Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 81 “Senior Sect Brother, Let’s Fight”

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Chapter 81: Senior Sect Brother, Let’s Fight

Mo Chen was slightly taken aback. He seemed to sense something in Su Qin’s smile.

Su Qin turned, his gaze landed on Mu Liunian and Liu Yangguang. He then walked towards Liu Yangguang and smiled and said, “Please.”

Mu Liunian’s visage turned cold. At his side, Liu Yangguang paled.

They were shocked by the power of the Snow Dandelion Sword in Mo Chen’s hand. They did not understand why Su Qin would challenge someone directly in a situation like this. In their view, people who were in a hurry to fight would use more energy and often could not last until the end.

“Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi.”

Ding Ning’s gaze moved away from the Snow Dandelion Sword. He frowned and spoke to Zhang Yi. “If you are going to act, act now. If Su Qin beats Mu Liunian, he will face us alongside Mo Chen and Liu Yangguang. The three of us seem weak in comparison. Liu Yangguang will not turn down Su Qin’s invitation.”

Zhang Yi grimaced. “Junior Sect Brother Su Qin is facing an outsider right now. I will not attack him first. If it is as you say, I will do my best to fight and try to protect you,” he said, softly.

Ding Ning stilled. He looked at Zhang Yi helplessly and solemnly said, “Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi, you are as sentimental as a woman.”

Zhang Yi turned to look at him and explained with sincerity. “Friendship and benevolence should be foremost among disciples of the same sect. As the eldest sect brother, no matter if other people can do it, I must be an example.”

As Ding Ning looked at him, his thoughts went to someone from the past. He quieted and thought of the wall in his home, back in Falling Parasol’s wine shop.

“You should understand why I seek you.” Looking at Mu Liunian who had not moved, Su Qin said, “Because you are weaker than them.”

Though his voice was calm, it could still, immediately, stir a person’s anger.

Mu Liunian’s gaze started to burn. With a clang, his sword left its scabbard.

His sword was unusually straight. But as his fingers tightened around the hilt, the sword gave off a soft ring and many curved spikes popped out and transformed to look like a fish’s backbone.

This was the fish backbone sword, unique to the Yan Gate Commandery. In battle, each curved hook could lock onto the opponent’s sword rendering them incapable of wielding their swords.

Without any hesitation, Mu Liunian’s fish backbone sword turned into a dozen afterimages as he headed towards Su Qin. These dozen sword shadows were afterimages left by the fish backbone sword as it moved through the air. They all seemed to possess sword energy and flew in the air like they were real.

Facing these sword shadows, Su Qin smiled disdainfully. His left hand swung; thick waves of vital energy flooded into his sword hilt. The purple longsword swung out.

One purple sword shadow, yet the incoming dozen sword shadows shattered.

Mu Liunian gave a long howl. All the energy in his body surged without restraint. The moment his true sword crossed with Su Qin’s long sword, the hooks on his fish backbone sword locked onto the other’s blade.

But then, there was a burst of sound. He felt heat on his hand. Even though he had locked onto Su Qin’s sword, the fish backbone sword was still pulled towards the side of his body by an irresistible force.

Su Qin smiled faintly. As he channeled a wave of vital energy, his long sword curved. A crescent sword light cut into Mu Liunian’s arms.

Mu Liunian found, to his shock, that though it looked like he had locked onto Su Qin’s sword, but in reality it was Su Qin’s sword that had locked onto his. Looking at the sword light cutting towards him, he stopped breathing, released his hand, and flew backwards.

Even so, a bloody wound appeared on his chest.

Looking at this stunning move, Mo Chen gripped the Snow Dandelion Sword even tighter. Liu Yangguang’s face grew paler.

“He really is strong.” Nangong Caishu took a deep breath. She watched the fish backbone sword slide off Su Qin’s sword and into the mud. She asked Zhang Yi, “What is this longsword he has?”

“Junior Sect Brother Su Qin’s sword is called Perilla.” Zhang Yi looked at her and Ding Ning then grimly continued. “Together with the Wind Willow Sword Manual he primarily cultivates, his sword is flexible and changeable like willows in the wind. Also, Junior Sect Brother Su Qin now has iron in his softness and has improved greatly over the years.”

“I will not attack you because there will be three winners in the end.” Su Qin put his sword away and looked at the pale Liu Yangguang. “I know that your Light Facing Sword is good. Your name has the willow character, and so does my sword manual. We have fate between us. You can fight together with me and Mo Chen. If we can win against Zhang Yi, Ding Ning, and Nangong Caishu, we will be the victors of the sword trial festival,” he said, slowly.

Liu Yangguang shook. He instinctively inhaled deeply, his pale face turned unusually red.

“Victory and the green suet jade are more enticing than any words. It seems that you are unfortunately right.” Nangong Caishu’s eyes narrowed. “Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi, you face Mo Chen, I will delay Su Qin and Ding Ning, you deal with Liu Yangguang. If Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi can beat Mo Chen, I am able to stall Su Qin, and Ding Ning, if you defeat Liu Yangguang, then the three of you will be the final winners. If you cannot win, you wait for Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi … I will try to gain time for you.”

Zhang Yi looked at Nangong Caishu. “This does not seem good?” he said, hesitantly.

“Of course, this is not good!” Ding Ning laughed.

Zhang Yi and Nangong Caishu looked at him, befuddled. They did not understand how he could laugh so brightly at a time like this.

“I have a better alternative.”

Ding Ning looked at the three people slowly coming towards them and said softly, “Senior Sect Brother Zhang Yi, you take on Mo Chen and Nangong Caishu, Liu Yangguang.”

Zhang Yi and Nangong Caishu stilled and asked in concert, “What about you?”

Ding Ning looked at the pair as though they were stupid and said, “That leaves only Su Qin and I. Of course, I will tackle Su Qin.”

Zhang Yi frowned and looked at Ding Ning like he was the one looking at an idiot. “I do not understand what is lacking in Little Sect Brother’s plan?”

Ding Ning laughed and said, “Her plan is to sacrifice herself. My plan will let the three of us win. Of course, this is better!”

Now it was Nangong Caishu’s turn to look at Ding Ning like he was an idiot. “All three of us win? You mean you can win against Su Qin?”

Ding Ning solemnly nodded. “I know you do not believe it, but I really can.”

Zhang Yi and Nangong Caishu exchanged a look.

“Little Sect Brother, I know you have an unusual talent, but your words sound as though you are sacrificing yourself at this time, and lying to us,” Zhang Yi said with a frown. “This is not good.”

Nangong Caishu took a deep breath, looked at Ding Ning and said, “Give me a reason to believe you.”

Ding Ning looked at her, nodded and said, “There are some things I have concealed … also, I once saw the Wind Willow Sword Manual in the Library Cave.”

When the Library Cave was mentioned, Nangong Caishu suddenly thought of many things. Immediately, she became excited and nervous but was still uncertain. “You really read the Wind Willow Sword Manual?” she asked, doubtfully.

Looking at her clear gaze, Ding Ning was slightly embarrassed. He didn’t even know where in the Library Cave the Wind Willow Sword Manual was. He had not paid any attention to this sword manual, but he was confident. “Of course!”

Zhang Yi spoke up. “Little Sect Brother …”

Ding Ning’s embarrassment turned to anger. He said, “It’s fine if you are as sentimental as a woman, but if you nag, I will curse you!”

“I chose to believe you. But if you cannot accomplish this, and I obtain the green suet jade, I will give it to you. You cannot refuse.” Nangong Caishu took a deep breath, determination flashing through her eyes.

Ding Ning clapped his hands. “Deal!”

“Little Sect Brother … “Zhang Yi spoke again.

Ding Ning frowned, and was about to blow his top.

“Forced by the situation, I can only choose to believe you this time.” Zhang Yi quickly blurted.

Ding Ning’s anger transformed into a thin smile. “Eldest Sect Brother you are not bad.”

But then he almost flew into a rage.

As Zhang Yi passed him and towards Mo Chen, he spoke softly in his ear. “But there is no Wind Willow Sword Manual in White Goat Cave’s Library Cave. The Wind Willow Sword Manual is passed down from Junior Sect Brother Su Qin’s family. So, Little Sect Brother, you have lied. You have to be honest as a person. A girl like Nangong Caishu is very good.”

“Zhang Yi, what are you intending?” Looking at Zhang Yi who was advancing towards Mo Chen, Su Qin’s pupils contracted. He said, “Your opponent is me.”

“You are not the only person who can decide who will choose whom..” Nangong Caishu raised the fish scale sword in her hand and pointed at Liu Yangguang. “Senior Sect Brother Yangguang, I will learn from your Light Facing Sword.”

Liu Yangguang stilled slightly and looked towards Su Qin.

Su Qin could not understand and frowned as he looked at Ding Ning.

Ding Ning laughed and in a very insincere and sweet tone, said, “Senior Sect Brother Su Qin, let’s fight!”

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