Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 37 “Beginning”

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Chapter 37: Beginning

As the four cloud pillars moved closer to the base of Deer Mountain, Ding Ning’s frown grew deeper.

Under the cover of these four cloud pillars, no one could clearly see the Qin Dynasty procession in the dark.

Emperor Yuanwu did not walk quickly. His entire person was situated in a strange energy as though his body was not moving, but the invisible primal energies of the universe were pushing him forward.

He walked an invisible line in the world. As he moved, he acted like an enormous and invisible seal. Each member of the Qin army behind him felt their steps grow lighter, and could faintly feel the primal energies of the universe, that they usually could not sense, enter their bodies. Layers of profound golden light appeared on their skins.

In the great situation to kill Bai Shanshui and Zhao Yi, he had only used a limited amount of power and borrowed the hand of the empress. Back then, only the top cultivators of Changling had sensed his cultivation. His forbearance and seclusion after his ascension had all been for the Deer Mountain Conference. When he showed his true cultivation, everybody in the Qin procession behind him grew more reverent.

But what puzzled them was Bureau Chief Huang Zhenwei of the Clan Law Bureau who had been following Emperor Yuanwu in his steps. He was just a body’s width behind but he had not changed at all.

Huang Zhenwei’s body seemed to be detached from this invisible seal and had not changed at all.

The ordinary cultivators in the Qin procession did not understand. Even Marquis Xu did not understand.

While Emperor Yuanwu of the Qin Dynasty was leading this procession, the vanguard and ceremonial officials had already coordinated with the other three dynasties ahead of time and carved out their respective campsites and zones.

On the way, some of the military and cultivators set up camp. The closer they came to the base of Deer Mountain, the fewer the people who accompanied Emperor Yuanwu.

A blue shadow suddenly appeared on the path ahead of Emperor Yuanwu. At this time, those accompanying Emperor Yuanwu were the elite of the Qin Dynasty. Even if Emperor Yuanwu did not attack, no grandmaster could not win against the elite power of an entire dynasty. But when such a figure suddenly appeared, most people behind Emperor Yuanwu grew nervous.

“General Fang, you have worked hard, “Emperor Yuanwu did not stop walking but said in praise.

The blue figure bowed deeply and said, “Greetings, Holy One.”

Everyone immediately relaxed and were slightly shocked. The Awesome General, Fang Xiang, who guarded the forts, had been transferred here.

“Follow this Lonely One onto the mountain,” Emperor Yuanwu said warmly when he walked by Fang Xiang.

Dressed in indigo robes, Fang Xiang stilled slightly. He was still not used to Emperor Yuanwu calling himself “the Lonely One”, but he still immediately nodded in acknowledgement and followed in silence.

“What is most important?” Emperor Yuanwu did not look back, his gaze focused ahead but he suddenly spoke as Fang Xiang started to walk.

Fang Xiang frowned slightly. He looked at the back of this powerful emperor and said, “The world is most important.”

Emperor Yuanwu showed a true expression of satisfaction.

“This Lonely One is very satisfied with your answer. You have been very tired outside the forts. After the conference, you may return to Changling and rest.” He paused slightly and then slowly added. “As long as this Lonely One is alive, we can guarantee the peace and nobility of the Fang Family.”

A promise like this from the emperor’s mouth was an unimaginable reward to any prestigious family, but Fang Xiang’s expression was still calm.

He was silent because he was clear about the kind of price that had to be paid. He also knew the far-reaching intentions in a promise like this.

“Holy One, thank you for your kindness.”

He bowed slightly and expressed his gratitude.

“Interesting,” Emperor Yuanwu said, indifferently.

His words were not directed at Fang Xiang, but an ordinary pine tree ahead of him at the side.

The moment he spoke, a slight twist appeared in the air.

A layer of soft black light rippled from a branch on the pine tree. The black color curled into the figure of a curled-up baby. Yet when Emperor Yuanwu’s gaze landed on it, the black ball quickly disappeared.

Huang Zhenwei and Fang Xiang looked at each other, seeing the gravity in the other’s eyes.

At this time, at the peak of Deer Mountain inside a newly built and vast campsite, a thread of black flame appeared on the finger of the man in black robes. Inside the large black sedan that had been set in the north, the flame flickered like candle light before going out.


He shook his head and said thoughtfully as the emperor of Qi looked nervously at him.

Looking at the four pillars of clouds, Ding Ning took a deep breath. His frown relaxed. Then he closed his eyes, leaned against the trunk of a withered tree and started to rest.

He was still far from Emperor Yuanwu and Deer Mountain. His cultivation was far below, so at this time, he could not see all the conflicts occurring on Deer Mountain. There was no meaning in watching now. He could only wait until the event began and the experts attacked without holding back. Only then would he be able to see the tactics of this group of people who he may interact with in the future.

Stone steps appeared in front of Emperor Yuanwu.

This was the first stone step on the path up Deer Mountain. When he stepped onto this step, it could be said that he was truly ascending Deer Mountain.

The four emperors had gathered. Daytime tomorrow would be the true start of the Deer Mountain Conference.

The moment he stepped onto the stairs, a powerful and confident smile appeared on the corners of Emperor Yuanwu’s lips.

For him, the true event had already begun.

In the distant wilderness, black clouds roiled, wild wind howled, and flowing light scattered.

Countless streams of energy caused enormous primal energy vibrations to spread across the plains. Across such a great distance, the grandmasters on top of the peaks around Deer Mountain could not sense a thing. However, as the only realm eight, Emperor Yuanwu could faintly sense a small abnormality in the world.

A grey wolf came out of a meadow in the black plains.

It was the leader of the wolfpack, exceptionally healthy and having a strong sense of smell.

It smelled the scent of countless different kinds of flesh blood that formed a delicious sense hard to describe. It felt if it could consume this kind of blood and flesh, there would be great benefits.

But when it burrowed out of the tall grass and saw the scene clearly, this usually bloodthirsty and violent wolf pressed to the ground and trembled.

Tens of thousands of people, horses and chariots were at the same place at the same time. During chaotic battle, it was something terrifying. Especially, when an unknown number of cultivators were present.

The brightest lights in the sky were not the lightning of a storm, or a meteor shower from the sky. They were the tracks of seal weapons and flying swords.

Near the center of the battlefield vortex created by tens of people, wild wind, blizzards, fire rain, and thick mist surfaced in a chaotic manner, entwining together. Even the ground constantly changed like it was transforming into many different worlds.

Realm three and four swordsmen were seen everywhere. The terrifying roar of swords impacting each other became insignificant at this time.

The sky above the center of the battlefield was almost completely covered. The rapidly flung swords were astounding in their speed at reaping lives. Each moment in the suffocating air, numerous blooms of blood would appear out of nowhere.

But even the powerful cultivators who controlled these flying swords were similar to ordinary soldiers at this time. The primal energies of the universe were controlled by countless different perceptions and created chaos. A flying sword that was on its back could suddenly lose control without warning once it encountered a disruptive flow.

Even the cultivators that controlled their flying swords cell may encounter numerous swordsmen and even dozens of seal chariots that charged at them.

Any experienced general would be able to see at a glance that this battle was in the later stages.

All of the formations and schedules were rendered completely useless now.

When both sides had sunk into a strangling battle like this, only powerful armaments that had yet to be used and powerful cultivators who had conserved their strength, would be of decisive effect at this time.

A general dressed in light indigo armor, who had yet to fight, stood among dozens of destroyed seal chariots.

The color of his armor was very close to the color of the surrounding seal chariots. When he stood next to the abandoned chariots, he was not eye-catching. Even the swordsmen that charged over would be killed by the guards left around him.

At this moment, his gaze was locked onto a cultivator who stood a few dozen meters away.

That cultivator wore moon-colored robes. While he looked weak, he was extremely powerful. This person had killed at least a dozen cultivators, including two experts above realm five.

Translator Ramblings: Deer Mountain was first mentioned way back in chapter 20-ish. Took so long for this event to start.

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