Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 16 “Sword Fire”

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Chapter Sixteen: Sword Fire

Ding Ning indeed had extraordinary combat experience in order to dare assassinate Song Shenshu alone right after he had reached Energy Refinement Realm. However, when Feng Qinghan’s gaze became slightly odd before the purple gold seal appeared in his hand, he had already detected danger.

Without a hint of hesitation, his body jumped back again. His remnant sword once again drew out seal lines in front of him. His drawing speed was even faster compared to before, his energies spewed rapidly out of his body. As the energies rushed, his fingernails started to bleed.

Two sword seals formed, almost in unison, on his sides.


Unlike the sword seals previously, no cold energy gathered when the two sword seals exploded. Instead, two balls of blue energy exploded; two green mountains seemed to rise up and combine in front of him.

All of the spectating Zhushan District cultivators had grave expressions. Any kind of sword seal manual would not just have one sword move, and not just one kind of seal. However, the more sword seals one could draw, the further along a person was on the path of sword seals.

The skill that Feng Qinghan displayed in the sword seals and the performance of Ding Ning’s two sword seals turning into a mountain was the difference between a child just learning to walk and an adult that could run and sprint.

Feng Qinghan knew that he had greatly underestimated the strength of this Changling youth, but he did not care now.

As he gave a loud shout, a powerful seal essence spread suddenly from his left hand and covered an area thirty meters wide.

All the air in this area froze, strange vibrations followed.

Even the heavy kitchen god statue behind him started to tremble, as though it feared this power.

Xue Wangxu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and filled with frost, like glittering pieces of ice.

The purple gold seal flew out of Feng Qinghan’s hand.

The golden seal lines on the purple seal seemed to be weird creatures that flew out of the seal and quickly spread through the air.

In the next moment, amidst the shocked gasps of numerous people, the small golden lines thickened and turned into golden lightning!

The purple energy rose and twisted together with golden lightning the thickness of an arm. The front edge’s presence hissed like a giant snake opening its mouth and hissing. The stone path along the way snapped and popped. The flowing lightning instantly burned numerous black marks on the stone.

The two green mountains could not stop this wild seal essence. The moment they touched the lightning at the front, they were about to collapse instantly.

Ding Ning made a lonely figure standing among the lightning and wind. He stood ahead of the chaotic flows of primal energies of the universe. Facing the lightning that was several times larger than his body, he had a complicated expression, slightly sad, slightly angry, but there was no fear.

His sword calmly and quickly sliced through the air in front of him. Just as the lightning and the two mountains touched, he once again formed a sword seal.

The white sword seal spread outwards, and a roaring river appeared between the two mountains.

A muffled bang spread outwards.

The different seal essences finally collided together fiercely.

The two mountains collapsed. The roaring river flowed backwards. The lightning snake continued to advance.

Bright bolts of lightning passed through the mist and the waters. They reflected even more light and it felt as though the snake was about to turn into a dragon.

Feng Qinghan’s eyes showed even more pleasure. His body quickly followed behind his attack.

The shattered green energy, the surging water moisture, and the water flow heated by the lightning all rushed backwards. Various presences were mixed together by an invisible hand and charged towards Ding Ning.

Ding Ning’s body was pushed back by the wave, his outer robes were torn apart by the different powers.

However, his sword-holding right hand was still steady.

In this moment, he formed a sword seal.

Many of the important people of Zhushan District changed expression.

With Ding Ning’s performance, his sword seal exuded an unyielding presence, as if he was going against the flow of the water.

A grey primal energies of the universe wave landed on the reverse flowing river. It seemed like a lonely sailboat going against the currents.

The bright lightning and the wild seal essence continued to advance. The waves they created were about to throw up and tear apart this lonely sailboat.

Even so, Ding Ning was absolutely calm. Sensing the movements of the lightning, his eyes suddenly grew as bright as stars. His vital energy furiously inundated the Last Flower remnant sword. It entered every small seal script and every tiny crack.

In this moment, he did not draw any seals. When countless white flowers bloomed on his blade, he threw the Last Flower sword forward towards a certain spot.

The sword suddenly spread apart, the threads of the sword outstretched like when they had stabbed in Su Qin’s arm.

In this moment, looking at these flowers filled with desperation, and feeling Ding Ning’s uncompromising presence, Feng Qianzhuo suddenly thought of something.

His face turned snowy white, his body surged with tremendous terror.

The spread remnant sword passed into the giant wave. This was a sword without any momentum, but this sword was not to shield, but to guide.


Sensing the exquisiteness of this sword essence, Xue Wangxu shouted in praise and slapped his leg.

“It actually is …”

In this moment, the elites of Zhushan District let out shouts in shock, many even rose to their feet in excitement.

The stretched sword threads and the bolts of lightning touched. Almost all the lightning flooded into the sword hilt along these threads, and flooded out of the hilt with a brighter flow. However, the lightning’s direction completely changed.

This bright bolt of lightning flowed out of the water and shot towards the sky.


As this bolt of lightning exploded in the sky, the wave of water hit Ding Ning. Ding Ning’s body was moved backwards, and he started to bleed from his mouth.


But he looked at Feng Qinghan who was charging behind the water flow and shouted lowly in anger.

Feng Qinghan heard his shout. However, he did not hear the warning and threat in Ding Ning’s furious shout.

He only saw the Last Flower remnant sword falling as it shone with lightning. He only saw that Ding Ning was wounded, and had no sword in hand.

So he did not pause and stabbed at Ding Ning without any hesitation.

Black sword energy once again appeared ahead of the Painting Sword.

Ding Ning became absolutely calm.

He had no other choice. Even he had to use his full power to defeat Feng Qinghan’s strike. Since he had no choice, he would not consider the consequences or any other matters.

He reached out with his right hand, his fingers held together. The fingernails on his right hand had previously split and were bleeding. He sent his vital energy out without any reservation. Blood spurted along with the vital energy, and a blood sword seemed to appear in his hand.

However, the vital energy and blood did not possess much power. They could not rival the sharp and strong Painting Sword.

But in this moment, Feng Qianzhuo, who had yet to recover from the events of the past, was completely awakened. He opened his mouth but had no time to shout.

Many seal lines once again appeared in front of Ding Ning.

These were blood red seal lines.

Feng Qinghan, whose youthful face was laced with viciousness, suddenly stopped breathing. His body froze instantaneously.

He had no time to react.

The blood red seal lines in front of him started to burn. Large amounts of hot primal energies contracted violently.

A setting sun seemed to appear above the lonely sailboat on the river.


The setting sun and his sword tip collided. It immediately shattered into numerous blood red lines of fire!


When these lines of fire stabbed into his skin, this young master Feng who wanted to cripple Ding Ning finally felt terror. He only had time to give a harsh scream.

Pew pew pew pew …

The sound of energy flows penetrating his body spread.

The thin lines of fire immediately pierced his body and then passed through carrying small flows of blood to splash on the stone floor behind him.

“Grandfather …”

Before his body fell, Feng Qinghan felt as though his body had been pierced through. His organs, marrow river, energy sea, and jade palace … In this moment, as he turned to look helplessly at Feng Qianzhuo, he was actually like a child. He only managed to scream a word before he lost consciousness.


Before most people reacted, Feng Qianzhuo gave an inexplicable scream. He raced out madly and caught Feng Qinghan who had fainted.

“What sword art is this?”

“Using vital energy and blood as lines to attack …”

“Even if you can save him from this attack, he most likely will be bed-ridden!”

“The young master of the Feng Family …”

Only now did the spectators of Zhushan District start to react to what happened! Most people felt cold and numb all over in their shock.

Feng Qianzhuo’s usually benevolent and gentle features were completely twisted.

What was hard for many people to believe was Ding Ning took several steps forward and picked up the Last Flower remnant sword that had fallen to the ground.

A thunderous bang!

A spinning wall of wind appeared suddenly around Feng Qianzhuo. His hair danced like snakes, and endless murderousness spread.

Xue Wangxu frowned slightly. He took a step forward, and came in front of Ding Ning who was picking up his sword. Then he looked coolly at Feng Qianzhuo who seemed to be going mad. He said, “You know that he did this to himself.”

“Did this to himself? Hahaha …” Feng Qianzhuo laughed wildly into the sky.

“Bring my sword!”

In the next moment, he gave a sky-shaking roar.

Translator Ramblings: Writing out scenery that describes energies is weird and awkward.

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