Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 68 “Controlling Sword Essence”

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Chapter 68: Controlling Sword Essence

Accumulated dust sprayed out of the stone road. In many people’s eyes, they looked like an enormous sword formation in front of Palace Attendant Rong.

Of the many cultivators who came today, many were secret experts who rarely left their sects. At this moment, their expressions changed and they narrowed their eyes. Previously, they had thought little of this Palace Attendant Rong, but now, they knew they had been wrong.

This Palace Attendant Rong was an old person to Changling. She had experienced the most glorious and bloodiest era.

Also, the cultivators she had seen were all the top cultivators of the time. She had personally experienced the heyday of Ba Mountain Sword Field and also its demise.

Perhaps she had several top sword manuals in her possession. When she acted, she reminded all these cultivators that people who had experienced such things were fated to be extraordinary.

This was like how any random retainer from that person’s command, and even a carriage driver, was very strong in the outside world.

This palace attendant was also very strong. So strong, she surpassed their imagination.

The dust formed enormous blurry swords that gave off true murderousness. They overlapped in front of Palace Attendant Rong to form a sword formation that could attack and defense.

With such a formation, any energies that flooded towards Palace Attendant Rong would be cut up into layers, much less sword energy.

Even Huang Zhenwei, on the turret, felt this was unbreakable.

In his view, Ding Ning could only rely on the flying sword if he wanted to fight this palace attendant. But right now, Ding Ning and Palace Attendant Rong were less than a hundred feet apart, not sufficient enough.

This kind of distance was not much at all for a realm six cultivator.

In Palace Attendant Rong’s senses, there was no distance between her and Ding Ning.

Enormous swords filled all the space between her and Ding Ning. With her next thought, these swords would press towards Ding Ning.

Ding Ning, in the face of her sword formation, was like a little ship facing a storm in the ocean.

There was no one who felt he could withstand it. No one but Jing Liuli and Ye Zhengnan who had followed him all the way.

The pair’s gaze landed on the metal box standing behind Ding Ning.

At this moment, Ding Ning opened the metal box.

A sword shadow flew out of the box in a timely manner.

This shadow was very small, light green and seemingly soft and powerless like a piece of moss, it greeted the moving sword formation. In front of the first large sword, it was like a thin dagger gently brushing a wall.

A thin dagger could only cut down some dust if it brushed against the wall. How could it stop the wall from advancing?

But this light blow broke the entire wall. This light green sword shadow silently sliced open the first incoming sword.

Disbelieving gasps sounded.

All the cultivators who could react in time did not believe that this aloof sword shadow had such power. Their pupils contracted. They had no time to react and did not know where Ding Ning’s sword shadow came from.

As the sound of inhales and incredulity spread, Ding Ning gave them the answer.

A sword light flew out of the metal box.

This remnant sword with numerous fine white flowers was not unfamiliar to most people present. But in the perception of many powerful cultivators, today, this remnant sword was very different than usual.

The color of the sword clearly had not changed at all, but it felt exceptionally mottled to them. There were numerous straight cracks on the Last Flower remnant sword.

These cracks had formed when the sword broke. They stretched deep into the seal scripts and across the entire sword all the way to the hilt.

The cracks were unusually straight. If the sword threads did not split, if the fine white flowers did not bloom from the cracks, no one could see them.

Yet today, in the senses of these powerful cultivators, the cracks were not straight.

These sword threads seemed to all be knotted differently to form this sword. The cracks were no longer straight. The blade had all kinds of shadows. So in the senses of these people, it appeared mottled.

Just as the moss-like sword shadow silently landed on the moving sword wall and the Last Flower remnant sword flew out of the box, a knot on the blade of Last Flower disappeared.

Then another sword shadow flew out of the Last Flower remnant sword. It was like dust from a grey wall.

This grey sword shadow also fell into the sword formation. It pressed against one of the swords, and then crushed it.

The sword formation Palace Attendant Rong had created was enormous. It contained her anger of many years, and her courage after losing everything and now having no care for her life.

Compared to these sword formations, these shadows were too small and weak.

But the sword essence in these sword shadows were all powerful, and they were so profound and powerful some people trembled.

Some sword essences seemed to carry power to change the laws of energy, and shattered the moving swords.

There were many of these sword shadows…

One after another, the Last Flower remnant released mottled sword shadows that stabbed towards the incoming sword formation.

A great boom!

An enormous fat man seemed to appear in the sword shadow, falling down like a mountain and pressing the sword formation until it was in chaos.

Palace Attendant Rong’s astounding attack was defeated like this.

“Borrowing Sword Essence?” Someone reacted and said.

But more cultivators knew that his words were wrong.

“Borrowing Sword Essence” only used vital energy to activate the lingering sword essence, and just mimicked a similar presence.

This was the “Controlling Sword Essence.” Supposedly, only Fang Marquessate Establishment’s Fang Xiumu had comprehended this secret sword. He would use sword scripts to obtain true sword essence and then attack the enemy with them.

The knots on Ding Ning’s Last Flower remnant sword were the seals made from the sword threads. So, in this moment, he seemed to be borrowing the swords of many experts.

For example, the sword essence that had just crushed the sword formation caused many people to think of Marquis Xu of Hengshan’s attack on Ye Celeng on the street in the past.

“Ding Ning … he really is Fang Xiumu’s student?”

Someone could not help but scream.

Palace Attendant Rong’s heart contracted sharply.

When the first sword essence had flown out of the metal box behind Ding Ning, she had a layer of goosebumps on her skin.

The great shock caused her heart to beat faster, and her lips grew brighter.


Her sword formation was instantly defeated.

Then two other powerful sword essences charged through the shattered sword formation and fell towards her body.

One was a furnace of the world, the other an enormous wave.

These were Zhao Zhan and Ye Celeng’s sword essences.

These were the final attacks of the pair during their battle of life and death.

When these two sword essences appeared, they did not collide but flew towards the same enemy.

As water and fire fused, there was no sound. Yet stimulated by Ding Ning’s vital energy, he managed to create power that did not belong to his realm.

Palace Attendant Rong had no time to think. She pushed forward with both hands.

A presence unique to a lifebond sword surged out of her palm.

There was still no sound. An unusually beautiful light shone in front of her.

This was a ball of glowing water exploding from the inside. At the core of the water ball were countless dazzling red lines of fire.

Palace Attendant Rong gave a muffled grunt through her red lips. Her body was thrown backwards into the air like a kite.

The circle of black umbrellas quickly moved back, and caused gasps produced by the squeeze.

The battle area was enlarged. The clearing created before was not enough.

Fortunately, almost all those at the front were cultivators. The squeeze did not cause falls or trampling leading to more chaos.

The ball of water exploded into floating water droplets.The water droplets were burned by the threads of fire and became balls of steam.

Palace Attendant Rong’s eyes narrowed into lines. A sword light danced in pure white energy as it charged towards her.

This was Ding Ning’s Last Flower remnant sword, his flying sword.

Then Ding Ning’s figure disappeared into the mist in front of her.

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