傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S03-C02 “Returning to the Qin Family Base”

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Chapter Two – Returning to the Qin Family Base

The sunlight was like fire pouring down on the land. The light wind of the fifth month was especially gentle as it blew into every corner of Karroll.

A metallic gate opened and a group of grandly dressed people stepped out.

“Aofeng, go and come back early.” Lei Yufeng said, dressed handsomely in black robes, he grabbed Aofeng’s shoulders, worry and resentment written on his face. “Will the Qin Family bully you? How about I accompany you. Didn’t you say you want me to be your sidekick, now you want to abandon me so soon?”

Dressed in blue armor, Qin Aotian’s brows moved slightly from where he stood by Aofeng’s side like a plank of wood. His eyes glared daggers. He thought, this boy had been by Aofeng’s side starting yesterday and was now saying something like this. Did he have ideas about his treasured young sister?

Lei Yufeng sweated under that sharp gaze and blinked his eyes in puzzlement. Good brother, we don’t have any grudges between us? Why do you stare so hatefully at me? Brother, do you have a “brother complex?”

After having a good sleep in Qin Aotian’s arms, Aofeng was refreshed and in a good mood. Detecting the tension between the two men, she shook her head in amusement and stepped between them. She said to Lei Yufeng with a smile, “It’s fine outside, but we are going to the Qin Family base. The main Qin Family base. Did you forget your identity?”

“Yes, the Qin Family and our side has never been at peace. You are my grandson. If you go there… do you want to die early? If you go, Aofeng will have to spare attention to take care of you. Maybe there will be no problems, but this will cause complications.” At the side, Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting patted Lei Yufeng and focused on Aofeng, a hint of admiration in his eyes.

“Do not worry, Little Aofeng is very strong. When this matter passes, you can bring her to the palace to play. Little Aofeng, the gates of the Kaya Empire Court are always open to you.”

This old person had been in power for many years and his intentions would not be innocent. However, he truly cared for Lei Yufeng, his grandson. If Aofeng was an ordinary expert, he would try to pull Aofeng into the empire’s camp no matter what. But with Lei Yufeng in the middle, the old person stopped his thoughts of “pulling” Aofeng.

If this person could not be recruited, at least they could not become enemies. Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting could see the relationship between Aofeng and the Qin Family clearly and expressed friendship towards her. In the long run, this was still early. An expert would only take a few decades or just a dozen years to rise. He had seen too many like this.

Venerable Swordsman Kai Te’s eyes were bright and he did not conceal his desire for Aofeng. He appeared prepared to swallow her at any moment. He found her more pleasing than his grandson. As a venerable swordsman, he liked Aofeng, this “young sword master.” Pity that the old monster Tian Ya was behind Aofeng and he could only watch and not touch …

“Your Excellency Lei Ting, thank you for your praise. When we resolve our family matter, I will definitely come.” Aofeng smiled faintly with politeness.

Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting smiled harmoniously and sighed inside. Not moved by praise, a calm mind, this young one had great mannerisms!

The two groups did not chat more. Qin Aotian and Aofeng flew towards the Qin Family base, and Lei Yufeng’s group went back to the palace to see their family. They did not check out of the rooms in Blue Jade Fragrance. The two planned to still live at Blue Jade Fragrance and would meet back up later.

Aofeng and Qin Aotian flew through the sky as black and blue streaks. They were so fast they left behind faint marks in the air. The people on the ground occasionally looked up and sighed, “Look, celestial rank experts!”

“Little Feng, you can keep up with Big Brother?”

Speeding in the air with the wind causing the clothing to flap wildly, Qin Aotian was shocked that Aofeng could fly shoulder to shoulder with him. He was a seven-sword celestial magister. Ordinary celestial rank experts were far weaker than him. He was still fast, even if he was not using his full power.

Aofeng smiled, and pointed. The nineteen black flying swords around her flashed and flickered. “They are helping me. this is the limit of my speed right now.” If she had the Silver Wolf Wings, she could be faster, but she did not dare let Liao Ya out in the capital in light of recent events.

“A premium magic medium! Little Feng, you have had fortuitous adventures!” Qin Aotian was even more amazed and happy for her. “No wonder you could defeat an enforcer. If you can maintain this speed long term, and have the power to defeat an enforcer, few in the Qin Family’s enforcers will be a match for you.”

Power and speed were most important in combat. The only undefeated martial arts in the world was speed. When one was fast, a battle among higher ranks could finish in an instant. Of course, it was important to have enough power to penetrate the enemy’s weaknesses.

Aofeng blinked her eyes and said confidently, “Big Brother, I said I am very strong.”

Qin Aotian laughed. “Girl, you can’t praise yourself like this!”

They passed through the clouds over a small mountain. Aofeng couldn’t help but sigh. “The capital is really too big. It has both mountains and rivers.”

“Yes, the largest hunting ground of the Kaya Court is behind the court. Many high star level magic beasts live in there, even some divine beasts. While this place cannot compare to the Death Ridge of the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun, it is still dangerous. I was lucky and found my divine beast there.” When Qin Aotian said this, he seemed to remember something and waved his hand for Aofeng to stop. Light rose under his feet and he summoned his own magus beast.

“This is …” Looking at the enormous and healthy blue divine eagle, Aofeng was stunned. She could feel that the soul vibrations were at her limits. Even if they were stronger, it would surpass the limits of her perception. With this kind of power, the level of the divine beast was clear.

“Nine-star divine beast! Heavens, Big Brother, your magus beast is actually a nine-star divine beast!” Aofeng exclaimed, her eyes wide. She felt amused. She had always been the one scaring others, and today, she was scared. When she thought about it, this was to be expected. Without a powerful magus beast as a shield, why would the nine-star celestial magister Qin Lu fear him, a seven-star celestial magister?

Big Brother was really too strong. Other than his age when he became a celestial magister, he was just as strong as Jun Luoyu. As expected of the most popular and well-known genius of the Kaya Empire. She had wanted to give the nine-star giant python in her life ring to him. Now she was ashamed to give the gift.

“Little Feng, this is my partner, Bing Yu. Ice Feathered Divine Eagle.” Qin Aotian introduced them. “Bing Yu, this is my younger sister Qin Aofeng.”

The Ice Feathered Divine Eagle’s large blue eyes Aofeng up and down before speaking, “Boss, this is the younger sister you have been missing? She has no figure at all, doesn’t look like a woman.”

“Baddie! Baddie!”

Before Aofeng could speak, childish voices came from her embraches. The little blue snake poked out a small head, the large eyes staring at Bing Yu. It threatened, “You baddie, if you dare to say that Mother is not like a woman, I will bite you!”

When the little snake spoke, Qin Aotian and the Ice Feathered Divine Eagle gaped. Only the super-divine beasts of legend could speak in infant stage!

“Mamma mia, Boss, your younger sister is more a freak than you! This … this is not just a super-divine beast, this is a emperor-type super-divine beast. The Nine-Head Snake Emperor. Oh, little guy, your mother has the best figure in the entire world, do not hiss at me, I cannot endure it!” Bing Yu flapped his wings and took a few steps back. He felt pressed by the aura of an emperor-type super-divine beast. Even the behemoth and the giant dragon could not withstand such a presence, much less him.

“Little Nine, go back in!” Aofeng glared and used a finger to push the little guy back into her clothes. She scolded, “If you dare come out again, do you believe I will flick your head?”

Little Nine was the name Aofeng gave the Nine-Head Snake Emperor. Hearing this, Little Nine did not dare to come out again. It could only fawn underneath her clothes. “Mama, do not be angry. Little Nine will be obedient and not come out.”

Qin Aotian looked deeply at Aofeng and realized that his younger sister was most likely hiding more. Disregarding the low star-level magic beasts, high ranking magic beasts would only be close to magisters. If Aofeng was not a magister, this small snake would not accept her as master.

Even so, since Aofeng did not tell him, he would not ask. The stronger Aofeng was, the safer he felt. Qin Aotian grabbed Aofeng”s shoulder and jumped onto the back of the divine eagle’s back. “Let’s go, Bing Yu is slightly faster.”

Aofeng narrowed her eyes and sighed in contentment in his arms. “Big Brother, you are so good.”

The blue sky was cloudless, and the air was clear. The guards of the Qin Family base stood alert at their positions. This seemed more like a military base rather than a family. The entire family base was enormous, even bigger than the Imperial School. It was a city within a city, having streets and shops. However, everyone was a part of the Qin Family.

The gates were magnificient. When the guards on the outermost perimeter looked up, they saw the giant blue eagle diving down, and grew alert.

When the giant eagle landed, two youths jumped down. The thirty-something guard captain looked and said warmly, “Your Excellency Aotian, you have returned? This is?”

According to the rules, Qin Aotian was allowed to bring friends into the family base, but they had to be registered and identified during entry and exit. This was why the guard captain asked.

“This is my “younger brother” Qin Aofeng,” Qin Aotian did not conceal anything.

“Qin Aofeng? Ugh, that Qin Aofeng?” The guard captain stilled, seemed to think of something, and then shouted in shock.

Aofeng was famed inside the family. Not many did not know of her. The events of yesterday afternoon had been popular on the streets of the capital, but there had not been enough time for it to spread. Qin Lu and the others had been humiliated and would not spread the events. So in the eyes of the Qin family members, Aofeng was still that famed “Good for nothing Seventh Young Master.”

“That Qin Aofeng, which one?” Qin Aotian’s expression darkened and he asked coldly. Of course he understood what this person’s words referred to. He felt angry. These people who looked down on others. If not for their disdain, how could Aofeng had been driven from here in the past?

Translator Ramblings: Qin Aotian’s sister complex is very strong.

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