Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 17 “The Sword in the Stone”

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Chapter Seventeen The Sword In Stone

Everyone could understand Feng Qianzhuo’s emotions right now.

At this moment, a calm voice sounded from behind Xue Wangxu. “Where’s the Appearance Fixing Orb?”

Everyone’s gaze once again gathered on Ding Ning.

Everyone knew he had said these words, and knew the meaning of his words — previously, Feng Qianzhuo had promised that if Ding Ning could defeat Feng Qinghan, the Appearance Fixing Orb would belong to White Goat Cave.

Based on this prior agreement, Feng Qianzhuo should give up the Appearance Fixing Orb now. But calmly asking for the Appearance Fixing Orb in a situation like this seemed very ill-timed.

“Appearance Fixing Orb?”

Feng Qianzhuo laughed in anger. He looked at the unconscious Feng Qinghan and said greviously, “My grandson’s cultivation and life is not worth an appearance fixing orb?”

Ding Ning looked calmly at him and said, “Appearance Fixing Orb.”

All the elites of Zhushan District were unable to speak.

Ding Ning said these three swords again. From his expression, this was all matter-of-fact … It was matter-of-fact that Feng Qianzhuo would give up the Appearance Fixing Orb. It was also matter-of-fact that Feng Qinghan’s cultivation and life was not worth as much as the appearance fixing orb.

Feng Qianzhuo’s eyes seemed to burn.

“Appearance Fixing Orb,” Ding Ning looked fearlessly at him and repeated calmly.

He was like a young child stubbornly asking for candy. However, Feng Qianzhuo felt great dismissal and coldness from this action.

He handed the bloodied Feng Qinghan in his arms to the members of his family who had come over. These family members were all gasping and some were even sobbing. Then he opened his left hand.

The snowy white appearance fixing orb flew out of his palm and flew towards Ding Ning without any great force. However, his expression grew completely cold.

“Even if I give it to you, what can you use it for?” His murderous gaze scanned Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu as he said in an arctic tone.

Ding Ning held this snowy white appearance fixing orb. Then he did something completely unexpected.

He first took out his water bag and washed this appearance fixing orb. Then he calmly swallowed the appearance fixing orb.

All the elites of Zhushan District once again sank into silence and shock.

Ding Ning didn’t even speak a word this time. But his action was akin to slapping Feng Qianzhuo again.

He used his actions to tell Feng Qianzhuo, even if he and Xue Wangxu died here, he had already used this appearance fixing orb.

To the shock of the spectators, Ding Ning closed his eyes after swallowing the appearance fixing orb and sat down on a rock behind Xue Wangxu. He seemed to not want to attend to anything happening around him and started to refine and absorb this appearance fixing orb!

Looking at Ding Ning act like this, and listening to the shouts and crying behind him, Feng Qianzhuo knew he needed to be absolutely calm, but his hands trembled uncontrollably.

He took a deep breath and then reached backwards.

The steward of the Feng Family, Feng Futang who Xue Wangxu had called insincere, stood and presented a longsword in a black scabbard.

Seeing Feng Qianzhuo reach towards him, Feng Futang’s hands trembled uncontrollably.

Looking at this scene, Xue Wangxu only waited calmly.

Feng Qianzhuo did not take the sword the steward was presenting. His hand landed on the sword hilt and he pulled out his sword directly.

This expressed his attitude.

The hilt of the sword in the black scabbard was black and gold.

When this sword was drawn out, a rainbow seemed to appear, and multi-colored light shone on many people.

The blade of this long sword was a seven-colored crystal.

Xue Wangxu’s slightly furrowed brows relaxed as though he finally received an answer to a question that long troubled him. He said softly to himself, “So it is this sword.”

The Ba Mountain Sword Field had once been the strongest sword cultivating place of the Qin Dynasty and naturally possessed numerous powerful sword manuals and famed swords. The group of people from Ba Mountain Sword Field that managed to survive all got many sword manuals and famed swords.

In the past, when Feng Qianzhuo defeated Du Qingjiao and stole the appearance fixing orb, he had used his lifebond sword, and not this famed sword from the Ba Mountain Sword Field.

So now, the question of what sword Feng Qianzhuo had picked from the swords of Ba Mountain was answered.

Of the famed swords in the former Ba Mountain Sword Field, only one of them was seven-colored.

This sword was called the Seven Treasure Crystal Sword, and also the Buddhist Light Demon Subduing Sword.

As this sword appeared, waves of powerful presence spread.

All the people nearby felt danger and instinctively retreated.

Even the kitchen god statue was moved away. Only Feng Qianzhuo, Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning were left within thirty meters of each other in front of the Fire Virtue Hall.

The light of the seven-colored crystal grew even brighter, and formed circles of buddhist light in Feng Qianzhuo’s hands.

The primal energies of the universe gathered in these ripples of light. They wrapped around Feng Qianzhuo’s body and gradually formed an enormous Buddha’s halo. In comparison, Feng Qianzhuo’s body seemed to expand and become a buddha shining with seven-colored crystal light.

Within the buddha light, Feng Qianzhuo felt a momentary daze.

He felt this was absurd. After so many years, because of a little White Goat Cave trying to get revenge, that sword that should no longer exist appeared in front of him. After so many years, he had to use this sword to fight for his life.

Yet this was only a brief moment. The stray thoughts in his mind faded in the buddha light into pure murderousness.

He twisted his wrist, and the shining sword stabbed at Xue Wangxu through the air.

As his sword moved, circles of buddhist light overlapped. Waves several meters tall seemed to suddenly appear in the world.

A wild wind came out of nowhere.

Many of the ordinary people of Zhushan District who were situated far away from him were unable to stand firm and fell in the wind.

Xue Wangxu’s snowy white long hair was blown behind him. Facing this kind of wild wind and the rising waves, he shook his head and sighed with emotion. “You do not have enough spirit. Using the Turbid Wave Sword Scripture with the Seven Treasures Crystal Sword is powerful, but it lacks a certain aura … if one had enough spirit, they would switch to cultivate a buddhist sword scripture. Make after breaking. You do not dare to part with your skill in the Turbid Wave Sword Scripture.”

As he sighed, he reached out a hand towards the enormous waves in front of him.

He had been using the sect master sword of White Goat Cave in the past. But since he had given the sword to Li Daoji and didn’t carry any other swords, he could only use his lifebond sword now.

What kind of sword was Xue Wangxu’s lifebond sword?

Ding Ning was very curious about this so, as he did his best to refine the appearance fixing orb, he opened his eyes.

An unusually heavy presence came from Xue Wangxu’s palm. There was no bright light. There was the simplest of colors, like the most ordinary of stones on a walking path.

The lifebond sword that appeared in Xue Wangxu’s hand was a little sword that looked like it had been carved out of an ordinary piece of stone.

But all the cultivators of Zhushan District felt an unusually dangerous presence.

The layers of rock fell off the small sword. Each thin layer of rock seemed to fly forward like an enormous stone to slap against the roaring turbid waves.

The sword blade that was inside gave off unimaginable light.

This light was so bright people could not see any color. People even felt the blade was intangible and made from the bright light yet everyone knew that this sword did exist.

So they started to react.

This sword had hidden for too long like a great sword sleeping in the soil. The dust on the blade had formed layers of stone.

Today, this great sword once again displayed its edges.

The buddhist light seemed dim in front of the light this sword gave off.

Feng Qianzhuo felt a suffocating pressure. He gave a low roar. The sword in his hand slashed seventy two times into the air in front of him!

Seventy two waves suddenly appeared in the buddhist light and shattered the flying stone skins.

At this moment, all the stone skins fell off Xue Wangxu’s lifebond sword.

Under the shining and white light, he appeared to be made out of white jade.

He did not make any extraneous movements. He stabbed simply and straight just like the streets of Changling.


The sound came from all over the distant world.

An intangible mountain suddenly appeared above his head. It contracted violently and flooded into his lifebond sword.

At this time, all the accumulated vital energy and primal energies of the universe in his body poured out of his body into his lifebond sword.

He could only use such a powerful sword move once in his life. But this was what he wanted.

He did not want the battle to linger. He wanted to win with this one strike.

He did his best to send his sword essence and his power through this sword strike.

The buddhist light was gone! The turbid waves broke!

Looking at the bright sword light heading towards him, Feng Qianzhuo was filled with disbelief. He could not imagine Xue Wangxu able to produce such a powerful blow.

He was not willing to be defeated by a sword strike lie this.

HIs eyes burned with fire. He screamed. The ripples of light the Seven Treasures Crystal Sword in his hand gave off suddenly changed into seven colored sword light.

In a flash, it looked as though tens of thousands of swords were stabbing at Xue Wangxu. No one could tell which one was the real Seven Treasures Crystal Sword.

But Xue Wangxu just smiled faintly. His sword move did not change at all and continued to advance at an unusually straight line.

All of the seven colored lights disappeared in a flash.

Feng Qianzhuo’s howl turned into a harsh scream as he retreated rapidly.

Blood sprayed out of his abdomen. His body bounced off the stone floor, dragging out a path of blood. He only stopped when he hit the stairs in front of the Fire Virtue Hall.

Translator Ramblings: I could not resist translating the chapter title the way I did.

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