Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 36 “Realm Eight”

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Chapter 36: Realm Eight

Note: Due to how the author doesn’t keep the titles consistent, I have given up and now all the rules of the dynasties are emperors. So the king of Chu will now be the emperor of Chu (even though the author refers to the other dynasties as royal dynasties, and not imperial ones )

When the procession of the king of Yan ascended Deer Mountain, just the natural friction of hostility from the Yan and Chu dynasties cultivators caused the skies to change color. The clouds twisted, flowing in all kinds of strange shapes. The aurora that would usually only appear in extreme places appeared in the air, the sky above Deer Mountain flashed colorfully.

However, the murderous intent deprived the people from feeling any sense of beauty. They felt some monster would leap out of the colored clouds at any moment.

Not long after the imperial procession of the emperor of Yan appeared, another long procession appeared on the plains to the east of Deer Mountain. It was very far from Deer Mountain. Perhaps, the procession would arrive before nightfall.

Soon, gusts of cold wind blew, and a long black cloud suddenly appeared in the sky around Deer Mountain.

This black cloud appeared unusually sinister among the multicolored lights, flowing restlessly, unaffected by the other lights.

From such a phenomenon, Ding Ning knew that the emperor of the Qi Dynasty, usually called the “Ghost Emperor”, had arrived.

Ding Ning wore an indescribable smile.

Seeing the strongest in the world at an event like this seemed to be the best thing for Emperor Yuanwu.

In the emperor of Qi’s procession, the items of the imperial family were bright yellow, and the adornments mostly jade. But among them, there was an unusually black and enormous sedan.

Eight burly men dressed in chainmail carried this sedan. Through the holes in the mail, their skin shone with a strange white light. Their bodies did not emit heat and were unusually cold.

The interior of this enormous sedan was like a world of its own. Yin jade tiled the ground like it was a living room. Embedded in the ceiling were pearls that shone with cold light. There were two pruple-black wooden chairs placed at the center that gave off a strange greasy smell.

One of the people seated was dressed in dragon robes. He had a coronet in his hair and did not have a beard. He looked to be in his forties. While his face was slightly long, his body exuded an indescribable nobility. This was naturally the emperor of Qi.

The other person was dressed in a dim black robe and wore a string of white bone bracelets on his hand. His inky black hair was tied up with white bone hoops. While this was a man, his features were more beautiful than the majority of women.

“Prospect Teacher, the lives of tens of thousands of the Yan People are completely in your hands, if you …”

The king of Qi appeared extremely respectful towards the man in black robes. If someone else were to see this, they would suspect the man in black robes was the true emperor of Qi.

“You can be like this towards others. Why be so shameless in front of me?”

The beautiful man in black robes did not seem to treat him like a monarch and interrupted his words with slight dispelaure. “Since I had you create this kind of yin bridge and come to Deer Mountain, I would not treasure my life and desire to return alive. What else do you have to worry about?”

The emperor of Qi laughed weakly after the man in black robes pointed out his dilemma and called him shameless. He was not angry and said with even more respect, “Prospect Teacher, if you do not like hearing these words, I will not speak. But if you want me to do something else, please speak.”

The man in black robes shook his head and said, “No need. Just remember what you promised me. After I die, send my corpse back to my student.”

The emperor of Qi said embarrassedly, “It is not certain you will die.”

The man in black robes frowned and said, “Previously, you feared I am not willing to die. Now you say such words. Don’t you find it daring and shameless?”

The emperor of Qi shook his head and sighed. “I cannot look down upon the world like Yuanwu and the others. Mediocre people like me, if we don’t even know how to say heart-warming words, will be useless.”

The man in black robes looked at him for a moment and said sincerely, “You are too modest.”

The night arrived, and the imperial procession of the emperor of Qi reached the base of Deer Mountain.

Three emperors had arrived. They were only waiting for the emperor of Qin.


The armored ships that were riding the waves of Wu Shan’s tumultuous waters finally reached the shore. The enormous roars were like thunder, but also the groans of the earth in pain. Snowy white waves formed between the ships and the rocks on the shore.

Emperor Yuanwu took a step and was the first to land on the shore.

Countless water droplets landed on his dragon robe and the eyes of the dragon, in turn brightening this dragon’s eyes- as though it were alive.

Emperor Yuanwu raised his head.

In the bloody storm three years before his ascension, the Qin Dynasty had suffered great losses and then been severely injured by the war against the Chu. So after the third year of Yuanwu, he and the entire Qin Dynasty had been enduring and gathering their energies.

At this time, he appeared, like the unsheathing of a sword after being stored away for many years!

Emperor Yuanwu walked.

He did not have any vehicle. He only walked at the very front.

In battles many years ago, he and the powerful cultivators who had followed him had always moved first at the forefront of battle.

Now, no one was able to stand side by side with him.

The surrounding energies moved.Four enormous energies rolled through the sky, and formed four sky-reaching pillars of clouds. At the center of these four cloud pillars, stars flashed like he had plucked a piece of the sky and embedded it amidst the four cloud pillars like a jewel.

The surrounding mountains around Deer Mountain had been quiet. Suddenly, many people in the mountains seemed to sense something and turned in concert to look towards Wu Mountain.

The glittering crystal light above Deer Mountain was attacked by an indescribable force to flow towards Wu Mountain, forming many lines of stretched light.

In everyone’s sight, the four enormous cloud pillars and the starry sky slowly appeared.

All the lights fell into the sky there, all of them flowing together. But the four enormous cloud pillars did not move and calmly accepted everything.

The peaks around Deer Mountain had the most powerful grandmasters of the world. But almost everyone who saw this scene was stunned.

To them, this was still a difficult to understand and profound realm.

Many people’s presences changed due to the disturbance in their mind.

With a boom, a wave of crimson energy erupted from the mountain that had been sealed by a sword mark.

The crimson light caused the entire mountain to look like a giant torch

At the same time, a vast water vapor charged out of the mountain that Guo Dongjiang had taken over, forming an enormous blue water dragon that shot into the sky and passed through the clouds as though it was alive.

A moment later, a mountain suddenly shone with purple light like countless orchids blooming at the same time.

These presences were extremely profound and vast. Yet anyone would say they could not compare to the four cloud pillars and the patch of sky.

Ding Ning frowned deeply as he watched the four pillars of clouds and the sky come close. His eyes shone like stars in the dark night.

Emperor Yuanwu’s realm was higher than he had predicted.

In the palace at the peak of Deer Mountain, the old emperor of Chu held the jade hand of Consort Zhao Xiang with great emotion. “After such a long time, the Qin Dynasty … the entire world finally has a second grandmaster who has reached such a level.”

The similarly old Mo Shoucheng looked at the four cloud pillars and the patch of sky with emotion-filled eyes.

An accomplishment was built on the bones of ten thousand dead. Only someone like him knew what price had been paid to become an unprecedented emperor like this.

“It should be possible,” he turned and said softly to Pan Ruoye.

Pan Ruoye nodded.

She poured out the vital energy that had just been replenished out of her body. A white light stabbed towards the sky above this mountain like a sword.

Ding Ning’s frown deepened.

Having a power appear at such a time would only to act as a signal or make her presence known…

*What were she and Mo Shoucheng waiting for?

Translator Ramblings: Emperor Yuanwu appears with a canopy of state made from the sky. Probably the best reveal of all the emperors.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Looks like things are going to heat up. I wonder if the world’s only 8th realm grandmaster can take on all of the realm 7 experts?

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