Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 32 “Who Can Win”

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Chapter 32: Who Can Win

The power of Celestial Seal Sect’s seals was that they could use special seal paper and ink with vital energy to make seals. Different seals would have different effects. When used against the enemy, they could slowly output the accumulated power. What kind of seal essence to be comprehended, what kind of seal to be created, and what kind of seal to be used instantly was cultivation.

Fang Shunyi released tens of thousands of seals instantly. While each small seal was of the same type, it was astounding he could use his vital energy and produce so many seals at once. What was more shocking was his willingness and determination.

Zhang Yi had cultivated the seal path for a long time, and he knew it would take lots of time to make even a simple seal with energy and ink. He did not know how many years Fang Shunyi had taken to accumulate so many seals. But he had used all of his years of hard work in one instant. This was courage. This was like a general who dared to order all arrows shot in one moment. This was courage.

And these seals were also so strong … Thousands of seals flew like falling peach blossoms. Then the seals turned to energy, violent primal energies of the universe.

Within the wild primal energies appeared many pink rays of light. Space seemed to be split apart, giving off unpleasant sounds. The power that Fang Shunyi expressed in this moment could no longer be measured with his cultivation.

Many Celestial Seal Sect students looked on with fanatical gazes. In their view, if Fang Shunyi’s power was used on the battlefield, it could create enormous damage against an army, and even threaten a peak realm six or even realm seven cultivator.

Facing these tens of thousands of seals, the youth from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect awkwardly threw out a seal. He threw that seal without any feeling of beauty like a farmer throwing mud in the field.

A yellow seal, there was a hiss.

This yellow seal was torn to shreds as though it could not stop the expansion of Fang Shunyi’s thousands of seals. It felt like if those pink rays of light fell on the youth, the youth’s body would be torn apart just like this seal.

But at this moment, Zhang Yi sensed something and gazed skywards. Many of Celestial Seal Sect’s cultivators also followed suit.

The clear blue sky had turned yellow like an enormous yellow seal paper had formed in the sky.

The youth who had thrown out a seal in an awkward manner withdrew his hand, his fingers flicked in unison.

A layer of yellow light fell from the yellow sky and blocked in front of him.

This scene was very simple. Even Zhang Yi could feel that he seemed to have created a powerful seal out of thin air from the yellow sky above and threw it out. It was like he had torn a small seal off a larger seal.

This yellow light could not completely block Fang Shunyi’s power and immediately collapsed, but it had won a bit of time for this youth.

The youth’s hand moved again, another layer of yellow light fell down. Then another, layer after layer they descended. The youth still felt awkward but he was methodical like he was weaving cloth with great skill.

The heated emotions in Murong Xiaoyi’s eyes quickly faded into shock and incomprehension.

No matter how the layers of light the youth created could not stop Fang Shunyi’s power, he was still safe. He was dispelling Fang Shunyi’s power in layers. Even more importantly, the power in the yellow sky above did not seem to fade greatly.

“What seal is that?” Someone exclaimed in shock.

The youth was taking seals from the sky as though they would never exhaust.

Fang Shunyi paled slightly. He felt that he could not threaten this youth directly, so he looked up and a pink seal once again flew out of his left sleeve.

This seal turned into a light that stabbed into the yellow sky.


An enormous golden flower appeared in the sky. Each petal of the golden flower was a thick bolt of golden lightning.

This seal was one of the most powerful seals of Celestial Seal Sect. The Lightning Peach Divine Seal. A previous grandmaster of Celestial Seal Sect had comprehended and created this powerful Lightning seal through the core patterns when lightning had struck peach trees and split them apart.

Yet the golden lightning spreading through the yellow sky was like gilding the lily and had no effect. This youth from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect still unconcernedly took out seals. His seemingly awkward posture had a smooth frequency. Each layer of descending yellow light was like a weak sword light he threw away.

But even the weakest flying sword was a flying sword. After a few dozen breaths, the pink rays of light attacking his body could no longer threaten him and he started his counterattack.

One yellow light after another fell towards Fang Shunyi.

When many of the Celestial Seal Sect students looked on from the side, each of his minute movements looked like he plucked an enormous yellow crystal sword from the sky and slashed towards Fang Shunyi.

Fang Shunyi took a deep breath. The vital energy in his body all gushed out. The golden seal he had pinched between two fingers on his left hand immediately disappeared. Behind the youth, a golden thread appeared silently.

This golden thread was not a pure product of primal energies of the universe and vital energy. It gave off a real presence of metal. This was a flow of completely melted metal.

There was a powerful weapon from the Chu Dynasty called the Vermillion Needle.

This weapon would look like a long fiery needle, but after it was ejected, it would spin furiously. The heat created would not melt the outer shell, but it would turn the core into astoundingly hot liquid. In the end, at the moment of collison, the hot liquid would spray out of the needle tip.

This kind of power could even penetrate and destroy flying swords.

Fang Shunyi’s seal had power close to this. This was one of Celestial Seal Sect’s dozens of true seals, the Lava Armor-Breaking Seal.

The youth from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect sensed the murderousness behind him. He turned around but his movements were still awkward. He pulled down a seal from the yellow sky like he was pulling a thread.

This time, it was not yellow light, but white light.

A cold white flow charged towards this golden thread. With a hiss, the golden thread had a layer of icy frost, and then the frost instantly evapourated.

Then there was another white flow.

One after another, a dozen white flows surged. This golden thread gave off a clear cracking sound, cracking open into countless pieces.

Fang Shunyi stopped attacking and remained silent.

The battlefield was quiet.

Many Celestial Seal Sect cultivators could use multiple seals at once, yet no one could be as fast as this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth in successively using seals. The greater the power, the more buffer time was needed. Like a blacksmith, the heavier the hammer he used, the more energy and time he needed to swing it again.

But this Yellow Heaven Daoist youth did not have astoundingly powerful individual seals, but he was truly powerful, and did not seem to need much time to use them.

Able to suppress this youth in an attack but not defeat him. Yet when the other attacked, he could not stop the other’s attacks.

This kind of opponent … Fang Shunyi could not win so who could win against him?

Murong Xiaoyi looked dazedly at this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth. Several names appeared in her mind, but in the next, she had no confidence in them.

Zhang Yi looked at the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth. Because of the great admiration he felt, he forgot to be ashamed.

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