傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S19-C02 “Calamity”

Last chapter recap: A golden behemoth invades the giant dragon nest.

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Chapter Two – Calamity

The Crimson Gold Behemoth, a human-form beast, eight meters tall and completely covered by crimson gold fur tha shone with light. The beast’s enormous fists bulged with tendons like two savage hammers.

While this was a human-form beast, it did not look like a human. He would only become a true human when he evolved into a super-divine beast

“Seven-star divine beast! heavens, there are two seven-star divine beasts!” Countless people in the group thought this with shock.

The Golden Giant Dragon versus the Crimson Gold Behemoth. Who was stronger?

Their hearts beat rapidly as they looked at the two beasts. Lightning seemed to flash through their minds. One may never see a battle like this in their lives, but they had to live to watch.

Lan Xun and the other four celestial magisters stood at the front with pale faces. They felt they could faint. No one had expected someone to interfere! One seven-star divine beast was enough trouble, now there was two?

Candia stared at the Crimson Gold Behemoth Arthurus, his eyes flashing. “Damned, Arthurus, you don’t stay in your nest, and come with those little worms to my nest. You have broken the rules. Are you not afraid to draw the anger of the seven great commanders of Death Ridge?”

“Seven great commanders? Haha, they are busy now searching for Oslin. Who would care about what is happening on the perimeter.” Arthurus laughed smugly, his dark gold eyes staring at Candia as he said, “Also, the super-divine beast commanders may not care about little conflicts between minor figures like us. I’ve endured your odor for many years, today, the heavens do not help you. Today, I will rid the world of another dumb dragon.”

Candia was a proud member of the dragon race. He was furious at being insulted like this. He laughed back, “Take care of me? Even if I am damaged due to that egg, I remember this season is when you behemoths are shedding. Don’t think I cannot see you are in your shedding period. You are only able to use sixty percent of your power. The heavens are not helping you. It’s rare that I am at a low point and you are shedding. We are even. How will you take care of me?”

“Even if I am in my shedding time, it is more than enough to kill you, dumb dragon!” Arthurus stilled and then shorted. His large and vicious face twisted, as the crimson gold domain around him fluctuated wildly.

“We will only know who will win after trying!” The golden dragon did not falter. His wings beat and the enormous body rose into the air with astounding presence. He looked as though he was going to charge and fight the Crimson Gold Behemoth.

“Wait!” Arthurus suddenly shouted.

Candia snorted coldly, “What, you are afraid?”

The usually intelligent Crimson Gold Behemoth snickered. “What a joke, would I fear you? I will take care of you later. But what noble behemoth would be so foolish? Candia, you really are a stupid dragon. If we battle and are both wounded, only those human worms benefit, would people not laugh at us?”

The two divine beasts noticed the humans a long time ago, but thought nothing of them. Seven-star divine beasts were close to super-divine beasts. The two were also magic beasts with top tier bloodlines, one dragon and one behemoth. Even ordinary darkness type magic beasts, with their superior offensive abilities, were not a match for them. Why would they pay attention to some lowly celestial magisters? If a magus scholar came, they might be nervous for a moment.

Magisters could challenge magic beasts of higher rank than them, but only against ordinary magic beasts. This did not apply to the giant dragon and behemoth with their bloodlines.

The intelligence of divine beasts were not any less than humans. Even though they disliked each other, they did not want a third party to benefit. The worms were small, but if they were severely injured, especially when their strength was already greatly lowered, they could be in trouble!

If they were killed in battle, and their corpses ended up in the hands of humans, would it not be a great joke?

“Damned behemoth, you dare say the noble dragon race is stupid. I will make you regret it!” Candia glared angrily at Arthurus and said, “But you are right. Let’s first take care of these worms.”

The two high star-level divine beasts looked over at the same time. The humans felt their legs weaken and knew that calamity had come!

Lan Xun and the others had hoped previously these two natural enemies would fight. They hadn’t thought the magic beasts would first target them.

“Quick! Run!”

The five celestial magisters shouted at the same time, releasing their magus beasts to armorize. Blinding five point celestial stars appeared but no one had any hopes towards this battle.

Who would be able to withstand two top seven-star divine beasts?

“Haha, stupid humans, you think us magic beasts grew up eating dung? Even if we kill each other, we will send you to hell first!” Arthurus’s cruel voice sounded in the air. His enormous foot stepped on the ground, and left behind a footprint half a meter deep with a great sound. The eight meters tall beast jumped into the air, and charged towards the group!

The giant behemoth offensive power in single combat was unrivaled. It could tear an earth spin dragon into pieces. Even Candia was not ferocious as he was!

The Golden Dragon was above wasting words. He flapped his wings and also charged in their direction. The giant dragon race was called invincible on land held a natural advantage in size. Also, compared to the behemoth the freakish defensive ability of the giant dragon meant they could ignore the ordinary attacks of humans.

Both beasts were extremely proud. After reaching an agreement, neither of them would ambush the other. Their pride would not allow them to such a thing. The giant dragon and behemoth would fall down honestly even if they died!

“Ah!” Screams rose. At the very front, Lan Xun and Lan Cheng were struck by the Crimson Gold Behemoth’s fists. The two wore magus beast armor. While not serious injured, the great momentum threw them back out. Lan Cheng had used the armorization of the Grass-Tailed Phoenix. The other divine beast, the Soaring Crab, waved its pincers as it charged over. Arthurus kicked the crab viciously and smashed it deep into the ground!

Qin Jian, Liang Xuan, and Xiao Ling had no opening to attack facing the charging body of the golden giant dragon. They could not stop him and were thrown to the side.

“Heavens! They are coming over!”

“Teachers, save us! Save us!”

The crowd paled. They had not expected that the celestial magister were unable to even stop one of the divine beast’s attacks. They scattered in panic. However, how could the speed of low ranking magister compare to divine beasts?

“Go die!” The Crimson Gold Behemoth’s laugh mixed with the screams of the humans. With every punch, several magisters who were unable to escape in time were ground into paste.

The giant dragon charged into the group, and breathed out fire. The burning dragon flame burnt many people. The dragon race’s flame was unusually powerful in melee combat.

A calamity! This was a calamity!

Blood flew, and screams rose and fell. Young magisters lost their lives, and the five leading celestial magisters felt pain as they helplessly watched their charges be killed.

“Bastard!” Lan Xun shouted. His eyes turned, and he found to his shock the Qin Family was not among these people!

“Hm? Our group … …” Qin Jian’s eyes moved and he turned towards the mountain valley. From afar, he saw the forty-something members of the Qin Family furiously running along the mountain valley. Because the valley was so large, he could only see their shadows. He sighed in relief. Inside, he knew that Aofeng had most likely detected the situation, and ran away with the group when Aofeng saw the two divine beasts.

Lan Cheng pointed at Qin Jian and shouted, “Your Qin Family left us all behind, and used us to stop the divine beasts and flee for yourselves?”

“What is leaving you behind? People who see magic beasts they cannot fight and do not run are stupid. Should we be like His Excellency Lan Xun and wait for them to kill each other? You think too lowly of the magic beasts!” Qin Jian glared back and said coolly, “I am kind and moral to not have left you to flee.”

At this time, a terrifying ray of light shot down from the sky and hit the giant dragon. Liang Xuan finally could not stop himself from casting a celestial magic technique. If this continued, their group would be completely killed!

The powerful celestial magic technique was able to challenge divine beasts. Candia’s momentum finally paused under this attack and he bellowed in pain. However, with the dragon’s astounding defense, there was no tangible injury.

After releasing the celestial magic technique, Liang Xuan’s complexion was pale. He clearly had used up a lot of shamanic power. He swept a glance around. “Alright, stop arguing! Think of a way to defeat them!”

The magisters grew quiet. They knew this was not the time to argue. However, they did not know what to do to defeat these two magic beasts.

The Crimson Gold Behemoth was happy as he killed. When he heard Lan Cheng’s shout, he looked into the distance and saw that figures of that faraway group. He shouted angrily.

“You dare to flee from the behemoth. If you escape, I, Chi Jin, will not be able to show my face! Candia, I’ll leave this to you. I will come back soon!”

Before he finished shouting, the Crimson Gold Behemoth stomped hard on the ground. Like a cannonball, he launched himself through the air as he chased after the Qin Family.

“Ah, this beast!” Qin Jian shouted in panic. However, his speed could not rival the Crimson Gold Behemoth. Even if he wanted to give chase, he would not get there in time. Inside, he prayed that Aofeng would manane to withstand the behemoth until they managed to defeat the golden giant dragon and could lend support. The situation had greatly reversed. Both divine beasts were not at their peak power. The celestial magisters were confident that they could defeat one.

They were now fighting against time!

Translator Ramblings: The “beasts” are united and working together while humans argue among themselves …. good job humans!

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