Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 76 “Seal The Camp”

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Chapter 76: Seal The Camp

Sitting on the stairs, Jing Liuli was still thinking. She felt that she had not managed to grasp a simple thing, but she just could not remember what it was.


The sunlight by the river only appeared for a short moment. But the powerful energy caused a gust of wind.

In the camp of the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army, many tents swayed slightly. On the bamboo mat, Liang Lian suddenly opened his eyes.

He was a realm seven expert and could sense that the wind itself came from energy vibrations different from other parts of Changling. When the wind reached the tents of the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army, it had a bone-chilling cold.

In the moment Liang Lian opened his eyes, his hair and eyebrows were covered in a layer of blue-black frost. There seemed to be a wave of cold from the bottom of the world that reached him through space.

His expression changed dramatically. With no time to think, his hands slapped towards the table in front of him.

With a boom, the table shattered. A black rounded shield flew out from within the wood. The seal scripts on the surface floated out like red roses, and caused the primal energies of the universe to move like mountains.

The tent at the center seemed to collapse like a deflated balloon.

In the next moment, with a violent explosion, the entire tent turned into pieces of leather that stabbed out like swords.

An extremely deep blue and black sword light flew out of somewhere, breaking through the air and passing through all of the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army, heading straight for the centre tent and Liang Lian who seemed to have swelled up.

Numerous shouts rang out. Sword light danced. Dozens of flying swords decisively headed for the sword light.

There was an intimidating string of explosions originating from cracked ice.

On the path of this blue-black sword light, the flying swords that had attacked it were covered in ice and fell to the ground. Even numerous cultivators were frozen on the spot and turned into lifeless ice statues.

To the shock of the swordsmen who had attacked with their flying swords, they did not even know where the user of the sword was.

Liang Lian’s expression was so dark it was like he wore a metal mask. His heart contracted violently. He knew who the master of the sword was, and knew he was not a match.

“Southeast, three four seven!”

He shouted the location of the woman. At the same time, most of his vital energy surged below his body instantly.

The carpet under him exploded to shreds and revealed a silver shining light. Six silver hexagonal pillars of metal rose out of the ground and shielded him at the center.


The blue-black sword light, coming from an unknown distance, collided with the power given off by the six metal pillars, and caused an enormous explosion.


Almost at the same time, an enormous sound that seemed to be hundreds of times stronger than this explosion took over all of the camp.

All the chariots in the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army camp shone with light.

A sea of light formed in the camp. The sound of many enormous things moving through the sky followed. Dozens of cloud-like energy waves exploded in midair.

Dozens of spear-like weapons as thick as an adult’s waist broke through the clouds and fell towards the target Liang Lian had described.

Cold energy was expanding from that place like a demonic lotus, and now formed a stormy world of wind and snow.

Zhangsun Qianxue was standing in the center of the storm.

All the soldiers and cultivators of the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army were extremely angry.

They knew that the cultivator in the storm was extremely strong, and much stronger than General Liang Lian, the strongest person in camp right now. Otherwise, General Liang would not have activated the Six Door Lock, the strongest defense weapon they had.

In the history of the Qin Dynasty, no one had managed to assassinate a general of the Qin right in the camp’s main tent.

Among the armies that had fought the Qin Dynasty, maybe there had been examples of generals who led a hundred thousand people being killed by a Qin cultivator, yet the Qin Dynasty never had a history of their own general being killed in their center tent. Especially a direct assassination that had no fear.

Any of the Qin armies, who had tens of thousands of people, were outfitted with seal weapons that could have killed one or two realm seven cultivators, much less the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army responsible for guarding Changling! The elite of the Qin Dynasty!

Whenever necessary, most of them would not blink an eye if they had to sacrifice tens of thousands of soldiers even if they were among them.

Their bravery was the most terrifying trait of the Qin army in the eyes of other dynasties.


Zhangsun Qianxue knew that even during that person’s peak, he could not have challenged an army like this on his own.

When that person fought to the death in Changling, the strongest cultivators in the world had a clear understanding. The top cultivator of the world could at most kill twenty to thirty realm sevens and over twenty thousand Qin soldiers.

Also, in the last few decades, the seal weapons of all the armies had improved greatly and grown more powerful.

Zhangsun Qianxue sensed the power in the enormous metal seal weapons flying through the air. She had never seen them before.

Right now, everything happening came from someone’s plan. She was just carrying out this person’s plan. So she had no need to think.

She looked up at the thick giant spears falling down towards her. When the light of the metal reflected the wind and snow around her, when she was able to clearly see the dragon seal scripts on those enormous spears, she released all the energies accumulated in her body, including the power of her lifebond sword.

Wind and snow rushed out in front of her. The dozens of enormous spears were swept up by the wind and snow, flying back and falling down on the camp.

The wind and snow filled the camp.

The tents were overturned, giving off metallic cracking sounds when they hit the ground as the soft and resilient leather were broken apart.

The anger in many cultivator’s eyes turned to awe. They had heard some stories about this Eldest Miss Gongsun, and knew that that sword was in her possession.

Looking at the camp that was sealed over in ice, they could not connect this kind of power to the rumored Eldest Miss Gongsun. Their sight was filled with blue-black color and they lost track of this woman once again.

When they instinctively turned around, wanting to hear the next orders from the general, their breathing completely stopped.

Dozens of enormous ice pillars seemed to stand upright within the army.

The dragon seal scripts inside the ice pillars seemed to grow to the surface of the pillar. The black-blue pillars of ice looked like coiling dragons reaching upwards.

These ice pillars locked down the entire core of the army. The wind and snow outside had quickly faded, yet the wind and snow intensified between the pillars.

Even the realm five and six cultivators in the army could not get close to the increasingly cold energy. Their blood felt like they were going to freeze.


Zhangsun Qianxue looked towards the military camp from a distance.

Those enormous metal spears had inherited the sword essence of the sword in her body. That sword and more energy had been poured into the metal spears, enough for the sword essence to last for a long time.

She sensed her own strength. She was very pleased.

Yet after using up all her power, she was now an ordinary person without any power.

She took a deep breath and turned around, turning towards a forest behind her.

A carriage was parked in the forest.

The person driving the carriage appeared short and small, but even after seeing what Zhangsun Qianxue had done, this person did not appear too shocked. They asked in confusion, “This is it? Then who will kill Liang Lian?”

Zhangsun Qianxue still had a cold expression. She seemed reluctant to answer, but said impatiently out of respect for this person, “That is none of my business.”

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