Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 31 “Ten Thousand Seals”

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Chapter 31: Ten Thousand Seals

At the end of this summer, when large numbers of Changling cultivators were heading towards the border, Celestial Seal Sect of the Yan Shangdu were welcoming their first challenger since the founding of their sect.

This challenger appeared to be a restrained and inexperienced youth, a disciple of Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect. Surrounded by many Celestial Seal Sect disciples, he still had that restrained but uneasy expression.

Most students of Celestial Seal Sect, and even some of the older teachers had not known the relationship between Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect and Celestial Seal Sect before this youth’s arrival, and as such knew not the grievances. In fact, most of the old people had forgotten this story until this youth arrived.

The founder of Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect had actually been a disciple of Celestial Seal Sect. That disciple had been called Le Ping. He had been one of the best disciples of Celestial Seal Sect at that time, so exceptional he felt he was the only one to become the leader of Celestial Seal Sect.

But then he discovered he was wrong. In the same generation of Celestial Seal Sect cultivators, there was a disciple called Xu Jingmo who was much stronger than him and went on to even become the sect master of that generation.

It took Le Ping a lot of time to realize that he could not win against Xu Jingmo. Soon after, he left Celestial Seal Sect and founded the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect.

Xu Jingmo was the previous sect master now. It had been more than a century now and most of Celestial Seal Sect who knew this story did not know why Le Ping left Celestial Seal Sect back then and went to found the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect.

The end result was that Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect was not very successful. Up until now, they had no outstanding disciples. Even back when Le Ping was around, they were unknown.

But now, as this youth spoke, everyone in Celestial Seal Sect understood why Le Ping had left it to found Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect.

“Your ancestral master said to my ancestral master, even if my ancestral master could not win against him, if a student could win against his student, or a grandstudent against his grandstudent, it would be the same.”

This restrained youth saw more Celestial Seal Sect cultivators gather around but no one in charge so he raised his head in slight anger. He said, “If we win, Celestial Seal Sect has to hand over the sect to Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect. Celestial Seal Sect cannot fail to fulfill what the two ancestral masters have promised.”

After this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth’s voice sounded clearly through Celestial Seal Sect, there was an uproar on the clearing in front of the sect gates and the mountain paths.

Zhang Yi stilled and then reacted.

Le Ping must have been extremely proud and unreconciled his entire life. After failing in the battle to become the master of Celestial Seal Sect, he was even more proud and created a sect so the sect could rise above Celestial Seal Sect in the future.

While they were from the same sect, if Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect gained Celestial Seal Sect’s location, even if they had less people, but for the cultivation world, Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect would become the orthodox sect, and Celestial Seal Sect the outer sect of Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect.

Le Ping was like this, and so Xu Jingmo, the last ancestral master of Celestial Seal Sect, likely was even prouder and more confident thus leaving behind such words. So he would pass on Celestial Seal Sect if Le Ping’s student won against his student.

“You come to ask for the sect, but it has been so long, a generation ago.”

A wave of scorn sounded.

The mockery all came from the young people of Celestial Seal Sect that were about the same age as Le Ping.

“It is the same no matter how long ago. Celestial Seal Sect cannot deny it.”

Facing the scorn, the youth carefully took out an old brocade pouch. He was not angry and argued: “Our ancestral masters left behind written evidence.”

Seeing this youth’s inexperience and lack of finesse, many young Celestial Seal Sect students forgot that this youth had forced his way into the sect and already wounded a senior sect brother. They sneered. “So what if written evidence was left. Do you feel you can win against all the Celestial Seal Sect disciples of this generation?”

But this youth still was unfazed. He looked up at the sneering Celestial Seal Sect young people and nodded seriously. “Yes.”

He still looked awkward. It was inexplicably silent.

Murong Xiaoyi frowned deeply. She was not angry, just thinking … That Senior Brother Chu Yu was not a match for this youth’s one attack, if the sect master had agreed to this youth’s challenge, then who among this generation of Celestial Seal Sect disciples could win against this youth?

Silence fell again.

Many teachers did not speak. This meant that these teachers were waiting for the sect master and elders of Celestial Seal Sect to speak.

“Promises must be kept. No matter how long ago, since the ancestral master had spoken, then it counts.”

An old voice came down from the heights of Celestial Seal Sect at this time. “We are from the same sect, and the visitor is a guest.”

These sounds clearly passed into everyone’s ears.

Zhang Yi felt great admiration once he heard these simple words. Not just because of keeping the promise, but because of the courtesy.

The last words warned all Celestial Seal Sect members that even if this was a fight, they had to treat this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect with kindness. But the same words, in the ears of many others, meant that all restraints were taken off.

“Fang Shunyi of Celestial Seal Sect will come learn from Junior Sect Brother’s moves.”

A handsome young Celestial Seal Sect disciple stepped out, bowed to this youth and spoke slowly.

The eyes of Murong Xiaoyi and many of the other female disciples of Celestial Seal Sect immediately lit up.

This tall and handsome young Celestial Seal Sect disciple was one of the few people that Murong Xiong had just thought of. He was handsome, and powerful in cultivation. He naturally had the favour of many of Celestial Seal Sect’s female disciples.

Fang Shunyi would frequently become the topic of discussion between some female disciples before sleep.

Zhang Yi looked at Wan Shunyi’s posture and sensed his presence. He felt great envy.

But at this time, the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect replied, “I am young, but I joined the sect at five years at age. I should be your senior sect brother, do not mess up seniority.”

When this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth spoke, he still looked awkward and pedantic. He was like a farmer youth selling vegetables by the roadside, arguing the price of a pound of vegetables, it was impossible to get angry at him.

So Wang Shunyi just found it amusing and said, “You have the final say, you are the senior sect brother.”

“This is not a matter of who says, this is what it should be.” This Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth added and then bowed to Fang Shunyi who was a whole head taller than him. “You are the junior sect brother, so you shall attack first.”

Fang Shunyi shook his head. This did not mean he objected, just that he felt helpless and there was no way to reason with this person.

So he smiled and said, “All right.”

His expression was at ease and his emotions were relaxed. This meant that a cultivator had great confidence.

Fang Shunyi was like that.

When his smile faded, and his gaze fell on the youth, his gaze was suddenly serious. His sleeve shook. Many peach blossoms appeared in front of him like he had collected all the fallen flowers of the spring through time.

Zhang Yi’s eyes were widened to their limits. He was in slight disbelief.

The pink light reflected everyone’s faces a pink colour. But those were not actually pink peach blossoms, but tens of thousands of small pink seals.

Tens of thousands of seals, like peach blossoms in the wind, immediately appeared in front of Fang Shunyi.

Thinking of how he could not even use one seal well, and seeing his senior sect brother use tens of thousands of seals simultaneously, Zhang Yi immediately felt ashamed.

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