傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S19-C03 “Act”

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Chapter Three Act

From afar, the Qin Family members could hear the bursts of screams and broke out in cold sweat. They rejoiced they had listened to Aofeng and fled. If Aofeng had not immediately made a decision, and told the spirit magisters to tell their group members to retreat, then they would be part of the group being killed right now.

The relationship between the four families was not as good as outsiders thought. They competed with each other. The members of the Qin Family felt no regret about fleeing alone.

“Aofeng, will Teacher Qin Jian be alright? Will he be able to find us?” As they walked, Qin Fei’er and the others were anxious. This was their first time leaving the protection of their teacher. Without a celestial magister, they did not feel safe moving through Death Ridge.

However, when Qin Fei’er saw the black-robed youth walking at the front with calmness, she suddenly felt safe. Maybe because of the steadiness Aofeng showed, or how Aofeng had just saved everyone’s lives, everyone looked towards Aofeng with strange looks.

Aofeng walked rapidly at the very front. The wind caused her hair to dance in the wind. The young face was unusually handsome. Aofeng said coolly, “No problem. Teacher Qin Jian is a celestial magister. If he cannot win, he can still flee. If the celestial magisters want to flee, those two divine beasts won’t be able to stop them. Do not forget the giant dragon still has an egg in his nest. He will not wander too far. Those four celestial magisters will act together. One Crimson Gold Behemoth in its shedding period may not be a match for them.”

Listening to Aofeng calmly analyze the situation, everyone was infected by the steadiness in Aofeng’s tone. When Aofeng said these words, they seemed to have an indescribable persuasion. They nodded and felt reassured.

Qin Yang prayed. “I hope that we will not encounter any divine beasts before Teacher Qin Jian finds us.”

Aofeng’s expression was still cold but her tone was confident as she said, “Do not worry. Even if we encounter one, I will do my best to protect all of you.”

Her conflict with the Qin Family was one matter, but Uncle and Big Brother were still in the Qin Family. Also, the person leading the group this time was Teacher Qin Jian, one of Uncle’s good friends. If something occurred to them, Aofeng felt that she would owe them. Her anger towards the Qin Family was only limited to those people who thought she was a “good-for-nothing” and bullied her. Most of the people in this group were ordinary members, none of them had malicious minds and they could be considered her cousins.

Hearing this, everyone stilled and then grimaced inside. Seventh Young Master, you are too obvious in trying to comfort us. Even we encounter a divine beast, even we will be useless, you aren’t even a magister. how can you protect us?

However, even so, everyone was moved. People admired and were proud of this kind of bravery to stand at the very front and not withdraw facing danger.

“I believe you. We will be fine,” Qin Aohai said confidently. Only he knew that ordinary divine beasts were not a match for Aofeng.

Qin Fei’er nodded and said, “Yes, it is fine, I will drive them off with you!”

Qin Yang and Qin Liu also said, “Us as well. We aren’t afraid!”

Aofeng stilled. She did not say anything but smiled and nodded.

Suddenly, a strange “boom” “boom” came from behind them. That sound seemed to come closer. Everyone looked back in curiosity. Their faces froze in terror!

From far away, an enormous golden figure was leaping through the air when it landed, it would make a “boom” sound as each foot landed. Borrowing the momentum of each step on the ground, the figure would leap a great distance. It flew as it chased them, its speed unimaginable. In the span of a few breaths, the golden dot became so close they could see its appearance.

“Heavens! That is … …” Qin Fei’er covered her mouth in fright.

“Crimson Gold Behemoth! It’s that Crimson Gold Behemoth, he’s chasing us!”

Everyone felt their scalp prickle as though they were struck by lightning!

They were finished!

In this moment, almost everyone had this thought. The terrifying power of a seven-star divine beast seemed to weigh on their minds like a stone. While they said they would fight a divine beast, that was just to comfort each other. When they were truly in front of a seven-star divine beast, who could block one of his blows?

Qin Yang wanted to cry. He regretted mentioning divine beasts. What came was exactly what he feared.

“Haha, minuscule and stupid humans, go die!” The Crimson Gold Behemoth noticed this group because they were all extremely young humans. He did not value or fear them. Before he even reached them, he punched the empty air. Twisters formed and shot towards the Qin Family members like air cannons!

The screams rose. Even before the wave of air reached them, the powerful gusts of wind hurt their faces. The wind caused everyone’s hair to fly backwards and reveal the pale faces.

Just as that wind was about to hit them and their hearts reached their throats, Aofeng’s figure suddenly shot from the front of the group to the rear. Her eyes flashed with vicious light. She suddenly raised a white hand under her black robes. The invisible swords protecting her all flew out. Nineteen flying swords formed a row at the front and formed a defensive shield.

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! … …”

After a string of deafening sounds, the flying swords floated in the air and flickered in and out of view like an invisible wall. They stood steady in front of the group and blocked all of the gusts of wind!

“Aohai, lead everyone away and hide behind the large stones!” Aofeng shouted coldly, breaking the silence.

Having blocked that burst of powerful waves, Aofeng felt her energies were turbulent. The swords were powerful, but the difference in power was greater than a rank. If this attack came again, she could not guarantee that all the Qin Family members behind her would be unharmed. She had no attention to spare to them when facing the full power of the Crimson Gold Behemoth.

“Uh … …” They had not yet woken up from escaping death. Hearing Aofeng’s cold shout, they finally saw who had been the person who acted. Their faces turned shocked, their mouths gaping, and their eyes almost popped out of their heads!

“Seven Seven Seven Seven … … Seventh Young Master … …” Their lips trembled as they shouted, more afraid than when they saw a Crimson Gold Behemoth.

Heavens, was red rain coming down? He managed to block the Crimson Gold Behemoth’s punch! That was an existence that a person needed celestial rank power to withstand! A “good-for-nothing” that everyone was very familiar with suddenly became a celestial rank expert. The great reversal caused people to want to faint where they were.

This was so strange!

“What are you standing around dazed for. If you don’t want to die, hide behind the rocks!” Qin Aohai knew Aofeng’s strength and felt no surprise. He hurriedly called the group and led them to hid behind an enormous rock to watch. He did not stay behind. With his strength level, if he stayed, he would only obstruct Aofeng and split Aofeng’s attention. He just shouted from far away.

“Aofeng, careful!”

Aofeng nodded at him. Her eyes shone with light as she locked onto the distant Crimson Gold Behemoth. Her mind shifted. Light blue shamanic power spread over her body. As her robes swayed, she flew into the sky.

The group watched, holding their breaths. Some were in a daze and unable to breath. Flying in the air, and the shamanic power around Aofeng proved an astounding truth–Aofeng was a celestial rank expert!

“His Excellency Aofeng is a celestial rank expert. We all thought he was a good-for-nothing … …” Qin Fei’er’s mouth was open wide as she turned and said to Qin Aohai. “Sword master or celestial magister?”

Qin Aohai smiled proudly. “You forget who he is the brother of? What do you think?”

“The brother of His Excellency Aotian.” Everyone’s breathing stuttered. The meaning was clear. His Excellency Qin Aotian was a famed genius magister, and then so was Aofeng.

Heavens! His Excellency Qin Aofeng was not even sixteen. In history, Radiance Continent only had one genius magister reach celestial magister before twenty years of age. At that time, he had been close to his twentieth birthday. Then … … then wouldn’t His Excellency Aofeng become the youngest celestial magister in the history of Radiance Continent?

The young members of the Qin Family looked dazily at the sleek figure staring coldly at the Crimson Gold Behemoth from the air. All of their disdain disappeared and was replaced by heated admiration.

Aofeng never cared about other people’s opinions. At this time, she had no attention to spare. The pressure the Crimson Gold Behemoth”s enormous figure gave her was enormous. After she blocked the air gusts created by his fists, Arthurus seemed to lock onto her.

Arthurus was extremely shocked right now.

He thought his dozen punches would turn the group of young people into meat paste. Yet just as he saw success, that handsome youth in black robe suddenly shot out. With a wave of the youth’s hand, a layer of flying swords appeared and blocked his powerful gusts of air.

That was the invincible fists of the Crimson Gold Behemoth! Even ordinary celestial rank experts could not block these so easily!

Arthurus was shocked, his eyes wide. Inside, he thought, were all humans so terrifying now? This young person looked about fifteen or sixteen, but was already a celestial rank expert! Were they attacking the magic beasts for advancing slowly?

Before he could recover from his shock, that human flew and waved a hand in the air. The five point celestial star of a celestial magister rose under the youth’s feet and a cold voice shouted, “Meng Yan, Si Jian, come out!” Two magus beasts with the presence and domains of divine beasts appeared in the silver light. A Double Horned Nightmare Warhorse and a Saber-Toothed Tiger King looked fiercely at him!

“F**k! Darkness type six-star divine beast! Where … … where did this freak come from!” Arthurus shouted, given a fright.

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