Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 69 “Constant Secret Swords”

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Chapter 69: Constant Secret Swords

Palace Attendant Rong paid no attention to Ding Ning. The ground within thirty feet of her was her world. He could not come within thirty feet of her without being discovered.

Even more importantly, there was a great disparity in power between her and him. Only his flying sword was a threat to her. So, she only had to face his flying sword.

The moment she narrowed her eyes, she accurately perceived the lightning fast flying sword.

She swung her sword. Her lifebond sword had formed in her hand.

This was a short sword two feet long. It was a withered yellow color, and slightly burnt yellow like the banana leaves that had dried up in autumn. However, it gave off a white porcelain sheen that appeared extremely cold.

When she swung her sword, a clear crescent of light appeared in the air and a burst of wind surged. All of the humidity and some of the unextinguished lines of fire were blown away. She cleared the space in front of her.

There was no Ding Ning.

Jing Liuli and Ye Zhengnan still stood under the shadow of the gates. A faint sword light stood in front of Jing Liuli and Ye Zhengnan that blocked the steam and fire that blew towards them. Ding Ning’s figure and that large box was not standing in front of them.

No one knew if Ding Ning had returned to the building behind him or went to hide in the surrounding streets. However, the flying sword with fine white flowers was still in the air.

This remnant sword swayed like it was about to fall.

Palace Attendant Rong had completed an attack. If she swung her lifebond sword again, Ding Ning’s flying sword would be blown away.

Yet in the next moment, the sound of something hard cracking occurred.

This sound came from behind Palace Attendant Rong.

All the cultivators watching looked in shock behind Palace Attendant Rong.

While this was summer, cracking ice was exploding behind her.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Palace Attendant Rong”s body fell forward. Her shoes hit the ground and caused cloth to fly into the air.

After multiple steps, she stopped her body. Her feet had sunk in a pile of rubble and there were two deep gullies behind her.

The back of her robe was also damaged in one part. Some droplets of blood appeared bright and dazzling as they hung on the broken cloth under the sunlight.

Most people could not understand what had happened in this moment and gasped.

Palace Attendant Rong frowned and lightly coughed, exhaling a turbid breath from her abdomen.

Sensing the bone deep chill behind her, and the lingering presence on the melting ice on her back, she looked up slightly and said to herself in a cool voice, “Frost Cicada.”

At this time, the flying sword in front of her suddenly accelerated, not towards her, but smashed towards the stone street below like a falling star.


Just as the flying sword made contact with the stone, sparks formed under Palace Attendant Rong’s feet.

Dust and stone fragments started to burn urgently, turning into molten lava that flew towards Palace Attendant Rong.

All emotions disappeared from Palace Attendant Rong’s face. Her expression turned absolutely cold again.

Primal energies of the universe quickly flowed out of her body, covering her body completely and evenly like a shell of porcelain. Sparks shot out from under her in a fountain, attacking the porcelain shell but unable to penetrate.

If not for the fact the summer day was too hot, this would be a beautiful scene.

“Hell Lure.”

On the turret, all of Huang Zhenwei’s attention was attracted to Ding Ning’s flying sword. The name of this secret sword appeared in his mind. His heart started to beat rapidly. A kind of nervousness and regret spread through his body.

The disparity between Ding Ning and Palace Attendant Rong was too great. The sword essence of this secret sword could not even break through Palace Attendant Rong’s defensive energy.

Just as he was thinking …

Another snap came from Palace Attendant Rong. The flying sword flew off the ground, speeding up as it targeted her brow.

As Palace Attendant Rong coldly swung his sword, this flying sword continued to accelerate. But suddenly, it made a turn, and created a sword light that looked like a comet.

Palace Attendant Rong’s lifebond sword did not hit the flying sword, just the comet-like sword light.

The sword light was cut off, but the sword essence did not dissipate.

A section of the sword light hit her face. It was not able to break through the energy protecting her, but left a red mark on her face, like she was slapped on the face..

Palace Attendant Rong turned and walked towards the side streets.She was sure that Ding Ning had not returned to the courtyard behind Jing Liuli, and was hiding in the streets on that side.

Ding Ning’s flying sword flew back, then it shone with light for no reason.


The light was unimaginably blinding. It was like a sun that had fallen down, so white and bright that people felt their eyes would dry up even though they had closed their eyes.


When the blinding light dissipated and everyone could see again, gasps sounded again in bursts.

A faint wound appeared on Palace Attendant Rong’s left abdomen. Blood slowly seeped out.

Palace Attendant Rong’s left foot was being lifted. Vital energy was coming out of her right foot, and supporting her body as it just began to leave the ground.

The sudden appearance of the wound caused her to grunt. For the first time, she showed pain.

The flying sword that had flowed dozens of feet away suddenly vibrated. With the vibration, invisible waves in the air attacked her hard.

Palace Attendant Rong’s body flew forward. This time, she could not control her balance and hit the wall hard.

Ding Ning’s flying sword disappeared like a ghost and charged into the outgoing waves of dust.

Palace Attendant Rong’s figure appeared out of the dust and smoke in the next moment, another small wound appeared on her face.

All the spectating experts, including the academicians of the Astrology Bureau who were at the forefront of the black umbrellas, were dumbstruck.

“Frost Cicada.”

“Hell Lure.”

“Comet Tail.”

“Sunglow Sword.”

“Jade Cutting Sword.”

“Great Sky Wave.”

“Backlight Sword.”

“Hidden Dust.”

One secret sword after another … everyone had imagined that Ding Ning would use a flying sword against Palace Attendant Rong, but no one had imagined he would use his flying sword so well. It was one secret sword after another that would never stop!

Ordinary flying sword skills either pursued quick speed, unpredictability or concealment. For a cultivator who had just started to control a flying sword, it was very difficult to be outstanding in one of those aspects, much less use a secret flying sword art that could trigger unique vital energy power!

What shocked these cultivators the most was that these flying sword secret arts did not come from the same sect.

The Frost Cicada came from Min Mountain Sword Sect, the Hell Lure from the Zhao Lands, the Comet Tail from the former Han, the Jade Cutting Sword from the Fang Marquessate Establishment ….

These flying sword secret arts came from different places but all appeared in perfect presentation from one person’s hand who had just reached realm five.

If they did not see this with their own eyes, they would not believe this if they heard of it.


All of Palace Attendant Rong’s wounds were small.

The cultivators present knew these wounds could not cause any tangible threat to her.

Yet the blood flowing out of these wounds caused her clothes to be spotted in blood. She already looked miserable. Even more importantly, it was this flying sword that Palace Attendant Rong had faced all this time.

She could not even see Ding Ning’s figure.

The spectacting cultivators started to feel some sympathy for this palace attendant. They unconsciously thought, would she be slowly killed by Ding Ning’s flying sword without being able to see him from beginning to end?

But then, Palace Attendant Rong lifted her head. Her face was pale, but her lips were so red they seemed to drip blood.

“You think you can defeat me like this?”

Her voice held no pain, only coldness.

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