傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S01-C02 “Dragonknight”

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Chapter Two – Dragonknight

“Dark type magus beast?” When Aofeng looked over, she was shocked. The giant black bear had bloodshot eyes as it slaughtered one of the squads patrolling the area. A man shrouded in a black cloak stood on top of the giant bear’s shoulder as he looked viciously and coldly at the guards.

Since Aofeng levelled up to celestial rank, even lacking knowledge of magus beasts she could still feel the rank of the magus beasts. She could clearly feel that giant bear was a nine-star spirit beast, but as a darkness type magus beast, it possessed the combat power of a celestial rank magus beast. Other than being unable to fly, he was invincible against everything below celestial rank.

The man cruelly killed one patrolling guard after another as they gave off ear-piercing screams. The surrounding people fled in panic. The man only attacked the soldiers and ignored the fleeing crowds.

“Ah!” A armored soldier was flattened by the paw of the giant bear, the blood and flesh spraying out in a terrifying display.

“The guards of the empire are just so!” The man gave off a dark sneer, his dismissive gaze sweeping across the fearful guards. As he moved, he flew up and shouted, “Kill! For the glory of Black Magus Church, fight for Demon Emperor Daren!”

“Celestial magister!” Standing on top of the building, Aofeng frowned, and was surprised by the mention of the “Black Magus Church”.

The auditor of Radiance Magus Church once called her the “holy maiden” of Black Magus Church because she had the Magus Divinity Power Source. But Aofeng did not know what it was about. When this person from Black Magus Church appeared and shouted about someone called “Demon Emperor,” Aofeng paid attention.

“Xiao Bing, follow this person. If he runs, spy on him and try to find where he and his compatriots are hiding.” Aofeng caressed the small ice mouse snoring at her neck and said mentally.

Xiao Bing had reached sacred beast level, but was an unusual kind of magus beast that still maintained it small ice mouse form. It stuck out its adorable nose and grew energized, saying softly, “Master, do not worry, leave it to me!” With a flash, dozens of clones appeared, and secretly flew towards where the man had landed.

Sacred beast rank ice mice could fly freely, and their clones could as well.Aofeng could not directly observe through them when not armorized.

Lei Yufeng saw the situation and became furious. Fire burned on his handsome face. He jumped up, “Basterd! Attacking the city guard of the Kaya Empire in our imperial city, they must think that the Kaya Empire has no one!” The imperial city guard were the direct subordinates of his father, the Lightning King. Lei Yufeng held a title in this city. Of course, he could not just watch as the soldiers of his country were being bullied.

“Save us, Your Excellency, save us!” Hearing Lei Yufeng’s angry shout and seeing him float into the air, the remaining half dozen soldiers seemed to grab onto the life-saving reed. Desire to live shone in their eyes as they sprint over.

“Hmph, you cannot escape! Die!” The man’s snarling laugh seemed to consume people. The sharp claws of the darkness black bear suddenly reached forward. “Pew pew pew” spikes shot out of the paws, and stabbed towards the soldiers.

Lei Yufeng saw he was going to be too late to block the attack and shouted in anger, “Bastard!”

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Just as he felt powerless at not being able to save people, Aofeng’s familiar cool voice came from beside him. A hand fell on his shoulder in comfort. That voice caused his heart to lighten.

“Bam bam bam!” A string of ear-piercing explosions caused people’s hearts to jump wildly.

The half dozen patrolling soldiers looked back. Their minds had blanked when they saw the spikes. Just as they thought they were done for, the spikes hit a boundary right before reaching them. Numerous pitch black flying swords flickered in and out of view, flashing with light blue light, and protected them like an invisible wall.

“Good, Aofeng!” Lei Yufeng saw Aofeng successfully fend off the attack and save the guards. He raised a thumbs up to her.

The soldiers took the time to run furiously to Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. They said gratefully, “Your Excellencies, thank you for your aid.”

“Go to the rear.” Aofeng nodded slightly and said, her gaze focused on that man in the black cloak.

The patrolling soldiers discovered that their saviour appeared to be a youth not yet sixteen. They were shocked. The attack power of the giant darkness bear’s spikes were celestial rank. This youth managed to stop the attack of a darkness type rank nine spirit beast. Did this mean the other had celestial rank power?

Such a young celestial rank expert should be famous in the capital. How come they seemed to have never seen this person before.

While puzzled, they immediately went behind Aofeng and Lei Yufeng to avoid becoming an obstruction in battle. The captain of this patrol stated gravely, “Your Excellencies, the other is a disciple of a foreign cult who has recently caused trouble in the capital. He uses a darkness type magus beast. Vicious and savage, he has killed many of us. You must be careful! Will you two, with your thin bodies, be able to withstand it?”

“Hm, a rank nine spirit beast, I want to see its abilities!” Lei Yufeng heard the words and his anger rose. The imperial city guards had been attacked repeatedly by this person. Wasn’t this a challenge against his father? He thought that his father was likely having a headache dealing with these people!

That cloaked man saw that it was two young people and his expression relaxed. while he was shocked at Aofeng’s youth, there was a hint of dismissal at the corners of his eyes. He did not fear a small fish like Aofeng as he had the rank nine spirit beast. He sneered, “Boy, you can try and see what I can do!”

“Then try!” Sharp eyes narrowing, and light blue shamanic power swirling around him, Lei Yufeng was about to summon a magus beast to chat with this person. Suddenly, a high pitched bellow came from below, and the wild wind formed a flow of energy that collided heavily with the ground. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng immediately stopped moving forward, and waved a hand forward together. A light blue shamanic power shield formed and stopped that gust of wind.

It was destructive! The great power caused everyone had been watching this to be blown over and collapsed surrounding rubble was through about!

The man’s body shook, and he quickly jumped onto the ground. The enormous black bear and the enormous being which dove down from the sky collided together. The bright light caused people to close their eyes, and the collision of the powerful bodies caused the earth to shake.

At the same time, the guard patrol started to cheer.

“Great, it is a dragonrider!”

“Your Excellency, you finally came!”

The soldier said to Aofeng and Lei Yufeng, “You do not have to be afraid! We do not have to worry!”

What do we have to worry about? Aofeng and Lei Yufeng looked at each other and laughed. The strength of the dragon riders in the Kaya Empire was established in the minds of the people. Both of them were not weaker than any ordinary dragonrider but others did not believe it!

“A silver dragon! It is Kai Ge Daren, Dragonrider Captain Kai Ge!” the soldiers shouted excitedly. It appeared this dragon rider was of some significance.

The dust settled and Aofeng finally saw the dragon rider clearly.

The tall figure wore fine-quality silver armor. He held a long lance in one hand, his hair swaying in the wind. This was a young man in his early twenties, his skin as white as a woman, his features soft. His face was unlike Lei Yufeng’s rugged features, but he had a pleasing handsomeness.

The handsome dragonknight was riding a silver nine-star sacred beast, the Atlas Dragon. The enormous body of the dragon took up over half of the street!

However, this handsome man had a serious expression at this moment, his eyes burning with light as he stared coldly at the defeated darkness giant bear and the black cloaked man. The lance in his hand changed direction and he shouted,

“Heretic, die!”

“As expected of the dragonrider captain of the Kaya Empire, I admit defeat today,” the black-clocked man said hoarsely in a cold sneer. With a wave of his hand, a layer of thick black mist rose around him. The darkness giant bear was pulled back into the magus beast space, and a smoke bomb was used for concealment.

Kai Ge’s expression turned slightly darker as he reflexively threw the lance. “Bam” It clearly did not hit its target. He frowned, “Damn it, he ran away so quickly.”

The black mist faded and that person was gone as expected. Kai Ge shook his head and walked next to the patrol soldiers to say, “Are you alright? You worked hard!”

“Captain, do not say this. Protecting Karroll is our duty.” The patrol captain saw Kai Ge and was extremely happy. He excitedly bowed and then pointed at Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. “Kai Ge Daren, it was these two excellencies who saved us.”

“Excellencies?” Kai Ge looked over in surprise. His eyebrows suddenly rose as he shouted, “Ah, Yufeng, is that you? You returned from Neversetting Sun?”

Lei Yufeng also had a surprised expression as he said with wide eyes, “Kai Ge? I haven’t seen you in a few years, when did you become a celestial magister? And what is this about being captain of the dragonknights?”

Translator Ramblings: Aofeng can never have a quiet day.

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  1. thanks.
    I expect that Mister Kai is not Yufeng’s favorite friend… and that being boss of the dragonriders means that Yufeng’s dad has some political issues or is dead.

    alternatively, Miser Kai could be Yufeng’s close friend… and him being boss means that most veterans were removed from the line of command… thus Yufeng’s dad had some political issues (but now almost resolved).

    it seems that both narrative are showing that Yufeng’s dad encountered difficulties.
    I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Why? I mean, Lei Yufeng’s father is the Country Protecting Lightning King of the Kaya Empire, who commands a million troops. Even the Kaya Empire’s Court Protector-Warriors are under his command. So why would Kai Ge being captain of the dragonknights mean difficulties for Yufeng’s father?

      I’d expect the captain of the dragonknights would be under his command, and Yufeng’s surprise is just due to Kai Ge’s high rank…and maybe Kai Ge was a swordsman when Yufeng last saw him.

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