Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 18 “The Maliciousness of Forefather Zhou”

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Chapter 18: The Maliciousness of Forefather Zhou

An unaffected Chen Chu looked coolly at Forefather Zhou and said, “Those two items are important weapons of the Chu Dynasty.”

The two items that Forefather Zhou spoke of was naturally the Worryfree Horn and the Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring. But he stated that these were important weapons of the Chu Dynasty, meaning that he would definitely return to the Chu Dynasty with these items unless he died here.

This was the same logic as what the Qin swordsmen said about the person dying with the sword. However, when this truth was stated by a realm seven grandmaster, it was unusually intimidating.

Forefather Zhou’s eyes imperceptibly flashed with greed. He smiled slightly and said, “The result will be that even you will remain behind.”

Chen Chu stopped talking.

He took a deep breath. Ignoring the wounds from the previous fight, he forced his vital energy to flow powerfully through his body. His slightly pale face started to give off an unusual flush, and his black hair started to turn white.

A fresh and powerful presence filled the Worryfree Horn.

In the next moment, with a boom, the air in front of him scattered. The grass and leaves on the ground were crushed into powder. The Worryfree Horn, flashing with seven-colored light, headed straight towards Forefather Zhou.

Forefather Zhou narrowed his eyes.

Ever since Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne, he had never fought anyone. He felt unusually unfamiliar facing this pressuring and suffocating presence. But at this time, there was a long-missing itch in his bones that was waking up.

He stood still, his right hand lifted slightly.

With a hiss, a black sword light flooded out of his fingers; and with precision, it hit the Worryfree Horn.

While the method was the same, his fiendish sword and Ding Ning’s fiendish sword were completely different.

Ding Ning’s fiendish sword only looked like crystal, but his fiendish sword was so condensed it was like the blackest of jewels. It shone with bright light, and had a presence slightly similar to the Nine Hell King Sword.

With a crack, this small black sword split into many small crystal grains. However, the advancing Worryfree Horn suddenly slowed, and halted in mid-air. In the next moment, it was forced to fly back by the power of these crystal grains.

Chen Chu’s frown deepened. His unusual flush grew stronger.

This was the first round of probes on both sides. In the eyes of the spectators, the result appeared to be extremely disadvantageous to him. Forefather Zhou’s fiendish energy seemed to have been accumulating in his body for a long time, and was condensed to an unimaginable degree. His vital energy, together with the power of the Worryfree Horn, was unable to withstand. Also, everyone could sense that he was forcing the flow of vital energy while ignoring his wounds.

In this situation where his organs were damaged, forcing the flow of vital energy would bring greater damage to his body and stop him from fighting for long.

A fight between realm sevens was not just so simple.

Reflecting on the presence changes of Forefather Zhou as the small black sword left his fingers and hit the Worryfree Horn, Chen Chu found a thread of hope from this seemingly unwinnable battle.

He took a deep breath again.

In this short moment, the space in front of him seemed to have transformed into vacuum.

He reached out towards the Worryfree Horn with his right hand giving everybody the impression that he was going to grab the Worryfree Horn that was flying back. Yet, in the next moment, several crystal purple droplets, undetectable in his energy sea, exploded out of his right hand at terrifying speed.

When these purple drops of liquid erupted out of his fingertips, they turned into a purple crescent moon in front of him.

As this purple crescent moon bloomed in front of him, the sky seemed to roar as though a great gap had been opened.

A bright pillar of light seemed to surpass the limits of time and descend from above to land on the purple crescent moon in front of him.

Everyone was shocked.

“What is going on?”

Xie Rou exclaimed in disbelief.

This purple crescent moon was clearly the lifebond item of this realm seven grandmaster.

In the previous battles, this realm seven grandmaster had fought with material items, causing people to doubt if he had a lifebond item. When his lifebond item suddenly appeared, the suffocating pillar of light coming down from above contained power that seemed to surpass the power of his lifebond item.

This scene of the sky opening and terrifying energy descending, was a scene described in records regarding realm eight, Heaven Opening.

As he felt with his mind, Ding Ning’s expression remained calm He knew the reason for the phenomenon was because Chen Chu’s lifebond item was a special seal weapon.

“As expected, the Chu are the best at seal weapons. But you can only borrow the appearance of realm eight with a material item, can you truly have the aura of a realm eight?”

Looking up at the bright pillar falling from the sky, Forefather Zhou shook his head and said in sympathy.

The Worryfree Horn was sent flying by the power of the crescent moon.

Chen Chu ignored the Worryfree Horn. He had merged into one with the purple moon, his body being carried by the moon’s power. Along with the purple crescent moon, he surged in front of Forefather Zhou with a boom.

Ding Ning, Fu Su, Xie Lianying, Xie Rou, the two drivers of the Zhou Family, the carriages, and even Forefather Zhou’s body was sent floating by this rich and unstoppable gust of wind.

The wild wind stretched taut the loose robes on Forefather Zhou’s body, completely exposing his concealed figure. As such, the large empty space on the side of his waist that cut deep into his body came into view. His abdomen was high, as though the flesh that had been cut away had been moved to his abdomen.

Forefather Zhou’s expression grew slightly fierce.

As he spread his ten fingers, the black crystal pieces appeared from his fingers. They did not immediately turn into small swords, but hovered on his hands.

In the next moment, an enormous roar, akin a mudslide, came from the sky. Invisible primal energies of the universe flooded into his body, and carried his vital energy to flow out of his skin.

The ten thin crystal pieces merged with his vital energy and the terrifying amount of energy he had moved with his Mountain Moving cultivation, formed a black crescent moon.

The black moon exuded a terrifying destructive presence and the colors of black and white.

Everything in the surrounding became purely black and white just like Ink Garden.

Everybody was bathed in black and white, as if they had been drawn into an ink painting.

This was the strongest killing essence of the Painting Remnant Scroll.

While Forefather Zhou’s comprehension of the Painting Remnant Scroll was skewed, and he had not completely understood the wax and wane, he had more than a century of study. He had completely mastered this kind of murderousness.

This was why Zhangsun Qianxue, who possessed the Nine Hell King Sword, had said to Ding Ning that she had no confidence in winning, even though his energy sea was solidified.

The black and white light stabbed into the enormous pillar of light coming from the sky.

The pure pillar of light was invaded by black and white. The purple crescent moon quickly dimmed, and seemed to show rusted scripts on the surface.

Chen Chu coughed uncontrollably when his lifebond item was damaged. Pink bloody foam came out of his nose and mouth. Blood dripped out of his skin and hissed as though he was leaking air.

This was due to the primal energies of the universe in his meridian points being squeezed out by the powerful force of his vital energy and primal energies surging to the extreme.

He knew that even if he won this battle, his cultivation would fall greatly, and his injuries would be so serious that he would not be able to fight in the future. Chen Chu grimaced, but his gaze was determined and flashed with heated light.

He reached out with his hand again.

The majority of his vital energy surged into the seal scripts of the Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring.

A silver energy flow, small but with a presence of a river overrunning a dam, accurately hit Forefather Zhou at the empty part of his abdomen.

This was the hope of victory he wanted to obtain at any cost.

When this great force charged in through Forefather Zhou’s old injury, it would immediately tear apart Forefather Zhou’s organs and destroy his energy sea.

Even before death, Forefather Zhou would not be able to counterattack.

But at this time, Chen Chu suddenly felt cold.

He saw the smug expression in Forefather Zhou’s eyes.

The silver energy flow charged into Forefather Zhou’s body but seemed to enter an empty space. Even more accurately, his power seemed to have charged into an energy sea that had been prepared and was open like a bag.

Even if ordinary people had a passage directly connected to their energy sea, when such a destructive power forced its way into the energy sea, the energy sea would immediately be damaged to the extent that the cultivator would die in an instant.

But Forefather Zhou’s body was like a frozen space with stars.

It was filled with ice.

When it entered, this silver energy flow was immediately frozen.

Chen Chu finally understood the internal state of Forefather Zhou’s body, and why Forefather Zhou was slower than him. But at this time, he could not make any additional actions.

Forefather Zhou’s left hand gently pressed on his chest.

Strange sounds rang within his body.

In this next moment, with a string of cracks, the flesh on his back was pierced by numerous pieces of bones from his body, creating blooms of blood.

Translator Ramblings: Cunning Forefather Zhou … he took what people knew as a weakness and turned it into a trap.

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