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Section Nineteen The Giant Dragon Nest


Chapter One The Giant Dragon Nest

When a magister levelled up, their magus beasts would also level up. For magic beasts who could not evolve quickly or reached their natural limit, this was a great temptation. While Aofeng did not how Chi had benefited, she was sure that the lifebond covenant meant he was affected the most of her magus beasts. Her advancement should have been a great benefit to Chi.

“You should be able to fly and use celestial magic techniques now. Do you want to try?” Qin Jian smiled and guided Aofeng. “You will only be able to draw out your celestial magic technique after you perform full-body armorization and use your shamanic power. As for flight, just think of where you want to go and take a step. When you start, you will be unfamiliar with it, but once you are familiar, it will be easier than any other flight method.”

Aofeng once again experienced the benefits of having a qualified teacher. He could help her avoid many detours and mistakes. She said gratefully, “Thank you, Teacher Qin Jian.”

Jumping up, her feet left the ground. Aofeng flew a few circles in the air, her body light as though she weighed nothing. Her speed was equal to when she used the flying swords, but she felt even more comfortable. Celestial rank experts could fly as they pleased just like they were walking on the ground.

She could fly on her own. Now, the World’s End Sword Extermination would have four extra swords and show its true power!

“Meng Yan, full-body armorization.” After familiarizing herself with flight, Aofeng immediately put on Meng Yan’s black magus beast armor. As expected, she felt a wondrous feeling in her soul. Her eyes flashed, and she manipulated her light blue shamanic power. She shouted, “Celestial magic technique, Nightmare Demon Light!”

A blue lantern seemed to appear in the sky. Behind Aofeng, an enormous shadow of the nightmare warhorse appeared. Meng Yan whinned loudly and spiritedly, a terrifying black power forming between the sheep-like horns with the ability to interfere with people’s minds. A ray of black light accurately struck the mountain Aofeng pointed at!

Celestial magic technique. Just like the magic core cannons of the Fortress of Neversetting Sun, Aofeng felt that she had a laser weapon. The enormous power of the ray caused everything in its path to vaporize!


The deafening sounds almost ruptured her eardrums. The distant mountain was shrouded in a thin layer of dust. When the dust dissipated, the three people looked on in shock and swallowed.

The power of a celestial magic technique released by a six-star divine beast was terrifying. Half of the mountain had been destroyed and an enormous valley created.

“So strong, no wonder people fight to the death over divine rank magus beasts. A celestial magic technique cast by a divine beast is one even I do not dare face directly.” Qin Jian sighed, his breathing irregular. He found that he could not match the little freak Aofeng. After reaching celestial rank and casting a celestial magic technique, Aofeng formally stepped in the ranks of the true experts on the continent.

Aofeng sighed and flew down. “Strong, but this has a terrifying expenditure of power. Just one attack, and more than half of my shamanic power has been used up.”

More than half meant she could not cast a celestial magic technique again. This trump card would have to be used when her life was on the line. She would have to wait a long time after the first use to use it again. Just like the World’s End Sword Extermination, she could not use it successively, and had to wait for her shamanic power to recover.

“Celestial magic techniques are always like this. Magisters who have just risen to celestial rank usually will use up all of their shamanic power. If you were able to successively cast it, who will be able to endure it?” Qin Jian rolled his eyes and laughed at this little freak’s ignorance.

“Hm … …” Aofeng felt the state of her body. She found to her surprise, because the Magus Divinity Power Source had formed a whirlpool, the shamanic power she had used up was rapidly recovering. In a short amount of time, she would be able to cast a celestial magic technique gain. She was both surprised and joyed.

However, this time, she generously did not frighten Qin Jian. If she caused something to happen to this teacher, she could not face her uncle.

“Aofeng, you returned to the group this time to stab Lan Xun and the others in the back?” After Aofeng finished levelling up, Qin Jian’s expression turned stern and he asked about the matter.

“Yes, we planned that.” Aofeng did not conceal this and admitted with a nod.

Qin Jian’s expression paused when he heard this. He grimaced and sighed, “Ah, Aofeng, even if you say you left the Qin Family, if they really pursue this, the Lan Family will still blame us. Also, we swore oaths to help Lan Xun get the dragon egg. When the time comes, we will definitely act. Think it over some more.”

“Teacher Qin Jian, you are usually so clever, why cannot you not understand.”

Aofeng shrugged unworriedly and teased Qin Jian. “Just like I said previously, you agreed to help the Lan Family get the dragon egg, you did not promise to help them against us. When the time comes, just help them get the dragon egg. Teacher, you can remind the celestial magisters of the other two families as well. We will go make trouble for Lan Xun, and not directly participate in the battle for the dragon egg, this will have nothing to do with you.”

“Uh … …” Qin Jian sweated and thought inside, you are really devious and low, daring to even try to find loopholes in oaths of heaven and earth. But if this was not mistaken, it could be used.

“Teacher can ‘work hard’ when fighting for the dragon egg. In any case, dead people cannot accept the dragon egg,” Aofeng said coldly, her eyes flashing as she turned and returned to the camp.

Qin Jian shuddered, his eyes widening in shock. A cold sweat formed in his palm and he was frightened by the vicious meaning in Aofeng’s words.

The sun had just lazily risen when the group once again started travelling. They could hear faint howling coming from the distant valley, causing people to realize they were not far from the giant dragon’s nest. Everyone became energized, and their speed doubled.

Deep in the mountain, a noxious odor came at them. Turning a curve, Aofeng and the others suddenly heard a burst of female screaming.

“What is it?” The leading celestial magisters quickly sprinted to the front. The skeleton of an enormous magic beast appeared in front of them. This magic beast had clearly been a high level sacred beast with a long body like a lizard dragon. It was frightening to suddenly see in view.

Everyone became grave when the sacred beast skeleton appeared. The mood turned tense. Lan Xun ordered with a serious expression, “Careful, celestial magisters, come to the front. The Candia Dragon should be the only divine beast here, and no other magic beasts should appear here in the short term.”

The skeletons appeared one after another. They would find one every hundred or so meters. Each skeleton was scarily large. Even dead, people could feel great pressure from them. Some were even skeletons of divine beasts. The Candia Dragon was terrifying to have the corpses of so many defeated beasts around its nest.

The odor of rotten corpses became even heavier in the thin mist, almost nauseating. Everyone frowned as they moved forward. After another turn, the land suddenly widened in front of them.

A vast grassland appeared, surrounded by tall mountain peaks. Cold wind came from an enormous cave in the distance. That was the Candia Dragon’s nest.

They inhaled in shock seeing this valley. Skeletons of all kinds of magic beasts covered this grassland, many of them incomplete, some of them broken at the spine, others torn in half. There were thousands of them, all divine beasts!

The corpses along the pathway outside was nothing compared to this!

Lan Xun and the others who had been full of confidence had paled faces. They had not expected the Candia Giant dragon to be so strong.

As they hesitated, a burst of terrifying bellows came from that deep cavern. A wild wind formed a wave of air that rushed towards the group. The ordinary magisters were pushed to the ground as they gasped and shouted. The celestial magisters worked together to channel shamanic power and make an enormous barrier in defense.

Aofeng felt a wave of shock. So scary!

Six-star divine beasts could not compare to seven-star divine beasts. And the Nightmare Warhorse, a darkness type, with its outstanding offense, could not match the pure and ancient dragon bloodline.

“Arthurus you bastard, you come here at this time, you challenge the authority of the dragon race?” Deep in the valley, a furious and deep voice exploded, and rang out over the mountain valley.

Earth-shaking footsteps sounded, and an enormous golden figure walked through the mountain valley. A pair of golden wings spread into the sky, the dragon head raised proudly looking into the sky. Its body was wrapped in a golden domain. This was the Golden Giant dragon Candia!

The Candia dragon was right in front of them, but the humans seemed to lose the courage to fight the dragon. People realized based on that figure larger than the golden roc that a giant dragon would be difficult to defeat. Just the dragon’s aura caused ordinary divine beasts to stop advancing. Whether or not he was wounded, the giant dragon was still a giant dragon.

At this time, another arrogant voice laughed. “Candia, today, I’ve come to rob you! Give me your egg for dinner!”

A human-shaped golden figure landed from the sky. “Boom!” The earth shook. The giant beast also stood up, its body giving off a similar divine beast presence. The crimson gold domain and the Candia Giant dragon’s golden domain struggled against each other.

“Seven-star divine beast, Crimson Gold Behemoth!

The appearance of the two divine beasts caused the members of the four families to feel their scalps prickle. They stopped breathing and did not dare to make any movements.

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Section 18 Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2

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