傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S01-C03 “Duel”

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Chapter Three Duel

On the wide street, the afternoon sun was unusually bright just like Lei Yufeng and Kai Ge’s emotions. As the two finished speaking, both wore expressions of joy as they hugged . They laughed and then put their arms over each other’s shoulders. They clearly knew each other well.

A soldier on the side was puzzled. “Your Excellency Kai Ge, he is?”

Kai Ge’s handsome brow rose slightly and he said, “This is the grandson of His Excellency Lei Ting, His Excellency, Thunder and Wind King Lei Yufeng. Come here and greet him!”

“Thunder and Wind King!” The patrol guards were stunned. No one had thought they would be so fortunate to encounter the famed Lei Yufeng. This person was His Excellency Lei Ting’s only grandson! Also, he was a celestial magister with a divine beast!

“Greetings … … greetings to Your Excellency Lei Yufeng!” The guards panted as they bowed respectfully, their voices trembling due to shock and excitement.

“No need for such courtesy, go patrol.” Lei Yufeng did not like the rituals and casually gestured to do away with the formalities. The patrol guards left, still glancing back repeatedly as they walked. Lei Yufeng started to reminsince with Kai Ge after so many years apart.

“You are a bad brother, you ran away to the Forest of Neversetting Sun to roam free and live well, you left me in the capital, how could you! You finally knew to return, did you miss me?” The silver-armored man had a good-looking smile on his face.

Lei Yufeng, who was extremely happy, patted his shoulder and said, “How could I not, five whole years. When I left home, I was nineteen, you were my only close friend. However, how did His Excellency Kai Te allow you to become a magister. I remember he muttered everyday about turning you into the strongest swordsman on the continent, surpassing Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. In a blink, you are the captain of the dragonknight corps.”

“Ha, it was because you ran away. My grandfather watched as your grandfather thought of your return every day, and feared I would impulsively run away as well. So he let me do as I wished and sent me to the Imperial School to study.”

Kai Ge smiled and touched his nose. He said, “My magister talents are unusually good. A year ago, I reached celestial magister, and my grandfather coincidentally helped a master beast tamer who had an adult Altas Silver Dragon. They gave to me, and having a nine-star sacred dragon, the dragonknight corps sent an invitation to me, and I joined as the vice captain.”

“Then you must have reached celestial magister rank at the age of twenty three, you can compare to the genius His Excellency Aotian.” Lei Yufeng heard that Kai Ge had reached celestial magister rank a year ago and exclaimed in shock.

The silver-armored dragonknight shook his head. “No, His Excellency Aotian reached celestial magister at the age of twenty one, one year older than Holy Emperor Daren, and His Excellency Aotian also recently reached seven-sword celestial magister. The capital was stunned by this. A twenty four year old seven-star celestial magister, already so strong!”

As Kai Ge spoke, he had an expression of admiration. Even if he was also a celestial magister, he still admired the stronger Qin Aotian.

“Really? The continent is full of experts, and you may not have met the freakier people.” Lei Yufeng shook his head. He was numb to Aofeng’s surprises to the point he felt nothing toward Aotian’s present ferociousness.

“Even freakier? Other than Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu, I do not believe anyone is more talented than His Excellency Aotian. Even His Excellency Jun Luoyu may not be able to reach seven-sword at twenty four years of age.” Kai Ge was dismissive. Was it so easy for celestial magister to level up? Celestial magisters stronger than seven-sword were only one in a hundred among all the celestial magisters on the continent. In the empire which had many experts, seven-sword celestial magisters were the peak.

Lei Yufeng was even more dismissive. He rubbed his chin and looked at Aofeng standing next to him. Inside, he thought, I don’t believe this super freak would not reach seven-star celestial magister by twenty four. He was more talented than his elder sibling, fifteen years old and already a celestial magister! Seven-sword was nothing? Maybe, Aofeng would become a magus scholar … …

Aofeng had been watching as the two reminisce and understood from the conversation that this dragonknight captain Kai Ge was the grandson of anotherVenerable Swordsman, His Excellency Kai Te. The two of them had similar status, and were of similar age so they naturally became good friends.

“My big brother really reached seven-sword!” When Aofeng spoke of Qin Aotian, her expression was surprised and overjoyed. Big Brother was really so strong, that Lan Cheng of the Lan Family could not compare to him.

“Big Brother?” Kai Ge stilled and finally noticed Aofeng. He pointed at her and said curiously, “Yufeng, this is?”

“Let me introduce you, this is Qin Aotian’s younger brother, Qin Aofeng.” Lei Yufeng smiled slightly and put an arm around Aofeng’s shoulders, their intimacy clear. “I encountered Aofeng in the Forest of Neversetting Sun, we are good friends.”

“Qin Aotian’s younger brother?” Kai Ge glanced at the beautiful youth dressed in black robes upon hearing this. His eyes widened as he rubbed his chin and said doubtfully, “Blood brothers? How come I never heard Qin Aotian had a younger brother? However, since you are Yufeng’s friend, you are mine. Aofeng, nice to meet you.”

As he spoke, Kai Ge stretched out a friendly hand.

Only people of her generation in the Qin Family knew that Aofeng had been expelled from the Qin family ten years ago. Usually, no one would mention this embarrassment, and the majority of people in the capital did not know of her.

“Because of some personal reasons, I did not stay in the capital previously. It is normal you never heard of me.” Facing unfamiliar people, Aofeng was never very friendly. She nodded minutely without even smile, made a perfunctory handshake and then drew her hand back.

Kai Ge did not appear surprised at all and said with an expression of satisfaction, “As expected from brothers, Aofeng, you are just as aloof as His Excellency Aotian, when you brothers stand together, the women of the capital will go crazy! You returned at this time for the duel at Mid Autumn?”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng were surprised. They looked at each other and said in unison, “Duel?”

“Uh, you don’t know?” Kai Ge paused and then explained, “Then you really came at the right time. The Midautumn Festival during the seventh month is the Foundation day for the Kaya Empire. In that week, Karroll will host a national tournament to pick out people for the empire to recruit. They will invite all swordsmen and magisters below the age of thirty five to attend. Of course, they have to be second rank or above. The top three will be rewarded with a million obsidian and a first-rank duke position of the empire. Right now, all the young experts of the Kaya Empire are hurrying towards Kaya Empire.”

A first-rank duke title of the Kaya Empire. It was just below the five titled kings. The Kaya Empire was the strongest country on the continent, and the value of becoming a first-rank duke of the Kaya Empire was significant.

“Ah, this is the selection of young talents like previous years, what ‘duel’. You scared me.” Lei Yufeng exhaled and shook his head. “Not interested, I do not lack that first rank duke title.”

“I am also uninterested.” Aofeng shook her head and said. Was this similar to the historical travel to the capital for the imperial scholar exams? She had not expected the development of this world to be so advanced to have an event like this. Each year, they could recruit new blood. No wonder the Kaya Empire managed to exist for so long without declining. However, she never cared about status or riches. In this word, people with strength would have these things eventually.

Kai Ge glared and said, “This year’s duel is not the same. I do not know why His Majesty is in such a hurry to recruit young talents, and actually is putting a divine magic medium as the final prize. It has attracted many powerful experts. All the young people in the capital will participate. This time, it is not just for that divine magic medium, the competition itself is interesting.”

Divine magic medium? Aofeng and Lei Yufeng were shocked once again. They looked at each other with bright eyes. Yes, the selection of ordinary talents would not be so interesting to see, but if there was a divine magic medium, it was completely different.

Also, fighting experts would test one’s strength and combat power. This chance was not something easy to come by, especially the large number of opponents. Victory would easily satisfy the vanity of young people. No wonder the entire empire was shocked when the news was announced.

Even Aofeng and Lei Yufeng showed interest.

“One divine magic medium does pose a temptation to me,” Aofeng jerked the corners of her lips and nodded. “I have decided. I will attend this tournament.”

“Then I will also go. I wonder who will compete. I am starting to feel some anticipation,” Lei Yufeng said, his eyes bright. Ever since he received Candia, who had become a nine-star divine beast, he wanted to find someone to test himself against.

Kai Ge frowned again and sighed, “Ah, but there is trouble. Even those heretics are sneaking in for that divine magic medium, that is why there are so many incidents. There is more than a month to Midautumn, and it is already like this. I don’t know what will occur when the time comes.”

“Don’t worry, I am also a member of the empire, I will help you,” Lei Yufeng patted Kai Ge’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go, first to Blue Jade Fragrance, and we will have a drink!”

“Alright, come up. A city defense troop will come later to clean up this mess!” Kai Ge called for the pair to get on the back of the silver dragon and then flew towards Blue Jade Fragrance. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng admired the might of the dragon. dragonknights were so free!

The flight was quick and in a short while, the silver dragon stopped under the gazes of the crowds below. The trio jumped down and looked up at this unusually magnificent European-styled round-shaped structure. A crimson carpet stretched from the stairs to the doorway.

“Respected Dragonknight Daren, welcome.” When they landed, the attendant at the door way came up with a smile and pointed inside.

Translator Ramblings: I’m not very certain but it keeps on sounding like there is only one continent in this world … nothing about overseas.

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