Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 82 “I Will Win”

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Chapter 82: I Will Win

Mo Chen involuntarily looked towards Ding Ning. Zhang Yi moved slightly and blocked his gaze.

Zhang Yi looked warmly at him and the Snow Dandelion Sword. “Your sword is very good but your cultivation is far from mine. You cannot be faster than me. Unless you defeat me, I will be your opponent.” he said, politely.

Mo Chen’s eyebrows rose. He glanced at first at Su Qin and then at Ding Ning and nodded. “You are correct.”

Having heard Ding Ning’s insincere and sickly sweet call, Su Qin was silent for a moment. Then came his mocking laughter. “You want to delay me to help others … you feel you can manage?”

Ding Ning shook his head. “I do not want to delay you, I want to win against you,” he said, slowly with a smile.

Su Qin looked at him with disdain. “The night has passed, it is already day. Stop dreaming.”

“You did not believe I could pass White Goat Cave’s entrance tests at White Goat Cave’s gates. You thought it was impossible, but I proved it otherwise. I passed those tests and faster than you had.” Ding Ning’s smile faded. He looked on calmly and said, “Before this, you thought I couldn’t win against He Zhaoxi, but I prevailed; and also those opponents you steered towards me. You have never fathomed where my confidence stems from, but I do have the confidence to win against you.”

Su Qin stared at him, his gaze gradually turned cold.

Ding Ning looked back calmly and continued unfazed. “While I have been at White Goat Cave the shortest, White Goat Cave has given me many surprises. Cave Master Xue, Sect Uncle Li Daoji and Eldest Sect Brother Zhang Yi are all adorable. Just like how you have abhorred me from the start, I have resented you from the start as well. You have always given off the vibe of someone who would trample others to get ahead. Even the other disciples who respect and admire you, to you, are just stepping stones. I do not want a person like you to remain in White Goat Cave. So this time, after I trounce you, it is best you disappear quickly from my sight. Otherwise, I will find another way to deal with you.”

A smile appeared on the corners of of Su Qin’s lips. Genuine bloodlust surfaced in his eyes. “You are threatening me?”

“Senior Sect Brother Su Qin, I have said what I want to say, so you should not waste words.” Ding Ning smiled. He held his sword across his chest and said, “This is the last time I call you Senior Sect Brother .”

Su Qin’s expression did not change much but the murderousness in his eyes grew, like a fire burning hotter and hotter.

“What does this mean?”

The viewing platform was silent. Everyone was in disbelief.

Xie Changsheng’s fists balled as Zhang Yi walked towards Mo Chen and Nangong Caishu blocked Liu Yangguang. Seeing Ding Ning raise his sword towards Su Qin, he could no longer control his emotions. He walked over to Gu Xichun and spoke to him with his head low, as though he was admitting his mistake. “Gu Xichun, how about you speak more about how Ding Ning will fail?”

“Even now, you do not give up? You feel if I speak some words, Ding Ning can really win against Su Qin?” Gu Xichun looked disdainfully at him and said, “Since you are so childish, then I will follow your wishes. Ding Ning will win against Su Qin if the sun rises from the west.”

“Xie Changsheng, is something wrong with your head!” Xu Heshan pulled Xie Changsheng back angrily. “Even if your childish method can really bring luck to Ding Ning, what is Ding Ning’s relationship to you that you have to humiliate yourself?”

“How does it have nothing to do with me!” Hearing Xu Heshan’s rebuke, Xie Changsheng roared in anger. “Do you understand my sister or do I? You think that my sister was joking? Since my sister is serious, then he is my future brother-in-law!”

Xie Rou had not noticed Xie Changsheng and Xu Heshan’s argument. All her attention was focused on Ding Ning and Su Qin.

You really can win against Su Qin? She repeated in her mind.

Xue Wangxu’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions. He glanced at Li Daoji nearby and then at the calm Ding Ning. He thought, If you can win, I will beg for your life.

Su Qin did not say another word.

Everyone knew he was going to attack.

He did attack and reached with his left hand.

His Perilla sword was soft, and usually wrapped around his left arm. When he reached with his left hand, the hilt fell into his hand. A purple light spun around his arm and twisted into the longsword in a flash.

With a bang, he swung his sword into the air in front of him.

This strike looked casual and was so far from Ding Ning’s body it could not make contact. But as he swung, a purple crescent-like sword light leapt off his sword and immediately appeared at Ding Ning’s throat.

Ding Ning’s remnant sword appeared before this sword light, the inky green sword blade instantaneously emitted several small white flowers.

The purple crescent sword light and the small white flowers shattered at collusion. The inky green remnant sword could not avoid moving backwards, and pressed a fine blood mark on Ding Ning’s throat.

“Not enough?”

Ding Ning’s gaze was still calm and void of terror. He smiled, and bared his white teeth.

“Then try this.” Su Qin said, frigidly.

The purple longsword in his left hand suddenly turned straight as a ruler in the cold autumn wind. In a flash, he stomped heavily on the ground with his right foot. Vital energy flooded into his left arm and then into the seal scripts on the purple blade.

A great boom!

He took to the air. The purple longsword in his hand had purple cloud spinning around it as it stabbed towards Ding Ning.

The people on the viewing platform held their breaths.

In this moment, all the spectating students saw Su Qin’s sword turn into a spear; a spear on the battlefield that charged forward with pure speed and power!

Ding Ning’s pupils contracted.

He skipped slightly, and his remnant sword moved upwards and promptly pressed down. With precision and the front half of his sword, he pressed on the other’s sword tip.

An irresistible force passed into Ding Ning’s body along the remnant sword.

Ding Ning first paused in the air and then fell back, flying at an accelerated speed and hitting hard the vine forest behind him. The remaining yellow leaves on the withered vines all fell off and drifted in the air.

Su Qin’s eyes gradually narrowed. His face showed no pride.

Ding Ning had already stood up among the flying yellow leaves and raised the inky green remnant sword. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his left hand. He flashed his white teeth at Su Qin again and said, “This strike is still not enough.”

Nangong Caishu stood opposite Liu Yangguang. Facing this sect senior brother who was half a head taller than her, her gaze was on Ding Ning who had only then fallen into the vine forest. She took a deep breath and then she exhaled hard. She gave off an ear-piercing shout.

She attacked in a pure straight line with her fish scale sword. At the same time, the greenvine short sword in her left sleeve stabbed out in a straight line and emanating layers of power.

Liu Yangguang paused his breathing as he moved backwards, swinging his longsword with all his body to form a sword light barrier in front of him.


His retreating figure accelerated. He could not steady himself within five paces. His palm started to bleed and his face turned pale again. He looked at the blood marks forming on Nangong Caishu’s waist.

He breathed rapidly and in a trembling voice said, “You are so severely injured, why are you still using such ferocious sword moves … you cannot last long like this.”

Nangong Caishu looked at him and nonchalantly said, “I do not need to last for very long. This is the last battle so I only have to defeat you before I drop.”

So far only Liu Yangguang’s voice had been trembling. But when he met her gaze, his bleeding hands involuntarily started to quake as well.

“It does not matter if you can endure my first two blows. The gist is if you can endure my third.”

Looking at Ding Ning’s challenging smile, Su Qin was not at all angry. “If you cannot withstand my third blow, your arm might be permanently crippled,” he said, softly.

Su Qin’s tone held cold malicious intent. If this was any other person, they would feel terrified but Ding Ning’s gaze was unusually calm.

He shook his head and softly said, “If it is so, then perhaps, it would be your hand that is crippled.”

Su Qin was expressionless. Come what may, he would see the things he had decided upon, through.

He took a deep breath and expelled all the negative emotions he felt. Then he channeled all the remaining vital energy in his body into his purple longsword.

A buzzing cry!

The seal scripts on the purple longsword were bright as though they were about to split apart. The blade glowed as though it was going to drip water and the edges expanded slightly outwards and became thinner.

But this sword, as the power was channeled in, did not straighten. Instead, the entire sword curled slightly like a willow leaf.

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