傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S02-C03 “Sudden Change”

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Chapter Three – Sudden Change

The entire street was in an uproar. The nobility that charged out of Blue Jade Fragrance, the spectators from the street, and even the three venerable swordsmen that walked out last shook as though they saw a ghost.

“Woah, this little guy is a celestial rank expert!” Venerable Swordsman Kai Te patted his chest exaggeratedly as he shouted. He then sighed, “This old man does not have a good heart, do not frighten this old man so!”

Venerable Swordsman Xiao Yao’s fan had stopped waving. Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting’s expression was one of shock.

The trio were not surprised Lei Yufeng was a celestial magister as Lei Yufeng’s reputation in Neversetting Sun was known far and wide since a long time ago. But Aofeng, this unknown youth, was also a celestial rank expert. This was hard to accept. How young was this person? Was Aofeng even eighteen?

The two Qin Family enforcers also had spectacular expressions.

Just now, Aofeng had kicked them out the door. But that had been an ambush and she had benefited from her ambush attack. Also, due to Aofeng’s young features, the two assumed that Aofeng would be a rank three professional at most.

But Aofeng could fly! This meant that Aofeng was rank four, celestial rank!

After the shock had passed, the two enforcers had ugly expressions. They would not fear rank three professionals, regardless of their number. But they, who possessed spirit beasts, may not win against the most ordinary of celestial magisters. Just Aofeng’s strange way of fighting was more than enough to overwhelm them. Also, they had to consider the teacher of such a young celestial rank expert!

Before people could overcome their surprise, Lei Yufeng narrowed his eyes. The three-sword five point star of a celestial magister rose up under his feet, and reflected on his handsome face.

“Tun Xiao, Dian Liu, come out!”

As the shout sounded, the great Golden Roc and the Electric Leopard’s terrifying figures appeared in the sky. The two enormous magus beasts blocked off the sunlight, their presence rising and dominating in their spread. The expressions of the two enforcers changed. Their magus beast armor trembled, and almost fell off under the presence of the two divine beasts!

“Three-sword celestial magister, two high rank magus beasts!” Venerable Swordsman Kai Te’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He muttered, “Old Lei, you grandson is ferocious, Kai Ge only has one nine-star sacred beast, but Lei Yufeng has one nine-star sacred beast and one three-star divine beast. That Golden Roc must be the magic beast egg that he stole back then?”

“Yufeng is rebellious. Do not praise him, if you praise him, his nose will fly into the sky,” Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting said solemnly. However, his eyes were filled with joy. Rumors were just rumors, Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting was still comforted by seeing Lei Yufeng become so strong with his own eyes.

Venerable Swordsman Kai Te rolled his eyes and thought inside, you act so dignified, but you are clearly laughing inside!

At this moment, the streets were filled with people, those from afar squeezing in. This was the first time they say someone daring to openly fight the Qin Family in the capital like this.

Lei Yufeng did not put out Candia. The golden dragon was too big. If he and Tun Xiao were both out, they would cover the sky. Also, why waste the effort? Tun Xiao and Dian Liu were enough against these two one-sword celestial magisters with only spirit beasts.

Without any courtesies, Aofeng and Lei Yufeng started to channel shamanic power. Faint blue light shone in the sky — they would kill first!

“Wait! Stop! Stop!” The fierce presence coming at them caused the two Qin Family enforcers to shout in terror. Their faces were pale, and they felt they had hit a metal board. A three-sword celestial magister with a divine beast, and a mysterious expert younger than eighteen, these were two freaks!

But the two’s screams did not cause Aofeng and Lei Yufeng to stop. Shamanic power swelled and Lei Yufeng finished his armorization. The shadow of the Gold Winged Roc appeared behind him. Aofeng pointed in the air. The nineteen flying swords gathered together and revealed their pitch black shapes.

The two of them were used to being vicious. Who cared if these two surrendered or not? Since these two dared to offend them, they had to know they may get killed!

“Golden Roc Lightning Light!”

“World’s End Sword Extermination!”

Two clear shouts and the blinding lights flew into the sky and smashed towards the other side!

“Celestial magic technique! Special sword technique!”

The two members of the Qin Family looked fearfully at the terrifying power the two people gave off and wanted to die. They swallowed hard. They knew their enemies would not go easy on them. They could only face the two celestial magic techniques coming at them and try to stop the attack.

Four great energies collided in the air. The waves of air produced by the explosion were like sharp daggers. Many people who were watching did not dodge in time as their faces were cut up with small bloody wounds. Screams spread. Many people furiously moved back and no one dared to charge over.

The first moment the attacks clashed did not result in much, but soon, the power of the divine beast and the World’s End Sword Extermination showed. They quickly pushed back the celestial magic techniques of the enforcers. Light flashed, and the techniques of the two hit the Qin Family enforcers

The two enforcers were thrown back dozens of meters like kites with broken strems. They drew out long tails in the air like two comets as they smashed to the ground!

Not worth a single move!

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng snorted in unision at the same time from the air. They smiled at each other and felt relieved of their anger.

The crowd below rumbled!

The spectators had not expected the battle to be so one-sided and end so easily. The losers were the two Qin Family enforcers. People started to speculate about the identities of the two young people.

“World’s End Sword Extermination!” After a long moment, Venerable Swordsman Kai Te jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Other people may not have recognized it, but the three venerable swordsmen were very familiar with this move. He muttered sadly, “No, no! A student of that freakish Tian Ya, that bastard, he ran away and stole my student!”

Of course the student of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya could not change to join them.

This time, it was Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting’s turn to roll his eyes and think inside, you were the one clearly trying to steal someone else’s student, when did this person become your “student?”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng landed and exchanged high fives with Kai Ge. Just as they were going to return to Blue Jade Fragrance, an authoritative and deep voice suddenly sounded from where the two Qin Family enforces had flown in.

“Who dares to wound the people this old man has sent. I want to see what you two young people are like!”

A thick wave of air, like a sharp knife, cut through the crowd. An enormous hand pushed the surrounding people to the side and easily formed a vast path. From far away, a tall figure holding the two wounded and bloody figures of the Qin Family enforces strode over. Behind him was a large group of people with celestial magister badges, at least a dozen of them.

An enormous pressure came pushing. Aofeng and the others at the front felt as though they could not breathe.

Expert! A great expert!

On the chest of the man was a silver badge with a five point star containing nine small swords. This represented his magister level –nine-sword celestial magister.

Everyone inhaled at this suddenly change.

Lei Yufeng cursed, “Damn, beat two, and a crowd comes, the Qin Family is a hornet’s nest!”

Even Aofeng who was usually calm wanted to curse. Did this have to be so exciting? They only came to Blue Jade Fragrance for a drink and rent two rooms to sleep in. They were not searching for a fight or for an encounter. But people still came challenging them. So she had to fight. Now, even a nine-sword celestial magister appeared. So would a magus scholar appear next?

Aofeng was not a strong as a nine-sword celestial magister. She had to give up on plans to fight. Her eyes flashed and she swallowed her anger. Inside, she started to calculate what to do. She and Lei Yufeng each had a nine-star divine beast. They did not fear this person, but if they were not forced into a corder, she did not want to easily show her cards.

The man walked closer. She could see his appearance clearly. This nine-sword celestial magister had a square face and looked to be in his forties. His expression was dark as he coldly looked over the trio.

“Ah! You … … Your Excellency Qin Lu.” Kai Ge’s eyes lit up as he said in shock, “The proxy patriarch of the Qin Family, His Excellency Qin Lu!”

Aofeng stilled and then remembered, Qin Lu? Wasn’t that her father’s older brother, so her uncle?

“Vice Captain, you have some knowledge. Because you are a dragon knight, I will not touch you.” Qin Lu nodded and looked coldly at Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. He said coolly, “However, the two of them has wounded the enforcers of the Qin Family, the Qin Family will not let this matter rest so easily. As you are young and immature, if you cut off one arm each, this old man will let you leave.”

Cut off an arm? Aofeng and Lei Yufeng’s expression darkens and they gave disdainful smiles. Kai Ge heard this and panicked. “Your Excellency Qin Lu, they are not in the wrong! Also, they actually are … …”

“This old man does not care who they are! In this capital, they have publicly wounded members of the Qin Family. If I spare them, what becomes of the honor of the Qin Family?” Qin Lu’s expression darkened and he said displeased, “Because they are your friends, I did not demand their lives. Do not force this old man to act.”

Just as he finished speaking, another cold shout suddenly came from afar, “Who dares to touch him? Try and see!”

Translator Ramblings: With everyone being a fighter and having magic, I don’t get why everyone shouts all the time. They must have such large lungs.

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 4

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