Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 38 “Starfire”

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Chapter 38: Starfire

The cultivator dressed in moon colored robes carried a sword that was a similar moon-white. The vital energy flowed from his body into the sword, summoning the primal energies of the universe to form a thin glowing layer of light on the surface of the sword.

This sword appeared light but was in reality extremely strong and sharp. The two experts above realm five he had killed, had been cut open by the weapon in his hand.

The commander who stood by silently, as though he were a part of the destroyed chariots, was extremely patient. He waited until the glowing light of the moon-colored sword grew dim before he suddenly moved.

A muffled sound occurred under his feet, like an enormous hammer hitting something covered in cotton.

Ordinarily, a sound like that would not catch the attention of the people within the battlefield. But in the next moment, this indigo armored commander became the focus of all attention.

Two waves of energy rushed away from him as he advanced. The vast power caused all the soldiers on his advancing path, to fly out along the waves of energy.

The indigo armor he wore, originally, had not shown any patterns, but at this moment, it was covered in tightly packed golden seal scripts.

Scorching heat gushed through these seals, creating rushes of sparks.

Feeling the presence exuding from this commander, the swordsman dressed in moon-colored robes paled. This was his weakest moment. But from a certain viewpoint, this was also the strongest time of his life.

Because his opponent was unprecedentedly strong, he had to arouse all his power, including his life-saving measures.

A clean white crystal, carrying the presence unique to a lifebond item, appeared in front of him. The pure light flowed like water into his long sword. At the same time, the roar of mountains moving resonated from the sky.

Many of the flying swords in the sky gave off terrified hums and dodged.

People could not stop themselves from shouting in shock.

While this swordsman in moon-colored robes killed people, as if they were grass and could kill a realm five with a blow, he had been hiding all this time. Only at this moment did people suddenly realize that he was a realm seven grandmaster.

The indigo armored command had lunged in front of him.

Pew! A sharp sound.

A bright purple flame appeared from the indigo armored commander’s hand.


A muffled roar sounded in the world.

This deep sound drowned out most of the noise on the battlefield, making everybody’s heart beat wildly.

The figure of the swordsman in moon-colored robes disappeared instantly.

When everyone recovered, they discovered that this realm seven swordsman’s body had turned into a stream of white light in the night, and been thrown back dozens of meters.

The indigo armored commander stood motionlessly where he was.

His figure appeared mighty. His indigo armor started to crack

As the seal scripts gleaming with golden light had absorbed the momentum of the collision just now, in exchange, the indigo armor was splitting up, and blown away by the vital energy rolling off him in pieces.

Under the collapsing indigo armor was a thin middle-aged man.

His right hand held a purple item that appeared like a short stick. His bearings were slightly fragile and melancholic, but unspeakably determined.

“General Fan!”

In a long hard battle like this when realm seven experts had no power left, everyone else was naturally even more exhausted. But the moment this middle-aged man appeared, cheers and shouts roared. Many seemed to have immediately regained strength, courage and even the confidence of victory.

In a battlefield like this, in this world, only one General Fan could give his soldiers such confidence.

The Chu Dynasty’s General Fan Dongliu of the Hundred Victories.

One side was the Chu army. The other side was mostly dressed in black armor, and the cultivators were mostly swordsmen. This was naturally the army of the Qin Dynasty.

Hearing the joy in the shouts and cheers, it was possible to conclude that the Chu army had originally had a commander here, and most people did not know of Fan Dongliu’s presence.

Seeing the grandmaster in moon-colored robes sent flying by one blow, the swordsmen nearby, dressed in light armor or cloth, showed expressions of grief and leapt towards Fan Dongliu.

Fan Dongliu’s expression was as normal. The stick-like purple item in his right hand gave off jewel-like light. A unique presence went back into his body. His right hand remained hanging as he shot out purple light with his left hand, easily killing these swordsmen.

He was one of the top experts of the Chu Dynasty, his power surpassing normal realm seven grandmasters. He had endured, silently, previously in battle, in order exalt a decisive effect in this moment.

Once he had killed these swordsmen, he flew upwards towards the north, and landed towards a large and heavy chariot at a speed faster than most flying swords.

This chariot looked like a square cauldron, different from ordinary chariots. Sitting in the center of the chariots that defended against seal weapons, was a lonely old man.

This old person did not wield a sword, but each ripple of his presence would cause a place on the battlefield to surge. The Chu cultivators in that area would immediately disappear.

In Fan Dongliu’s eyes, this old person was the greatest threat on the battlefield.

Not just because the other certainly had realm seven cultivation, but because every attack of the old person appeared to change the situation of the entire battlefield. Each of his attacks accumulated victory for the Qin army.

Fan Dongliu could not think of any general like this among the people he was familiar with in the Qin Dynasty. But he was sure, if he could successfully kill this old person, then this great battle would end in their victory.

The grandmaster dressed in moon-colored robes was Gongyang Ningyi of the River Goddess Sword School. He had been the only threat on the path to killing this old man. Fan Dongliu used dozens of cultivators and an imperial gold armor to successfully remove this threat. In his view, no one could disrupt him from fighting this old man.

But at this time, Fan Dongliu suddenly felt an extraordinary presence. He looked up in disbelief at the endless sky.

Several white flowing lights had appeared in the sky.

These flowing lights were not the light of the flying swords, but true flames. The white starfire fell from the endless sky.

At this moment, Fan Dongliu was filled with thoughts..

In the past battlefields of the Qin Dynasty with the Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties, starfire like this had appeared many times before. Many famed generals had fallen in the starfire. The starfire represented one of the most powerful inheritances of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. But the legendary female cultivator who had exerted this power many times had completely changed her identity.


Fan Dongliu’s mouth twisted bitterly. He immediately guessed the identity of the old person, the disbelief in his eyes quickly turning to great emotion. He murmured softly to himself, Little had I expected that even you would leave Changling to come here… then is not Changling an empty city now?

Deer Mountain.

The sky was about to be bright.

There were only a few stone steps left ahead of Emperor Yuanwu. Walking from the beach closest to Deer Mountain to ascend the mountain, he had used up the entire night.

In his perception, he could not feel the unusual vibration from the distant plains. He knew that the battle had finished, and a confident smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Coincidentally, in the milky-white sky, a small meteor flew by.

“The general star has fallen, very auspicious.”

Historiographers would naturally judge and record astronomical phenomena like this, but he had already determined the judgement and said to Huang Zhenwei.

In his view, he would determine the history books of the future.

Translator Ramblings: Considering the distance, Empress Zheng Xiu’s attack is essentially a ballistic missile.

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