Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 123 “Your Junior Sect Brother Is Very Strong”

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Chapter 123: Your Junior Sect Brother Is Very Strong

Hundred Eye Sword. Celestial Demon Chant Sword Manual. Most of the students had not heard of this, yet seeing Zhou Wangnian’s expression changes, everyone knew that Ding Ning spoke the truth.

In the world of cultivators, knowledge of a kind of power. At this moment, all these students could sense Ding Ning’s strength.

Gu Xichun looked silently at Ding Ning who was facing Zhou Wangnian. The strange red in his slightly sunken eyes deepened. His hand unconsciously tightened around his sword hilt.

Even though he still possessed absolute confidence, he could not avoid feeling a threat.

At this moment, his slightly reddened eyes suddenly contracted.

There were no fires burning in the mountain valley. However, the swords of many cultivators gave off light. Thus, he and all the spectating students could clearly see Ding Ning turn slightly and glance at the ground.

Almost all the students showed even more shock.

There was a dark red long worm lying on the ground there.

When all of them had initially entered the mountain valley, they had been shocked by this insect, but as the competition started, they started to forget the existence of this long worm.

Ding Ning’s minute action reminded everyone that this long worm was still following him. Even though it appeared extremely shy, it was obediently tailing nonetheless.

This represented being tame.

This scene shocked everyone more.

“He is doing it on purpose,” Seeing Ding Ning’s minute action, Jing Liuli slowly said in a voice that only Tantai Guanjian could hear.

Tantai Guanjian nodded slightly. He had the same thought.

Jing Liuli looked down slightly and said, “But I feel that he is not that simple.”

Not that simple? Then, what else would he do?

A hint of scorn appeared at the corner of Tantai Guanjian’s mouth. Changling’s young geniuses were really not simple.

“You cannot win against me.”

At this time, Ding Ning started to speak again. He looked at the pale Zhou Wangnian and repeated the words. Then he said seriously, “I promised Cave Master Xue that I would win. So when I attack, I will not keep anything behind.”

Zhou Wangnian’s hands started to tremble. Hearing Ding Ning’s words, he could not help but shout. “You say you will win. Ding Ning, do you not find this very laughable?”

Ding Ning looked at Zhou Wangnian whose mind was in chaos. He said nothing else. He gripped the hilt of the Last Flower Sword and held horizontally as a greeting.

“So what if I know? Those that die on the battlefield are usually those who are proud and unskilled!”

Zhou Wangnian could no longer control his emotions. With a should and a clang, he unsheathed his sword.

His sword hilt was black, with many winding silver seal scripts. The blade was covered in oval silver seal scripts that looked like a hundred eyes.

The moment the sword left the scabbard, before vital energy even flowed on the sword, the wind blew across the blade and the silver seal scripts gave off sobbing sounds.

These sounds were like the women and children wailing behind a wall after a great battle.

Vital energy furiously flowed out of Zhou Wangnian’s hand but this was not as smooth as mercury flowing in. There were curious setbacks. The waves of vital energy collided together. The entire blade started to tremble as it was swung, and the sounds coming out of the seal scripts suddenly changed.

The sobbing voices suddenly grew unusually sharp like countless claws scraping against smooth crystal. Many students felt their hair raise, chests suffocating as though they were about to vomit.

At the same time, many melodious sounds appeared in the air as though there were invisible figures walking through the sky.

Many were entranced. The sword light that Zhou Wangnian swung grew blurry in their eyes and became unreal.

Jing Liuli’s eyes were as clear as true crystal. Naturally, she was not affected by these demonic sounds and her gaze landed on Ding Ning.

Ding Ning started to attack.

While she could not see Ding Ning’s eyes at this moment, from his calm air as he attacked, it was enough to make her feel that he was not affected at all.

Ding Ning’s movements were not fast.

When Zhou Wangnian’s body broke through the air, and the shining silver and black sword light was just a few dozen feet away from the other, Ding Ning finally started to produce vital energy through his hands. The flow of vital energy was not rushed but stable.

When Zhou Wangnian’s sword was ten feet away, the vital energy flowing out of his palm had not reached the tip of the Last Flower Sword.

The Last Flower Sword started to bloom with small white flowers, and then the tip of the sword split.

Ding Ning swung his sword.

His air was soft and casual. Just like on a summer night, someone standing on the stairs in front of a pavilion saw fireflies flying towards them and then casually swung the fan in their hand.

Yet, this swing of the sword caused many bright thread-like sword energies in the air. Even more amazingly, these thread-like sword energies suddenly formed dots of light like flying fireflies, bright and real.

These lights flew together towards Zhou Wangnian.

Zhou Wangnian’s arm suddenly straightened.

As his arm suddenly straightened, the sword light in his hand suddenly lengthened and appeared to stab directly into Ding Ning’s chest.

But then he let out a shocked and discontent scream.

The demonic sounds suddenly stopped. He moved dozens of feet back. A thread of blood slowly trickled down his body.

Seeing Ding Ning, who had put his sword away, his face was filled with disbelief.

Most students saw the multiple small bursts of blood flowing out of Zhou Wangnian’s body with similar looks of disbelief.

Even though Zhou Wangnian was still able to stand, they were certain that many of Zhou Wangnian’s veins had been penetrated, and suffered some internal injury. He could no longer fight.

In other words, with just one swing… Ding Ning had defeated Zhou Wangnian.

As they thought more deeply, these students were even more shocked.

Ding Ning’s sword had been extremely subtle, and did not appear like a sword form of White Goat Cave.

“It’s a sword form from the sword embryo!”

A person shouted in shock.

The one who had spoken was Shi Guanzi. He came from Horizontal Cloud Sword Monastery, and ranked fourteenth on the Book of Talents.

Facing the gazes of people who had turned around, Shi Guanzi said in a trembling voice, “This is a form from the previous sword embryo.”

“The Han’s Flowing Firefly Sword Manual’s Chaotic Firefly Sword Form.” Jing Liuli turned slightly to look at Tantai Guanjian. She seemed to speak to Tantai Guanjian and also to herself. “So he wanted to use this to terrify people even more. Now, these people will start to understand even better… were they scaring themselves?”

The mood was extremely heavy, yet Tantai Guanjian could not help but want to smile.

It was deathly silent.

A Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator had arrived next to Zhou Wangnian, and was trying to stop his bleeding.

Since someone from Min Mountain Sword Sect had entered, this meant that this battle had finished.

Ding Ning turned around. That dark red long insect was slightly timid, but immediately moved alongside and followed.

This caused more and more students to understand.

The reason that Ding Ning had defeated Zhou Wangnian was not because of his knowledge or his comprehension. It was that he had managed to learn such a profound and powerful sword form from the sword embryo so quickly. Even so, the most important reason was that Ding Ning had attacked at a precise time.

Each of the flowing fireflies had been like sharp flying blades. They had been astounding in number and danced over the sky, but with Zhou Wangnian’s strength, he would be able to withstand this blow at an ordinary time. Even if he would not be able to stop all the fireflies, he would be able to stop most of them, at least guaranteeing that the vital parts of his body would not be stabbed.

Yet, Zhou Wangnian had no ability to counterattack. Ding Ning’s fireflies had started to fly just as Zhou Wangnian changed his sword moves and prepared to use his killing move.

Simply put, Zhou Wangnian’s sword essence had formed and it was too late to change.

Drawing the sword, the flow of vital energy, the movement of sword energy, the formation of the sword seal, and the flying fireflies formed a skillful move. Ding Ning’s timing in each step was accurate and impeccable.

Loud clapping broke the silence.

Zhang Yi turned around in joyful surprise and saw Dugu Bai clapping hard.

“Even if the sword form was different, Ding Ning should be able to easily defeat Zhou Wangnian.”

Seeing Zhang Yi who turned around, Dugu Bai had an unusual red flush. He said seriously, “Your junior sect brother is really strong.”

Zhang Yi was usually extremely modest, but when he heard Dugu Bai’s praise, he was not humble, but extremely proud. “My junior sect brother is very strong to start with.”

“He wants to deliberately frighten people, so he used the move from the sword embryo.” Xu Lianhua swallowed hard, and said with a pale face, “He really frightened me.”

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