傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S02-C04 “Qin Aotian”

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Chapter Four Qin Aotian

A wave of air that tore the surrounding air came with great pressure. This time, everyone learned their lesson and moved towards the side to make a path. At the end of the path, a tall man slowly appeared in Aofeng’s vision.

The man wore a water-blue armor, his long black hair swaying in the wind. His features were cold to the extreme but extremely handsome like it was carved by a master sculptor, forever covered in unchanging ice. The strong brow was slightly furrowed like that snow which never melted at the top of a mountain. His presence was wild and domineering just like his shout.

He walked quickly to reach the inside of the circle made up from the crowd. His eyes, locked onto Aofeng, grew brighter like stars in the night.

He seemed to be even more certain of something. The blue-armored man’s usually cold face started to turn excited, and his breathing sped up.

Aofeng’s black eyes locked onto the man when he appeared.

He walked step by step, illuminated by the light of the afternoon sun behind him which could not steal the light of this man. His handsome figure merged with the figure in the memories. An indescribable feeling spread wildly through her chest. In this moment, the emotions belonging to the original Qin Aofeng started to rise.

She could not hear what the surprised people around her were discussing. Aofeng did not need to listen to their words. An answer was already in her heart.

A gust of soft wind. Long hair and black robes danced. That man’s shadow seemed to become the only thing in the world. She could not see anything else as her gaze and the man’s gaze met.

The man’s lips parted. Aofeng looked on as he reached out towards her with both hands, and seemed to hear him call softly, “Little Feng.”

Her eyes heated up, and Aofeng felt tears rise. She could not suppress her excitement and sobbed happily as she charged towards the man!

At the same time, the usually calm man let go of his glacial aura for the first time and sprinted with excitement towards Aofeng.

In a short moment which seemed to stretch on, the two figures finally came together!

The man opened his arms and held Aofeng who jumped up into a tight hug. He spun three times in excitement to relieve the momentum from the jump. Then tightly hugged this person he thought about day and night, the most important thing to him in the world. He wanted to use all he had to protect her.

Aofeng’s feet were off the ground and just held up by one of the man’s arms. She narrowed her sparkling eyes, her arms around the man’s neck as she looked at him. She felt the man’s intoxicating warmth, the strong chest like granite as a joyful cry burst out. “Big Brother!”

The man’s heart turned soft at this cry. He put away all his coldness. That handsome face that enchanted many females showed a rare warm smile. A callously large hand trembled as he softly stroked Aofeng’s soft black hair. He seemed to be holding a great treasure. He was careful as though he feared he would cause pain.

Ten years ago, Qin Aofeng and Qin Aotian were driven out of Karroll. After two years, when Qin Aotian was sixteen, he had been summoned back. From then to now, it had been eight whole years!

The winds and rain of eight years time had passed, but nothing could erase the siblings’ memories. Eight years later, on a street in Karroll, they met again, they recognized each other at a glance. Some deeply rooted emotions could not be washed away by time.

Qin Aofeng’s past memories were almost all filled with Qin Aotian.

When others were looking down at her, Big Brother would protect her and not allow others to bully her. When she was sad, Big Brother would hug her and comfort her softly. No matter what she wanted, Big Brother would try his best to obtain it. Even in the time she spent in the capital, Aofeng had still lived well because her big brother Qin Aotian had been there.

But due to the orders of the patriarch, Qin Aotian had to leave her. Qin Aofeng slipped into a depression, and Qin Aoluo and the others of Qin City grew more unrestrained.

To her, Qin Aotian was her greatest support. Now, they finally met again!

“Little Feng, you grew up. Here, let Big Brother look at you.” Qin Aotian looked down at her, his hand moving away the strands of hair off her face, his eyes gentle. “You look the same, you haven’t changed.”

Aofeng smiled and said, “Big Brother is the same. Taller, but the same.” When they had separated, Qin Aotian had been sixteen, and his stature had been set. It was not strange Aofeng had recognized him. However, Aofeng was surprised that he could recognize her at a glance when he had not seen her since she was seven. Maybe this was the so-called blood connection.

Immersed in their joy, the duo gave a fright to the surrounding spectators. The crowd finally woke up from their shock.

“Strange, is that not His Excellency Qin Aotian?”

“Big Brother? So this means he and His Excellency Qin Aotian are … … brothers?”

“Are you sure, how come I have never heard that His Excellency Qin Aotian had a younger brother!”

This bombshell immediately caused a sensation. Qin Lu and the others were stunned. Qin Aotian’s younger brother? Wasn’t that the excited good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master? Why had he come alone to the capital and became a celestial rank sword master?

Not just so, Qin Aofeng did not gave the Qin Family any face and injured two enforcers. A member of the family shaming other members of the family, people would laugh at this!

Noticing the darkening expressions of the Qin Family members, Qin Aotian snorted. He patted Aofeng’s back and aid, “Little Feng, do not fear, Big Brother will protect you.”

As though they had returned to “childhood,” Aofeng blinked her eyes and made a sound of acknowledgement. She felt a swell of safety. She knew that the reliable figure would always be there for her.

Softly putting Aofeng down, Qin Aofeng led her by the hand. Standing in front of her, his sharp gaze swept QIn Lu and the others. “Who of you wants to try and touch my ‘younger brother’!”

Qin Lu and the others changed expression again at the arrogant words. Right now, Qin Aotian had reached seven-sword celestial magister. The old patriarch, and even the decision-making elders of the inner courtyard were filled with hope towards this future strongest person of the family. Who dared to actually touch him?

The proxy patriach was still just the proxy patriarch and not the person with true power.

Yet Qin Lu suddenly smiled darkly as his thoughts changed. “He knew that I sent two enforcers of the Qin Family but still injured them severely. According to the rules of the family, fighting between Qin Family members is not permitted. Qin Aotian, if you are going to protect him, even the old patriarch cannot protect you!”

Qin Aotian looked expressionlessly at them and coldly said, “You do not have to worry about this. Let me ask you, will you leave or not?”

His fingers curved slightly. A layer of light blue light was already flashing around him. If Qin Lu and the others said “no,” then he would immediately fight.

Qin Lu and the other’s eyes contracted. They cursed Qin Aotian, this madman with a “younger brother” complex. They all knew Qin Aotian’s temper and did not doubt if they said no, Qin Aotian would actually beat them on the street. At that time, they would lose all face.

Seeing they could not get Aofeng, Qin Lu moved his target to Lei Yufeng. “This matter also involves… …”

Seeing Qin Lu target Lei Yufeng, the three venerable swordsman could not stop themselves and walked out. Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting said coldly, “Qin Lu, do you have any opinions about my grandson?”

With Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting at the forefront, another powerful presence came into the circle. Kai Ge looked over and said joyfully, “Ah! Grandfather, Your Excellency Lei Ting! How come you are here?”

“His Excellency Lei Ting? Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting Daren?” the spectators were about to go mad. They saw so many important people in one day. Had these people coordinated to appear at Blue Jade Fragrance at this time?

Lei Yufeng received a great blow at seeing his grandfather suddenly. He almost lost the ability to speak. HIs eyes were wide as he stammered, “Grand …. grandfather … …”

“Yes.” Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting was very happy. He nodded and said, “Yufeng, come behind Grandfather. I want to see who dares touch one hair of my grandson!” Qin Aotian standing up for Aofeng caused this old person to also feel a great pulse of protectiveness. Several pairs of eyes landed on Qin Lu. The latter felt his scalp prickle.

Damn it, what bad luck was this? The two young people he targeted and one was Qin Aotian’s younger brother while the other was Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting’s grandson! Did the heavens want to kill me?

“Let’s go!” A cold bark. Qin Lu was angry but he unhesitatingly left with the Qin Family members. Might was right in this world. If they continued, they would only lose.

After this furor, the Qin Family members finally all left. Aofeng and Qin Aotian, Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting and Lei Yufeng unexpectedly meeting up at this place all had many things to say to each other and went back to their rooms.

After closing the door, Qin Aotian once again hugged Aofeng tightly and said in a trembling voice, “Sister, Big Brother has been so worried for you!”

Translator Ramblings: Uh … yay, an update! We finally get to meet Aofeng’s brother!

Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 3 Chapter 1


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