level up after bonding wit that Candia Giant Dragon?

As to Lei Yufeng’s experience, that brother has said briskly, “Boom! I don’t know how I got there. I swore an oath, I’m not lying to you.” Aofeng had been so depressed she wanted to spit blood.

“Brother Aofeng, what are you asking this for? You aren’t a magister, there’s no use in asking,” said Qin Yang with a laugh.

“What are you saying! Brother Aofeng may be able to use the knowledge in the future, maybe talent will awaken once day, and Brother Aofeng will become a powerful celestial magister just like His Excellency Qin Aotian!” Out of fondness for Qin Aotian, Qin Fei’er had been very good to Aofeng the entire way. At this moment, she was afraid that Qin Yang”s words would stir Aofeng’s hurts and hurriedly scolded with a glare.

“Yes yes yes, Brother Aofeng’s future is bright. My younger brother just speaks nonsense! Brother Aofeng, do not be offended.” Qin Liu pulled back Qin Yang and hit him on the head with a fist as he said encouragingly to Aofeng.

Aofeng nodded, unconcerned. She said seriously, “No matter, I believe I will soon become a celestial magister.”

The trio had originally wanted to comfort Aofeng and hadn’t thought that this boy would really become motivated. Looking at the other’s puffed chest and confidence, they gaped, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Only Qin Aohai at the side tried to contain his laughter.

Qin Jian did not care and smiled gently. “While it is slightly early for you, since Aofeng asked, then listen as well. The difference between the earth and celestial ranks is a leap. Becoming a celestial magister is even harder than a celestial magister becoming a magus scholar. First, one has to cultivate magic to its top level, and then magic into shamanic power. One can only break through that barrier is with powerful shamanic power. It is too difficult to try to cross the doorsill just with magic.”

As expected of a qualified teacher, Qin Jian knew much more theory than Lei Yufeng who just went in rashly. Aofeng rejoiced that she had asked this. She finally found where the problem was. No wonder she could not level up. Shamanic power was the crux.

“Then, are there any special circumstances? For example, “woosh!” and they suddenly get there,” Aofeng thought of Lei Yufeng and couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, but those kinds of situations are rare. When one’s body is heavily injured or they received something like a spirit fruit which suddenly increase the amount of magic one has, the magic will naturally turn to shamanic power after they break through the barrier. This kind of situation is the same as the former, and there are no differences after reaching celestial rank.” Qin Jian confirmed Aofeng’s question.

“The majority of adventurers who cultivate on their own do this. But our four families, through thousands of years, have found a celestial rank spell to turn magic into shamanic power and left it for our descendants. This is why the four magister families have so many celestial magister.”

Aofeng nodded, her eyes glittering. “So that’s how it is … …. Teacher Qin Jian, may I know these methods?”

Qin Jian stilled, a light flashing through his eyes. He paused and then said, “Of course, you have your father’s main bloodline, and your father should have been the one to pass this to you. But he is gone, and so you do not know. Usually, this is something after you become a nine-sword spirit magister, and even Aohai doesn’t know this. Also, cadet members of the family will only be told this in the hall of ancestors after they become nine-sword spirit magisters but they have to make sure the secret will not leak.”

Aofeng and Qin Aohai exchanged a look. They understood each other, and Aofeng said in a voice that only Qin Jian could hear, “Your Excellency Qin Jian, we will come find you tonight.”

His brow flickering slightly, Qin Jian’s expression became more puzzled.

The passages of the giant dragon nest were long, and they still did not see an end after walking an entire day. When evening came, they set up came. The sound of snores soon sounded from the tents. Qin Jian sat alone in his tent, his eyes closed as he rested. The flap of the tent lifted, and two figures quickly shot in.

“Could you tell me what is going on? Aofeng, why are you asking how to transform shamanic power?” Qin Jian opened his bright eyes, his sharp gaze locked onto Aofeng as though he wanted to see through her. But no matter how he looked, Aofeng still looked aloof and calm. He could not see a thing.

The more Aofeng was like this, the more Qin Jian lamented that he was old and muddle-minded. This little guy was extremely well concealed!

“Your Excellency Qin Jian is asking something you know. With your experience, you really cannot see the problem?” Aofeng looked back fearlessly and did not hide. With a soft laugh, a silver pattern rose under her feat. The four point spirit star had reached its full state, with nine little silver swords in each of the points. The blinding light reflected on the shock in Qin Jian’s eyes.

“Nine-sword spirit magister! Heavens, a fifteen year old nine-sword spirit magister! Have you awakened your talent?”

Even though he was mentally prepared, and had guessed things were likely so, Qin Jian still looked as though he swallowed an egg whole. He was both exasperated and amused, “Child, really, why did you not tell me this earlier, you want to give me a fright?”

He nodded in joy and realization. “No wonder you dare to explore the Forest of Neversetting Sun alone and planned on crossing the forest to go find your big brother at the capital. As a nine-sword spirit magister, you have the strength. I was thinking that celestial magisters are usually proud. His Excellency Lei Yufeng would not become friends with you for no reason. So this is why. Aofeng, now that your talent has awakened, you can be called the best talent on the continent! Great, our Qin Family has produced another great genius!”

“No, Your Excellency Qin Jian, you are wrong. I am not a member of the Qin Family any longer. Right now, I am a free person.” Aofeng shook her head, her tone slightly cold. Under Qin Jian and Qin Aofeng’s puzzled gazes, she narrated the generalities of her conflict with enforcer Qin Lian, Qin Wu, and his son. Of course, she did not mention some things about herself and only said she encountered a teacher who helped her.

Before meeting Qin Jian and the others, Aofeng feared that if her identity leaked, Qin Lian would get revenge on her and use the Qin Family’s power to deal with her. Now that Qin Jian, a celestial magister of the main family, was here, and he was also a friend of Uncle, Aofeng did not have to fear anything.

Hearing that Aofeng had publicly announced that she left the Qin family, Qin Jian and Qin Aohai gaped. Qin Jian was furious. “That damned Qin Lian, does he want the old patriarch to die in anger? Aofeng, this is only Qin Lian acting alone. Do not be angry with the main family.”

Aofeng shook her head firmly and said coldly, “Some things cannot be overlooked once they occurred. Also, if the old patriarch kicked me out of the capital when they said I was a good-for-nothing, then how could I live these past ten years? This definitely was not Qin Lian alone! Teacher Qin Jian, I say this because I do not want to lie to you. I want to obtain the family’s transformation spell, but I do not want you to break the family’s rules. Could you still pass them onto me in this kind of situation?”

Qin Jian calmed his emotions, sighed and then grimaced. “I can teach you, the family only recognizes blood. If your father is still here, he would’ve taught you, and you will not have to go through the family. Pity, a genius of the family is lost like this.”

Aofeng’s expression turned joyful when she heard this. Qin Jian waved a hand towards her. A thin layer of blue gathered in his eyes and he sent an imprint into Aofeng’s mind.

Her mind shifted, and a spell like the Magus Divinity Spell appeared.

Translator Ramblings: A magical “woosh” … describes all powerups.

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