Sword Dynasty Volume 3 Chapter 17 “The Dire Attack of the Xie Family”

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Chapter 17: The Dire Attack of the Xie Family

His shock did not come from the strength of this surge of primal energy, but its direction.

The source of this sudden burst of primal energies of the universe was the bleeding old woman’s carriage.

There was only the old woman who had suffered a blow in the carriage.

At this time, to his understanding, no one in the Xie Family caravan could stop him from killing Xie Lianying and Xie Rou. He had not considered this bleeding old woman to attack him.

In the moment he turned, the Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring on his hand produced large volumes of mercury energy that covered his entire body.

The old woman, who had lost a large piece of flesh and bled out greatly, looked dire. Even so, her expression was extremely calm. Her arms were held horizontally, facing forward. Half of the carriage had been turned to powder by the abundant power. Many dots of yellow light magically and rapidly rose from the soil in front of her to form two paths of light in her palms.

The two yellow paths of light seemed to be extensions of her palms. As he abruptly turned around, they charged towards the Chu cultivator and pressed hard on him.

The Chu cultivator frowned deeply. He gave a deep shout, and the silver energy surrounding him flew like waves.

His body dropped slightly as the ground under him sank, but he did not hesitate in his movements. His Worryfree Horn flew like a flying sword and swept towards the old woman.

With a soft poof, flying backwards in a spray of blood and mud, half of the woman’s body was destroyed,.

But at this time, another unusual presence appeared in the air.

This presence came from the similarly bleeding young child.

Because of the massive blood loss, the young child’s extremely pale face was a strong contrast against his dark pupils.

One attack and half of the old woman’s body had been turned into blood mud. Yet, his seemingly childlike pale face was extremely calm. A cone-like black metal sword twisted and flew out of his bloodstained sleeve, quickly attacking the abdomen of the Chu cultivator.

The Chu cultivator gave a muffled grunt. Blood seeped out of his nose and mouth.

His silver energy seemed to have been scattered. The sound of bones cracking came from where the black cone-like sword had hit.

He could not maintain his momentum. With three balls of energy splashing onto the ground, his body retreated dozens of meters.

The cone-like sword went several inches into his flesh. His silver energy faded but after another moment, a surge of vital energy once again came out of his body and flooded into his Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring.

Mercury-like energy covered his palm which descended and gripped the furiously speeding black cone-like sword.

The air buzzed. A spray of blood appeared at his waist.

He forced all the energy and perception from the seal scripts on the black cone-like sword. It immediately became a lifeless object.

The child depressedly leaned back in the carriage cabin as the Chu cultivator coldly threw this small sword.

The small sword created a gust of wind as it landed on the child’s chest.

The child’s chest sank down, blood and flesh spraying outwards. The depression became a clear hole.

The cabin behind the child was completely annihilated by the great force. All his organs had disappeared and he was about to die. But at this moment before death, he turned to look back, a smile of success appearing on his calm and harsh face.

In his sight, Xie Lianying, Xie Rou and Ding Ning had retreated to the three Zhou Family carriages.

In the Xie Family caravan, all cultivators were either dead or wounded with carriage ruins and flesh all over the place. They looked to be in dire straits. But the Chu Dynasty realm seven expert that had created all this did not have a happy expression.

He stopped among this horrific scene. He was silent for a long moment, his head low. Then he lifted his head and said, “Killing child and senior … so from the start, you had not captured Chen Tunyun’s family members.”

Ding Ning, Xie Lianying and Xie Rou had already stopped.

Xie Lianying took a deep breath, faced the Chu cultivator’s gaze and nodded. He said, “There wasn’t enough time to capture the Chen Family members. But when one is panicked, you will have no time to confirm this.”

“A great plan.”

The Chu cultivator’s breathing calmed. In his high voice, he expressed a sincere praise. “Chen Tunyun died for nothing.”

Xie Lianying turned silent.

The brave and desperate attacks of the several Xie Family cultivators just now had not stopped this Chu cultivator at all.

“How did you judge where my step was going to land?”

The Chu cultivator looked at Ding Ning.

While he did not know what kind of cultivator was hiding in those three black carriages, he knew that Xie Lianying and Xie Rou were alive because of this youth. The youth had managed to accurately capture the landing point of his two “Slipstream Seals”, and successfully stalled his actions.

Fu Su had come out of the carriage and was standing beside Ding Ning.

The fight of life and death that had occurred in a few brief moments just now had surpassed all he had seen before. Cold still flowed through his body. When he heard the words of the Chu cultivator, he looked at Ding Ning with confused emotions.

He had the strongest parents in the world, the best teachers of the Qin Dynasty, so his cultivation had advanced quickly, and he had learned much more than ordinary cultivators. He knew the “Slipstream Seal” could be tracked as it was a powerful passage of primal energies of the universe. The cultivator would appear to disappear into the air because that flow of primal energies would be so quick, it surpassed the limits of a cultivator’s eyes.

But even if one knew that the enemy had such a seal weapon, in such a short moment, it was usually not possible to predict where that flow of primal energies would land.

If the Slipstream Seal was said to create a bridge through the air, the other end of the bridge was decided by the user.

Ding Ning took a deep breath.

Of course he could refuse to answer, but if he could not give a convincing answer, Forefather Zhou in the carriage behind him would be even more suspicious of him.

So after a moment, he lifted his head and calmly answered. “That place is the most unlikely to be intercepted by the flying sword.”

Fu Su stilled, and could not understand the meaning of the words.

This realm seven expert from the Chu Dynasty frowned again.

He thought back and slowly said, “Just so?”

Ding Ning looked at him, nodded and said, “Just so.”

Fu Su thought dazedly, was it because Xie Lianying and Xie Rou had coincidentally disguised the direction of where the two flying swords had been headed?

“This one is Chen Chu of Silver Thread Workshop,” the Chu cultivator nodded and said calmly.

His gaze at this time was focused beyond Ding Ning on the black carriage containing Forefather Zhou.His words were clearly directed at Forefather Zhou.

But Fu Su and Xie Lianying’s gazes focused at the same time.

“I know who you are, the famed Silver Thread Holy Hand Chen Chu.” Xie Lianying sneered. “A powerful cultivator from the Chu court. I am very fortunate to have met you.”

Chen Chu was truly famous.

Only masters who were able to reach “silk road” level and create seal scripts on threads the thickness of a hair, could be called holy hands in the Chu Dynasty.

The Silver Thread Workshop had only five holy hands.

Chen Chu wasn’t just a holy hand, he was also a realm seven expert.

This was even more rare, being able to create and use seal weapons cultivators below realm seven could not understand.

So from a long time ago, he had been a court crafter.

But Xie Lianying’s sneer was with another meaning.

Many of the crafters that remained in the Chu Dynasty’s court were not whole in body.

Chen Chu naturally could sense Xie Lianying’s disdain, but ignored it. He just sensed a faint presence of danger from the black carriage. He had to obtain more information to decide if he should flee or continue to fight.

Ding Ning’s eyebrows rose.

At this time, the curtain of Forefather Zhou’s carriage moved to the side.

Dressed in loose robes, Forefather Zhou slowly stood up and walked out of the cabin.

“My surname is Zhou, my name Mei, which is a homonym for misfortune. As a result, I have been unlucky in my life.” With a genteel demeanour, Forefather Zhou said warmly and looked at this Chu Dynasty court cultivator.

“So it is him. He’s not yet dead!”

Xie Lianying immediately reacted with shock within.

“I had not expected Forefather Zhou to still be alive. The old are the strongest.” Chen Chu’s eyes narrowed slightly. His expression was one of surprise.

“The Changling of present is not the Changling of your time.”

Chen Chu paused slightly, looked at Forefather Zhou and coldly said, “Why do you have to interfere in this matter?”

“I encountered it, so this is an opportunity.”

With eyes full of benevolence, Forefather Zhou looked at Chen Chu and said, “You have two good items on you. I want to give them to these young people with me.”

Translator Ramblings: Xie Lianying is a very good strategist.

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