傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S03-03 “Harm”

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Chapter Three Harm

“Ugh, of course it is Your Excellency Aotian’s young brother, Seventh Young Master.” The guard captain squeezed out a smile, his scalp prickling. Everyone in the Qin Family knew how much Qin Aotian treasured his “younger brother.” One time, Second Young Master had slapped Qin Aofeng, and Qin Aotian beat him to the point that he was bedridden for three months, half of his scalp torn off and on the verge of death. If not for this matter, the talented Qin Aotian would not have been sent into exile alongside Qin Aofeng.

The guard captain shook when he thought of this. He dared to beat the son of the patriarch Qin Lu, much less him, a minor guard captain?

Qin Aotian snorted coldly. He did not want to argue with a small fish. “You will not let us through?”

The guard captain wanted to say that exiled members of the family could only be allowed in after reporting to the old patriarch. But when he met Qin Aotian’s cold and sharp gaze, he shivered and waved his hand. The guards on the two sides moved aside and allowed the “two brothers” to step over the mighty limestone gates and walk in.

In any case, Aofeng was of the main branch. If Aofeng was refused at the door, the old patriarch would also be embarrassed.

“Big Brother, actually, you do not have to talk so much to them. This world is ruled by strength. My fist will be more useful than you scaring him with any number of threats. Even if you scare them, when you are not present, they will still think nothing of me.” Walking on the grand and wide granite streets, Aofeng glanced back at the guard captain at the gates. She seemed to be talking to him but also to herself.

“If one does not want to be bullied, they must grow stronger!”

“Little Feng, you are really different than in childhood.” Qin Aotian stilled and said emotionally, “No matter what you are like, I will like it. But Big Brother is happier that you have become strong.”

Brother and sister smiled at each other. A figure suddenly landed gently in front of the pair.

“Enforer Qin Ruolin?” Qin Aotian raised an eyebrow in puzzlement and looked at the middle-aged lady. “We came in through the front gates.”

The enforcers of the Qin Family were stationed around the perimeter and kept the border of the Qin Family’s outer yard tight. Anyone who did not enter through the front gates would be ruthlessly attacked by the enforcers. Therefore, Qin Aotian had deliberately stopped at the gates to enter through the front.

“Your Excellency Aotian, it is not that. The elders and visiting scholars in the inner yard are waiting for you and have ordered me to wait here and notify you to go there quickly.” The woman dressed in white enforcer robes said to Qin Aotian with a respectful smile. Power represented status. Qin Aotian’s status in the family at present was above the enforcers and rivaled the elders of the inner yard.

“Inner yard elders?” The siblings frowned in unison. Qin Aotian asked directly, “Do you know what for?”

“I do not know this.” Qin Ruolin shook her head, thought for a moment and said, “However, the elders do not have good expressions. Your Excellency Aotian, did you cause trouble outside?”

Trouble? Was there anything more troublesome than beating two of the Qin Family enforcers?

Aofeng and Qin Aotian exchanged a look of understanding. They could not avoid what had to come. Qin Lu had most likely told the elders his spin on yesterday’s events. Calling him in at this time was to accuse him.

“Only a few people can enter the restricted inner yard. Little Feng, Big Brother will take care of this matter and come back.” Qin Aotian told Aofeng and then turned to say to Qin Ruolin. “Your Excellency Ruolin, could you take my younger brother to Master Qin Run?”

“So this is Seventh Young Master? Seventh Young Master has returned?” Qin Ruolin looked in surprise at Aofeng and then nodded with a smile. “Of course.”

People on the enforcer level all had the mannerisms of an expert. As long as they were not close to Qin Lu, people would rarely harass Aofeng like the people below. In Qin Ruolin’s eyes, even if Aofeng was “the embarrassment of the Qin Family,” Aofeng was just a junior, and she would treat the other with tolerance.

“Big Brother, do not worry.” Aofeng stopped Qin Aotian who was about to start speaking again. She was amused. This big brother of hers usually was cold and aloof but when it came to her, he became an old woman who could not stop talking.

Qin Aotian was slightly depressed. He was concerned with her. And this little brat thought him nagging!

“Be careful.” He could not help but say before turning and leaving.

“I really could not see. His Excellency Aotian usually is cold and stoic. Even Master Qin Run rarely sees his expression change but he is so good to Seventh Young Master. The rumors say he cares greatly for his younger brother and it is not a lie.” Qin Ruolin could not help but cover her mouth and laugh. “The Qin Family is not a den of tigers, will we eat you?”

So what if it was a den of tigers? If, as Big Brother expected, someone wanted to harm her, she would not be polite to them! She already beat those two enforcers, would she care if she beat up some more shrimp?

Aofeng’s eyes flashed with light as she followed Qin Ruolin into the Qin Family base.

As they walked in, people around them. The city within a city was vast, with countless estates and plazas ordered neatly. All of the buildings were works of art and breaktaking like the heavens! As they walked, there were crowds but no one dared to come within three meters of Aofeng.

People looked with reverent gazes at Qin Ruolin from afar and respectfully bowed, ignoring Aofeng who they did not recognize. The Qin Family was so large, hundreds of thousands of people, who could know everyone?

Inside the Qin Family base, not everyone was a magister. There were many people who were the remnants of blood from cadet branches who had no potential of becoming a magister at all. These people became ordinary citizens of the Qin Family, made wealth for the Qin Family and thought it an honor to live in this enormous Qin Family base.

Aofeng usually did not like to talk. At the start, Qin Ruolin talked, but then found she was talking to herself and stopped. The two slowly walked forward, one after the other. After about an hour, they came to the outside of a round structure similar to the coliseum of Ancient Rome. Sounds of cheering and angry howls came from within.

Looking curiously at this enormous structure, Aofeng’s steps paused slightly and then she heard a shout.

“Your Excellency Ruo Lin, please wait!”

A young person came in from afar. This was a young male of twenty seven or so wearing the silver badge of a seven-sword spirit magister. When he walked closer, the handsome features of the man was clear. However, he had a terrifying scar on his forehead, and he lacked hair on the right side of his forehead. This caused his originally handsome face to seem slightly strange.

Qin Ruolin said curiously, “Second Young Master Aokong? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Ah, Your Excellency Ruo Lin did you forget. Today is the semi-annual exam for magisters. Grandfather summoned everyone in the outer yard. How can enforcers be missing from a large event like this? Since you have come, then go quickly!” The man said to Qin Ruolin. his gaze suddenly landed on Aofeng and his eyes narrowed slightly. “This is …”

“Semi-annual test? Damn it, I forgot!” Qin Ruolin exclaimed and shook her head. She smiled and said, pointing at Aofeng, “This is the younger brother of His Excellency Aotian, Seventh Young Master Qin Aofeng, who I am taking to find Master Qin Run. Ah, what should I do now …”

“Oh, so it is Cousin Aofeng, you returned? Long time no see. I, as your older cousin, has missed you.” Qin Aokong clapped his hands in surprise. His eyes flashed and then he chuckled at Aofeng. However, that smile seemed strange against the scar on his head. He moved to pat Aofeng’s shoulder with friendliness but Aofeng took a step back and dodged.

She stared coldly at this man. Aofeng did not believe he had good intentions!

This man had been the one who slapped “her” and then had been beaten up by Qin Aotian. Qin Aokong. After many years, Aofeng could not forget that slap so how could he forget Qin Aotian’s vicious beatdown?

Qin Aokong looked awkward when his hand missed. He laughed and said, “Young Cousin, don’t worry, I am not Qin Aokong of the past, I will not do anything to you.”

When he said this, Aofeng distrusted him even more. Since he mentioned the past, it meant he didn’t just remember, he remembered well.

Facing Aofeng’s wary gaze, Qin Aokong could only give up on being “friendly” and turned to say to Qin Ruolin, “Your Excellency Ruo Lin, do not worry. Little Uncle and Cousin Aohai are both inside. You can just go up and meet with the enforcers from here. I will personally take Cousin Aofeng to see Little Uncle. Our seats are together.”

“That is great.” Qin Ruolin smiled and said, “Seventh Young Master, is it alright if Second Young Master Aokong takes you?”

This was the main Qin family. Qin Ruolin thought that even if they had grudges in childhood, nothing would happen now. Second Young Master appeared friendly towards Aofeng.

Aofeng twisted her lips and thought inside, those that were generous with no reason were either liars or thieves. Qin Aokong was seeking this chance to isolate her and most likely wanted to attack her? His designs were clear!

“Yes.” Nodding faintly, Aofeng had a hint of a disdainful smile at the corners of her lips. You still think I am the good for nothing Seventh Young Master? You could bully the previous Qin Aofeng as you wish, but not now! You are a seven-sword spirit magister, not much in my eyes.

Qin Ruolin thanked the “enthusiastic” Qin Aokong gratefully and then flew over the walls. Qin Aokong smiled with teeth at Aofeng. “Young Cousin, stop looking. Her Excellency Ruolin can fly but we can only walk. Follow me.” Then he led Aofeng inside.

The cheers and clapping came in bursts. Some more battles seemed to occur in the field. Qin Aokong led Aofeng into a side door and they walked down hundreds of steps of stairs. The surroundings became dim, and some night pearls illuminated the way ahead. Originally, there had been some people around but now there wasn’t one. Qin Aokong was smiling as he talked about nothing important up ahead, and showed no signs of attacking.

Aofeng gradually became puzzled. What did this person want to do? If he wanted to attack, he should have attacked her by now? Had he really changed and didn’t hate her any longer?

Aofeng thought this was not possible. Something was up. However, she was skilled and did not fear him.

Aofeng followed Qin Aokong and maintained her guard. The reality disappointed her. Until they walked through the passageway, Qin Aokong did not attack. The two walked into a grand room. However, the room was empty, and had no one, just some chairs to rest and weapons casually piled up.

“Where is Little Uncle?” Aofeng frowned and asked.

“Little Uncle is just inside.” The corners of Qin Aokong’s mouth rose as he pointed at the opposite wall. Aofeng found there was another stone door on the walls of the room, refined like the secret rooms of a noble family. There were no handles or such. Aofeng walked in front of the door and looked. She did not know how to open it.

Seeing Aofeng look at him, Qin Aokong walked over with a smile, taking a blue card out and swiping at the door crack. After a short wait, the stone door started to rise up.

In a flash, ear-deafening shouts and thunderous clapping blasted in. The bright blinding light ahead caused the eyes used to the darkness to temporarily lose sight. Aofeng felt a boom in her ears, burning white light in her eyes, and was momentarily dazed!

An arm pushed her suddenly from her back. Aofeng uncontrollably took a step forward. She immediately reacted but the stone door slammed shut behind her with a “bam!”

This Qin Aokong did want to harm her!

Her brows rising up, Aofeng’s eyes gradually adjusted to the light and she saw everything clearly.

This was an enormous stadium large enough to hold ten thousand people. People filled the surrounding stands as they cheered while she stood at the bottom of the coliseum inside the field! On the other side was an enormous Needlehair Lion roaring wildly. A nine-star spirit beast!

Aofeng immediatlely understood. That damned Qin Aokong was not satisfied with beating her up. He wanted to kill her!

The walls of this arena were high and magisters who could not fly could not leave. For a nine-star spirit magister, the large distance between them was nothing. If the Needlehair Lion took a few jumps, he could bite through her neck! If she really was a good-for-nothing, she would be dead for sure!

As Aofeng appeared, the surrounding cheers became shocked exclamations.

“Hmm, what is going on? Who is that? That is not the second young master!”

Translator Ramblings: Some days I look at the story name and think why I didn’t just go with “A Proud Wind.” Then I remember why “unyielding” fits better.

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