Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 124 “Woman Heroes”

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Chapter 124: Women Heroes

The Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivators used some unknown means to stop Zhou Wangnian’s bleeding wounds. Yet, looking at Ding Ning’s retreating back, and thinking of what he had said during the sword trials, his vision darkened in his embarrassment and he fainted.

Xie Rou was extremely excited. She was unable to speak when she saw Ding Ning return, her face was flushed red. She had no doubt Ding Ning could win, yet she had not expected him to defeat Zhou Wangnian as easily as a teacher dueling a student.

Compared to the heated atmosphere on this side of the hut, the other side was cold and silent.

Before Ding Ning had fought, many thought that Ding Ning just talked big, and his attempt to win was just a joke.

Because based on the records of the Book of Talents, there were sixteen people who were realm four, and regardless of how close Ding Ning was to realm four, he had not actually reached it. Even though some of the realm four cultivators had been eliminated already, there were still many people stronger than Ding Ning in cultivation. There was an insurmountable disparity between realm three and four.

And yet, now … Ding Ning had defeated Zhou Wangnian in one blow just as easy as a realm four defeating a realm three.

Everyone had to admit inwardly that Ding Ning had the ability to fight above his level. It meant that he really had the strength to compete to win.

Watching the silent side of the hut, Jing Liuli knew that Ding Ning had obtained the result he wanted. In her view, it was not just that Ding Ning’s attack had been perfect. His every action and word, even his expressions, had been unusually perfect.

From the start, Ding Ning had been at a great disadvantage and in a reactive state. Even his vital energy had been forced out by Palace Attendant Rong. And yet, step by step, this wineshop youth had slowly reversed the situation, and gave people the feeling that he had control of the situation.

Zhang Yi looked proudly at the returning Ding Ning. He could feel his face radiating. He could not help it, this was the so-called glory. But when he thought of Xue Wangxu, tears surged in his eyes.

“Zhang Yi …”

At this time, his breathing paused because he heard the Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator call his name!

“Facing Xia Wan.”

The Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator did not show any special emotions, and his tone was casual. Yet when he reported the next name, there was an uproar.

Xu Lianhua’s expression froze.

A moment ago, he had admired this casual Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator, but at this moment, he almost shouted like Chen Liqiu had previously.

Zhang Yi’s body turned around stiffly as he gazed at Xia Wan behind him.

Xia Wan frowned deeply. Her face was relatively calm but her hands were trembling minutely.

Many people realized they had overlooked a simple truth.

While the simple hut clearly delineated two camps, Min Mountain Sword Sect’s random arrangements would not be divided into camps. The people on Ding Ning’s side would not just encounter people on the other side, but also on their side. So, even though Ding Ning had opened the show like that, even if Xu Lianhua and Xie Rou had won previously, it would not be so simple for them to win in the end.

Among the uproar, Ye Haoran, who was dressed in white robes and appeared like a crane among chickens, did not show much surprise. He smiled faintly.

He and Jing Liuli were the same. He also felt that Ding Ning’s performance could be called perfect. If this was two armies facing off, Ding Ning was a strategist that caused his side’s spirit to completely suppress the other side. Yet, this accident caused the atmosphere he had created to be halved.

He looked towards Zhang Yi and Xia Wan. He greatly anticipated how the two would act and influence the atmosphere on Ding Ning’s side.


“I…” Zhang Yi unconsciously spoke. His first reaction was to admit defeat.

He did not think about himself at all or what it meant to a cultivator to enter Min Mountain Sword Sect to study. He just wanted his “little sect brother” to win in the end. In his view, having Xia Wan win without taking any effort would be more beneficial to the overall situation.

However, the moment he spoke, Xia Wan looked at his flashing gaze, and saw what he was thinking.

“I forfeit.” Just as Zhang Yi said the first word, Xia Wan lifted her head and calmly declared with determination.

Everyone froze.

“This… how can this be done!” Zhang Yi was stunned for a moment and then was at a loss. “You …”

“I know what you want to say.” Yet before he finished speaking, Xia Wan interrupted him.

Xia Wan sat down next to Xu Lianhua and then looked at Zhang Yi. She shook her head seriously. “Even if you think that I may be stronger than you, you and I are not the same. My promotion will not be the promotion of a White Goat Cave disciple. Since I want to help… then I will help to the end.”

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded. While his personality was gentle and pedantic, he was not stupid. So he immediately understood Xia Wan’s intentions.

Most of the students present understood the meaning in Xia Wan’s words too.

Ding Ning wanted to be first for White Goat Cave’s glory. Two White Goat Cave disciples obtaining good results in the sword trials was naturally more glorious than one White Goat Cave obtaining exceptional results.

Xia Wan’s choice was unwise and emotional in the eyes of many people. Yet, this represented her stance. Because what Ding Ning and the others were doing were unwise and sentimental actions too.

“I have decided, and since I have publicly surrendered, the Min Mountain Sword Sect teachers have recorded it. Whatever you say is meaningless,” Seeing Zhang Yi who was going to speak more, Xia Wan looked down and said.

Everyone could see that she was a bit sad.

She had paid a lot to attend the sword trials. Her dream had been to enter Min Mountain Sword Sect to study. However, at this time, everyone could see her determination.

“Many of Changling’s women are heroes.”

Seeing the sad and determined Xia Wan, Tantai Guanjian lamented.

His words were clearly including Jing Liuli in the praise. Jing Liuli simply raised an eyebrow and corrected. “It is ‘many of the world’s women are heroes.'”

Thinking of Bai Shanshui, and the strongest of the Zhao Sword Furnace, Zhao Si, and then looking at Ding Ning’s remnant sword, Tantai Guanjian’s body trembled slightly. He said solemnly, “You are right.”

“Do not be sentimental.”

Seeing Zhang Yi standing at a loss in front of Xia Wan, Ding Ning sat down, and then looked calmly at Zhang Yi. He said, “If you are embarrassed, then do not disappoint people in the following battles.”

Zhang Yi’s expression grew stiff for a few moments. He took a deep breath and bowed solemnly to Xia Wan. He said softly, “I will not disappoint Miss Xia.”

Seeing his eldest sect brother still so sentimental, Ding Ning could not help but smile. He said softly with ridicule, “What do you mean you will not disappoint Miss Xia. It sounds like you are discussing marriage.”

Hearing Ding Ning’s words, Xia Wan was slightly bashful, a flush appeared on her white face. Zhang Yi was shocked and said in a trembling voice, “Junior… Junior Sect Brother, do not make such jokes. This will hurt Miss Xia’s reputation.”

“Just rest.” Ding Ning pointed to the wooden plank next to him, indicating for Zhang Yi to sit. “When one is standing straight, they do not fear their shadow askew. Is reputation something just spoken of?”

Seeing Ding Ning more casual than him, the Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator responsible for arranging the matches had an odd light in his eyes. Then he looked at the next two names on the scroll he was casually flipping through and his eyes grew interested.

He wanted to see how Ding Ning would react to the next two names he announced.

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