Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 77 “One Line Heaven”

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Chapter 77: One Line Heaven

Liang Lian’s body was as cold as iron. His eyebrows and hairs were frozen into steel needles.There was a thin layer of ice on his skin that shone with blue-black light.

The camp of the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army had turned into a true nether realm.

Liang Lian’s gaze fell to his hands. He saw the cracks in his skin due to being frozen. He sensed the murderousness left in his body by the coldest sword energy in the world. He sensed the worsening of his internal injuries. His expression was indifferent and instead, he felt confused.

Sealing the camp was to stop his subordinates from reaching this center area.

This kind of cold would harm any cultivator who entered … If this Eldest Miss Zhangsun wanted to get justice for the person who she both loved and hated deeply and did not want to not miss the opportunity to kill him after leaving Changling …

Then after the eldest miss of the former Gongsun Family left, who else could enter here and kill him?

In Changling, who among those people would stand on her side and enter this place to kill him?

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. The corners of his eyes had cracked due to the ice, then frozen over like a red eyeliner had been drawn on his face.

In the blue-black wind and snow, a figure suddenly appeared carrying a box.The box was covered in blue-black ice. It was extremely large like a coffin.

This was a youth. A youth that should not be here but elsewhere.

Military intelligence was usually the fastest. Liang Lian had not left the military camp, but had already learned the final result of the battle that had just finished.

According to military intelligence, the youth was seriously injured.

Liang Lian’s eyes slowly widened, and the corners of his eyes cracked again. He seemed to have found something amusing and could not help laughing.

Then he looked seriously at the youth and asked. “Nine Death Silkworm?”

This youth was Ding Ning. It was almost impossible for him to be here, but he appeared in the wind and snow like this.

He was not coughing blood. The surrounding wind and snow did not palpably harm him, seemingly filling up some of the parched places in his body.

Ding Ning’s face was slightly pale. Despite that, he was very calm, breathing smoothly, emanating an unprecedented sense of power.

At this moment, he was sharper and stronger than when he fought Palace Attendant Rong. At this moment, he truly was a sword out of its scabbard.

“Fake serious injury, and then come to kill me. This way no one will think that it’s you. Especially if I die in the hands of the Nine Death Silkworm, in the hands of that person’s heir, you will throw off the connection.”

Before Ding Ning spoke, Liang Lian shook his head and said softly in admiration and mockery, “After this, no one will think you are the heir of that person. This is a beautiful plan of hitting many birds with one arrow. As expected of that person’s heir.”

Ding Ning looked calmly at him. His tightly closed lips finally opened and said, “No one would have thought that a carriage driver would become today’s General Liang Lian by selling out his friends for glory.”

Liang Lian said sarcastically, “Does a carriage driver always have to be a carriage driver?”

Ding Ning shook his head and said, “No, but you used this way to become General Liang. So you should die.”

“I really admire you.” Liang Lian looked up and said sincerely, “That person managed to find such a powerful heir … If I die, who would think that you came to assassinate me? Who would think that you killed two great enemies in succession on the same day? But for you to finish this kind of plan, you must be able to kill me. I am a general who only lacks enough military merit to become a marquis.”

Liang Lian laughed after a pause until the blue-black ice fell off his face. “I am a realm seven cultivator, and not a palace attendant.”

Ding Ning shook his head, and looked at this sarcastic general and corrected sincerely. “You are a seriously injured cultivator. The coldness has reached a peak, and will fade from now. This is the best opportunity to attack. What are you waiting for?”

Liang Lian’s smile faded. He looked at Ding Ning and the iced coffin-like box behind him. “I am curious what other tactics you have after using so many of them. Controlling Sword Essence. If you control Miss Gongsun’s sword essence, the wind and snow will dissipate. You will let the army outside come in?”

When generals fought, they did not just fight with cultivation, but also psychologically. Yet this was useless against Ding Ning.

Since Ye Celeng, Bai Shanshui, Zhangsun Qianxue, and even more people like them were willing to become pawns for his plan, then he could only carry out his plan. When Liang Lian mentally attacked him, he knew the other was about to attack, and managed to attack before he did.

The coffin box on his back cracked and opened an inch. The Last Flower remnant sword flew out, and the shadows on the blade faded.

Liang Lian suddenly looked back. In the wind and snow, a sword essence broke through the air behind him!

He did not understand but his power instinctively sprayed out of his hand. A muffled sound, his body swayed.

With a clatter, a black wave of water poured down, and then fell to the ground as countless beads of ice.

He slowly pulled back his simple unpretentious longsword held behind him. Blood streamed out of the corner of his mouth, and then immediately froze on his face.

“Controlling Sword Essence.”

“This is Bai Shanshui’s sword essence,” Liang Lian looked at Ding Ning in the wind and snow ahead and said slowly.

“You have a good sense of timing … Bai Shanshui just used her sword so this sword essence is strong … What else do you have?”

He wanted to see what Ding Ning had left, but he would not be so stupid to stand and wait for him to use all his tactics one by one.

His sword did not seem to move, but with a crack, the wind and snow seemed to crack in the corner. A terrifying presence formed overhead like a punishment from the heavens and smashed down violently.

This was the power of realm seven.

Ding Ning’s body gave off many popping sounds. Theoretically, he should not even be able to move right now.

Yet at this moment, silkworms sounded inside him.

Visible sparks of light surged out of his skin like tangible and packed silkworms, hissing sounded in the air.

Ding Ning’s vital energy flowed out steadily. The metal box behind him gave a sharp scream, full of fear. Then the metal box opened several more feet.

A new wave of wild wind and snow formed as the cold energy in the metal box exploded. The countless silkworms on Ding Ning’s body opened their mouths at the same time and threw out the wind and snow they had absorbed through cultivating with Ding Ning over the last decade.

It was like his restraints had been taken off. This was true wantonness.

Also wanton was Ding Ning’s sword essence. As the Last Flower remnant sword danced, the energies changed several dozen feet in front of him, becoming a sword essence Liang Lian could not even understand and felt he could never obtain.

All of his pride and confidence disappeared. He started to understand his mistake.

“You …” He wanted to speak. Because of his great terror, his voice trembled so much he could not make a sound.

Ding Ning’s blow had not finished.

A string of explosions. The cold fiendish little swords in his body all flew out.

These small swords flew out, but not the same place, instead forming different ruler-straight paths. Each path was a unique seal.

The newly formed wind and snow came from these seals. Then all the power changed to become a sword light. One that Liang Lian had once seen before. If he were not seriously injured and could use all of his realm seven power, he should be able to fend off this sword light.

Yet at this time, he could clearly sense that his strength was just a sliver less. Just one line separated life and death.

This sword was called One Line Heaven.

Liang Lian’s sword essence gushed out completely. His sword was still maintaining its advancing position but a bloody line already appeared on his forehead.

A bloody line that was widening.

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