傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S19-C05 “A Hit From Behind”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng defeats Arthurus.

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Chapter Five – A Hit From Behind

Hearing Arthurus say this, Aofeng gave a pleased smile. She nodded and said, “Alright, I will put you into my life spatial ring for you to heal. When I defeat the Candia giant dragon, I will form a covenant with you.”

“Life spatial ring?’ The Crimson Gold Behemoth stilled and was amazed. “What terrifying family did you come to have such a valuable item. And the swords, those are the human magic mediums? Oh, it seems that I did not lose to you for no reason.”

“Do not resist my draw. There is an already tamed little snake and some of my magus beasts inside. Do not bully them.” Aofeng smiled and use her mental power to activate the ring of life to cover both Si Jian and Arthurus.

“I want to faint. You have “some more” magus beasts? I was wrong, the biggest mistake of my life was to provoke a freak like you!” Arthurus rolled his eyes bitterly and said. His expression was extremely pitiful like a bullied child. He glared grievously at Aofeng. “I went to bully other people, but you beat me to such a state. Even an ant can bite me to death. Tell them to not bully me.”

Aofeng sweated at the behemoth’s words. Why did the tone make her out as if she had been cheating on a significant other? Shaking her head, she laughed in helplessness, “Si Jian, tell everyone to not bully Arthurus.”

“Hee hee, Master, do not worry.” Si Jian gave off a pleasing laugh and seemed to feel great sympathy at Arthurus’s “tragedy”. Poor Crimson Gold Behemoth, who told you to offend Master? Anyone who offended Master, regardless of their strength, did not end up well. Si Jian knew this well.

The light flashed and the two enormous beasts disappeared into the air. Aofeng rested a while to recover. She detected that the shamanic power in her magus divinity power source whirlpool in her energy center had recovered to seventy percent. She headed away from Qin Aohai and the others.

With the Crimson Gold Behemoth’s aura during the fight, no other magic beasts would appear soon in the surroundings. The pathway was safe. Also, she had delayed for a long time. She did not know what the situation with the giant dragon was like. The Candia Giant Dragon was a powerful seven-star divine beast. Aofeng did not hope to go back and see a dragon corpse.

When she came close, she saw the giant dragon roaring wildly from far away. The battle had not finished. Aofeng sighed in relief. Her eyes moved as she flashed to hid under the tall grasses near the mountain. She released Xiao Bing for armorization, and then sent small ice mice to scout.

“Hee hee, Master, you finally have a use for me. I’ve reached sacred beast rank, I can help Master observe from a distance, send out a hundred and twenty eight invisible clones, and can report to you at any time.” Xiao Bing boasted in a sweet childish voice. This was a female mouse.

Aofeng was pleased with Xiao Bing’s new skill. She had not expected the small ice mouse to have so many abilities after levelling up. While they were not powerful offensively, but they were extremely practical. In the armorization state, it was easier for her to observe her surroundings.

Through the waist height grass, Aofeng could see the situation ahead.

Lan Xun, Lan Cheng and the other celestial magisters were surrounding and attacking the enormous golden dragon together. The Candia giant dragon seemed tired. There was a significant tear at the base of his wings that dripped with blood. The golden giant dragon’s defense could repel most attacks, but he was still wary of the celestial magic techniques of celestial magisters.

Particularly Lan Xun and Lan Cheng’s attacks as the celestial magic technique of Qin Jian and the other two people could only daze him. However, Lan Xun’s divine beast and Lan Cheng’s sacred beast could break through his defense and wound him. The two wounds at the base of his wings had been left behind by their celestial magic techniques.

In the sky, Lan Xun reflected on his state and shouted, “Almost there, prepare to cast celestial magic techniques!”

After a long time, the group had recovered a lot of their shamanic power. With enough ants even an elephant was no match. The Candia Giant Dragon was strong, but just like Arthurus, his movements had been limited at the start when Lan Xun and Lan Cheng wounded his wings. However, Lan Xun and Lan Cheng only managed to lock onto the Candia Giant Dragon with the help of the other three people.

“This time, we three will attack. Target his wounds!” Qin Jian still had part of his attention on Aofeng and the group. He hoped to defeat the golden dragon as soon as possible. Liang Xuan and Xiao Ling nodded with grave expressions. They gathered their shamanic power, and the enormous shadows of their magus beasts appeared behind them.

Three rays of burning and pressuring white light gathered in the mouths and on the horns of the magus beast shadows. They shot towards the back of the Candia Giant Dragon! At the same time, Lan Cheng and Lan Xun waited for an opportunity to attack the weaknesses the Candia Giant Dragon would expose. Any magic beast, no matter how strong, were still weak in places such as the eyes.

The three rays of light gathered together and formed a powerful ray.

The celestial magic techniques multiplied in power as they superimposed on each other!

The Candia Giant Dragon felt the great pressure of the celestial magic techniques heading towards him. The rays of light he originally thought nothing off possessed the ability to injure him. He desired to retreat.

“Where are you going!” Lan Cheng shouted. The Frost Thunderbird King suddenly appeared behind him. He cast his own celestial magic technique, aiming at the neck of the Candia Giant Dragon!

Pinned from the front and back, Candia had to stop moving at Lan Cheng’s attack. The celestial magic technique of the Frost Thunderbird brushed past the golden skin at his neck. If his neck was cut, he would die even faster.

With this pause, the compound celestial magic technique from Qin Jian and the other two people caught up to him!

“Ah! Why has the bastard Arthurus not returned yet!” The giant dragon’s already wounded back exploded. Wounds split down his back, blood spraying out and covering the ground.

The giant dragon had a thick hide and great defensive ability but an explosion targeted at his wounds was like another blow to a cracked wall. Even if the force was not strong, it could have devastating effect.

The giant dragon finally fell motionlessly to the ground after being attacked by five celestial magisters. Candia felt extremely furious. Any human could bully him now. If that damned egg had not taken away so much of his power, how would he have ended up like this?

Lan Xun could not tame a seven-star divine beast so he started to cast his celestial magic technique to deliver coup de grâce to the head of the giant dragon’s motionlessly head. However, Candia’s eyes suddenly widened as he shouted.

“Ah, what is that? Egg stealer! Someone went to steal my egg when we were fighting!”

Candia had already lost the ability to move. He would die sooner or later, so he had no need to lie. Lan Xu and the others were startled, and looked back towards the dragon’s nest.

When they looked, they almost died in anger.

That person dressed in golden armor and that man carrying a heavy broadsword. Weren’t they Freedom Alliance’s Lei Yufeng and Sword Master Mo Nan? Those two had already come out of the giant dragon nest with excited expressions. They clearly had found the dragon egg.

These two were wonderful. While other people had been occupied fighting the giant dragon and suffering great losses, those two had sneaked in and stolen the egg! The taste of others profiting off their hard work was not great.

Lan Xun was so angry his beard almost stood on end. His angry roar rang out into the valley, “Lei Yufeng, give me the egg, otherwise, no one can protect you! Even if it is your grandfather. Our patriarch will take care of him for a divine beast!”

As he spoke, Lan Xun’s Soaring Crab locked onto Mo Nan. Lan Xun himself was gathering power to release a celestial magic technique at any moment.

Lei Yufeng and Mo Nan paused when they were caught by the five celestial magisters.

The two of them had been slightly late and did not find Aofeng and Arthurus during their fight. When they saw the members of the four families, they thought that Aofeng was still mixed among crowd, and went to steal the egg first. When they entered the dragon nest, they successfully found the dragon egg. The two had been puzzled for a moment. This dragon egg was only the size of two hands. Was this really laid by a giant dragon?

But no matter what, there were no other eggs in the dragon nest. The two left after getting the egg and were caught by the Candia Giant Dragon as they came back out.

“What, you want to steal it?” Lei Yufeng raised an eyebrow with a cold smile. “The dragon egg is in my spatial ring. Unless you kill me, you won’t get ownership.”

“You think this old man doesn’t dare to kill you? Hmph, if this old man kills you, as long as no one speaks of it, His Excellency Lei Ting will not be able to know!” Lan Xun snarled as his malicious intent grew. He had paid such a great price. The dragon egg was right in front of him but someone else was about to profit. How could he tolerate this?

His old hand waved. The shadow of the Grass-Tailed Phoenix appeared behind him. Lan Xun prepared to cast a celestial magic technique.

Lei Yufeng also waved his hand. The figure of the Golden Winged Roc appeared behind him as he shouted, “You are not the only one that knows how to use celestial magic techniques.”

“Liang Xuan, you all, fight! Do not forget the oath you swore!” Lan Xun shouted at the others. Qin Jian and the others stilled and felt conflicted inside. They could not break their oaths, but they will not willing to become enemies with Lei Yufeng. They could only take out their weapons and fly into the sky.

While they could not cast celestial magic techniques soon, as magisters, they had great strength.

The Golden Roc against the Grass-Tailed Phoenix. The battle of divine beast rank celestial magic techniques was about to start! Two terrifying lights shone in the sky! At this crucial time, an enormous black ray of light suddenly exploded from the mountain below towards Lan Xun’s unprotected back!

This sudden change caused everyone to stare in shock. Who? Someone dared to attack from behind!

Translator Ramblings: These magisters need lawyers before swearing their oaths. They swear so easily and breaking the oath is literally punished with death.

Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 20 Chapter 1


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  2. “Liang Xuan, you all, fight! Do not forget the oath you swore!” Lei Yufeng shouted at the others. Qin Jian and the others stilled and felt conflicted inside. They could not break their oaths, but they will not willing to become enemies with Lei Yufeng. They could only take out their weapons and fly into the sky.

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