傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S20-02 “Mama”

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Chapter Two “Mama”

M-male dragon?

Everyone sweated. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So after all this, it wasn’t a dragon egg! A male dragon laying eggs, this was such a misunderstanding!

“Even if it isn’t a dragon egg, it is an egg that a giant dragon cannot digest and managed to drain some of the giant dragon’s power. It is not ordinary. What terrifying thing is this?” Lei Yufeng looked curiously at the egg. He looked and looked, and then shouted.

“Heavens! The egg broke!”


Aofeng and the others woke up from the misunderstanding and looked at the egg. A small crack appeared on the smooth egg shell. The crack stretched top to bottom, and widened.

“Of course this is not natural. The egg shell is extremely hard, even the giant dragon could not digest it. The thing inside is hatching.” Qin Jian said. He and the others were experienced.

Everyone looked nervously at the small egg in Aofeng’s hand. Even Candia watched unblinkingly. He wanted to see what this egg that caused him to become like this would produce.

Under the gazes, the top of the egg completely cracks. A small blue head appeared, the large eyes examining Aofeng. With a wave of its head, “crack crack crack!” it started to bite at its own eggshell. After a while, it ate the entire eggshell, revealing the other parts of its body and the other heads.

Yet, this magic beast didn’t just have one head, but nine blue heads.

A long and narrow snake body, and nine small heads connected together. There was a small bump at the abdomen clearly caused by the large meal it just had. Its narrow tail patted its abdomen. It breathed, clearly satiated.

“Nine-Head Snake Emperor! It’s the Nine-Head Snake Emperor! No wonder it absorbed so much of my power. This is an emperor type super-divine beast. How can my frail body tolerate this ancestor. Sob sob, I swear to never eat recklessly.” Candia became even more sorrowful. When he thought that this great ancestor had stayed in his body, he felt his hairs stand on end. If one day, this ancestor knew that he had “pooped” it out, it might just kill him with a pinch of the fingers.

Emperor type super-divine beasts had the potential to reach celestial rank and even higher ranks. Even against ordinary super-divine beasts, their presence was intimidating. This Nine-Head Snake Emperor was just born but when it looked at the surrounding magus beasts. those magus beasts trembled in terror. Even Candia could only cover his head with his arms on the ground, unable to muster any resistance.

Aofeng, who held the small snake, frowned inside. Nine-Head Snake Emperor? Would this little guy be a relative of Oslin? However, Oslin had three heads, and this little guy had nine. She thought, this little guy may be more powerful than Oslin once it grew up.

The blue little snake nimbly moved its heads in smugness. Then the other eight heads suddenly disappeared, leaving behind one head. It transformed into an ordinary little snake.

The little snake was done showing off and turned around. It looked at Aofeng who was holding it. Its large eyes lit up. It suddenly called out childishly, “Mama!” Then it leapt into Aofeng’s arms, nuzzling her happily and with great closeness.

“Ugh … … able to speak in infant stage, as expected of a super-divine beast!” the celestial magister sighed in amazement.

Aofeng was struck by lightning at being called Mama. She shook and hurriedly grabbed the snake to hold in front of her eyes. “No, it is Papa!”

The little guy was extremely stubborn. It blinks its eyes and happily called, “Mama!”

“It is Papa!” Aofeng glared and scolded. She suspected the little guy could see her true appearance. Super-divine beasts were extremely sensitive to all things.

The little snake happily waved its head. “Mama!”

‘”It’s Papa! If you call incorrectly, I will throw you away!” Aofeng had an exasperated look. Her appearance was “male.” Embarrassment was a minor matter. If someone started to suspect her, she was done.

“Sob sob, Mama doesn’t want me.” The little snake’s eyes were full of hurt as though it was going to cry.

Aofeng felt slightly guilt being stared at pitifully by the small snake. Aofeng hurriedly rubbed his smooth head and said, “I did not say I do not want you, but you have to be obedient.”

“Yes yes, I will listen to Mama.” The little snake become happy again as it promised, wagging its tail and head.

“It is Papa … …” Aofeng’s exasperation continued.

… …

The human and the snake continued to argue until Qin Jian could not bear to keep watching. He coughed and said amusedly, “Aofeng, do not argue with him, magic beasts will often think of the first person they see as their mother. When he grows up, his intelligence will develop, he will understand and stop calling you this.”

“Yes, Your Excellency Qin Aofeng.” Xiao Ling and Liang Xuan came over with smiles. “Congratulations on obtaining a super-divine beast. This is something other people hope for. Your Excellency has been reborn and come out of hardship. Your future will be bright.”

Observing their intentions of showing goodwill, Aofeng smiled casually. She put the little snake inside her clothing and pushed down his head that wanted to pop out. She said coolly, “The future is hard to predict. If anything about the events here in the Death Ridge spreads, we will most likely all not be able to survive.”

“Your Excellency, do not worry, we understand the severity of the matter, no one will speak recklessly.” Liang Xuan could naturally hear the meaning in Aofeng’s words. He nodded and promised, “If this matter spreads, we will also draw the Lan Family”s anger due to standing by. If Your Excellency does not want others to know of your strength, we can also promise to not speak of it.”

“Actually, our patriarches are most likely secretly happy at Lan Xun’s death.” Xiao Ling said, winking at Aofeng. “Don’t forget the Lan Family has held the position of the strongest among the four families for many years because they had Lan Xun, the master beast tamer. Now that he has died, and we have obtained three sacred beasts, the patriarchs will praise us. This year’s four family conference will be interesting.”

Aofeng’s eyes showed a hint of understanding. She smiled and nodded. It was easy to speak to smart people. They could see the advantage and disadvantages, they knew what to do for mutual benefit.

“You know that I am a beast tamer?” Aofeng looked towards the two.

The two stilled and hurriedly said, “Your Excellency, do not worry, that golden giant dragon will belong to you. Only you can use him to his greatest value.” Through the battle just now, they could see that Aofeng’s magus beast was the Nightmare Warhorse. Aofeng also appeared with Lei Yufeng and the other person. Aofeng must be that regent beast tamer. Wasn’t it clear with this question?

“Alright, take the opportunity before we depart. Lan Xun tamed three magic beasts for you in Death Ridge. I can also tame three for each of your families if you are able to capture them. I hope that every one of your members will guarantee to not mention any information relating to me. That grand commander of the Freedom Alliance is a mysterious expert.” Since everyone was so amenable, Aofeng naturally would not be frugal. This bit of hush money, and this kind of benefit was best to entice goodwill.

For her, taming beasts was a method of increasing her strength. After reaching celestial rank, taming sacred beasts could still increase her shamanic power, but not by much. However, she did not have to hunt for this benefit, so why should she not collect it?

“That the Grand Commander of the Freedom Alliance is a mysterious expert, of course.” Xiao Ling giggled and winked again at Aofeng. “Or does the Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family think that you have that ability. You aren’t even a magister, how could you become a regent beast tamer?”

Liang Xuan also lamented, “Yes, this is a great joke!”

Everyone understood and agreed. They all starting laughing before flying down to gather their family members. They set up camp here. After being on pins for so many nights, they finally got a great reward. Other than the pitiful Lan Family who were all killed, everyone else was happy.

The camp gathered together. Qin Jian stood guard while Liang Xuan and Xiao Ling went together into the mountains to catch sacred beasts. Aofeng calmed down and then called Arthurus to form a bond with him.

With the help of the Magus Divinity Power Source, Arthurus jumped to become a nine-star divine beast. His wounds completely healed, and he wailed in joy. The Giant Dragon Candia who was already dejected turned green in jealousy.

Divine beasts had a difficult time even advancing one level, much less two. The golden giant dragon stopped fighting back.

However, Arthurus was slightly displeased. “Master, Candia and I cannot interact peacefully. The giant dragon and the behemoth are natural enemies. If we are together, we will fight everyday, do you think you could find a new master for him?”

Candia rolled his eyes and said, “You think I want to have the same master as you. Your behemoth stench is one the noble giant dragon cannot tolerate!”

“What did you say? I cannot endure your dragon stench!” Arthurus raised his fists in anger. “If you were not wounded, I will beat you.”

“After I heal, who knows who will beat who!” The giant dragon, as expected, could not interact peacefully with the behemoth. They started arguing again.

“Alright, stop fighting. Do not worry, I will start finding a good master for you.” Aofeng stopped the two magus beasts from fighting and then turned to the black-robed Lei Yufeng, “Yufeng, I know you can bond with three magus beast. This gold giant dragon is yours. I agreed to give you payment.”

“Aofeng, I just knew you would be like this,” Lei Yufeng looked at her deeply with great emotion. He had not been in contact with Aofeng for a long time, but he understood Aofeng’s personality. Aofeng would not mistreat any friend. When Aofeng bonded with the behemoth, he knew that Aofeng planned to give the giant dragon to him. Even so, when the words were said, his eyes heated up.

Lei Yufeng could not resist hugging Aofeng hard. He laughed wildly and said, “If I refuse, I am being insincere. Good brother, I will accept the giant dragon but you have to promise me if you need my help with anything, you cannot leave me behind. We are friends for life!”

Translator Ramblings: At least the baby snake didn’t imprint on Candia as his mother.

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