Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 35 “Not Lost”

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Chapter 35: Not Lost

Because Zhang Yi’s sword was so bright and clear, when it appeared in everyone’s sight, it appeared to be made from the most perfect jade in the world. But when the first line of light made contact with his sword, and the light dimmed, it was like a mark had been etched onto his sword. The mark revealed the original stone color, and the lingering energies fell like dust from cut stone. As more glowing lines of light collided with his little sword, the glowing sword grew dimmer as though it was turning back from jade to stone.

Yet no one scolded Zhang Yi right now.

Even Murong Xiaoyi was looking at Zhang Yi and his sword with shock and even awe. Even she could sense his sword … this stab was very strong.

She sensed the profound seal essence but could not understand. She could notunderstand how Zhang Yi’s sword was stabbed forward without any technique, but still could met every line of light coming at him.

She could not understand yet Le Yi from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect could.

Because Zhang Yi’s sword essence seemed to cover the entire world. His thoughts and sword essence were all straight, yet they managed to forcibly change the flow and rules of primal energies of the universe in this area.His body and his sword also gave off a presence he was familiar with.

So as Zhang Yi’s sword slowed and grew dimmer, changing back into an ordinary stone sword, his expression grew more serious. The power accumulated in his body surged forward without reservation into the glowing lights.

Zhang Yi’s expression did not change. His stone sword grew dimmer, but in his perception, the light in his energy sea grew brighter and hotter.

Following his thoughts, the light filling his energy sea flowed out along his meridians and surged into his stone sword. His dim stone sword lit up again.

The heavy atmosphere was dissipated by waves of gasps. Many people stopped breathing and looked in disbelief at Zhang Yi’s sword.

In their senses, what Zhang Yi gave off now was not vital energy but seals. To their incomprehension, these seals were unlike ordinary true seals that would only display their destructive power after being activated by vital energy.

The seals coming off Zhang Yi’s body were themselves power directly channeled into the sword! The almost still stone sword continued to shine and then advanced!

Le Yi took a deep breath and looked in admiration at Zhang Yi and his sword. He admired not just because Zhang Yi could comprehend such seal essences and produce such a powerful blow. He could not imagine him creating such a powerful attack while maintaining his posture in the face of the scorn of his classmates.

He knew that right now, he and Zhang Yi were competing purely in cultivation and resolve. So he did not hold back at all. All the glowing lines coming off his body flew towards the other against the incoming sword.

Zhang Yi’s sword immediately produced dust and smoke. His arm and entire body trembled fiercely. As he instinctively pondered if his body could tolerate this, blood already spilled from his lips.

The light in his stone sword immediately disappeared. All the grand appearances immediately returned to earth. His sword turned into an ordinary and small stone sword.

Ahead of the sword were multiple lines of light. In everyone’s imagination, if this sword advanced, this sword would be cut, and Zhang Yi would endure unimaginable injury.

Yet Zhang Yi did not retreat.

To him, both Min Mountain Sword Sect’s sword essence and the seal essence he comprehended at Celestial Seal Sect were material things he could use. But his sword and his resolve were himself and his life.

He decisively stabbed towards the last few lines of light. Enormous forces cut on the stone sword in his hand.

Multiple clouds of dust rose. Everyone stopped breathing when no mark was left on this ordinary looking sword.

Zhang Yi’s body shook multiple times and he vomited blood, his boots split open, feet rubbed against the gravel on the ground and created a bloody mist. But at the same time, a wave of pleasure formed within him.

The sword essence of his attack was finally at ease, and the material item became bonded to him. In this breath, his life connected with the sword in hand.

This sword finally turned from Xue Wangxu’s sword to his sword. Piety, respect, nostalgia, protection, inheritance … all kinds of strong emotions turned this sword into his. A powerful and new presence rippled from the blade.

At this time, the pair of old eyes watching Zhang Yi from high up in the mountain finally filled with emotion and admiration. Some sincere sighs also sounded left and right of the owner of these eyes.

The sword essence of Min Mountain Sword Sect, the seal path moves of Celestial Seal Sect, the sword of White Goat Cave. They merged into one on this humble youth.


The sky above Le Yi’s head split apart, turning into countless yellow streams of energy moving outwards.

He could not stand upright and fell to the ground. All of the injuries he had endured in consecutive battles erupted out now. He sprayed a mouthful of blood which appeared bright in the falling sunlight.

Zhang Yi’s sword continued to advance, flicking upwards like a curved goat’s horn flicking up in front of Le Yi. The sword light left clear marks in the air.

Zhang Yi put his sword away and looked apologetically at Le Yi on the ground.

Le Yi felt sorrow, but seeing Zhang Yi who also was covered in blood, his gaze was respectful.

“I …” He prepared to admit defeat, convinced.

When he said the first word, Murong Xiaoyi and all of Zhang Yi’s classmates had very complicated emotions.

Murong Xiaoyi looked unblinkingly at Zhang Yi. She was filled with shock and felt ashamed thinking of her previous attitude towards him.

“I forfeit.”

To everyone’s surprise, Zhang Yi spoke before Le Yi and said, “I lost … much of my attack did not originate from Celestial Seal Sect.”

Complete uproar!

Murong Xiaoyi’s eyes were wide. She could not speak and did not know what to say.

Just now, Zhang Yi was undoubtedly Celestial Seal Sect’s hero. If he stood there and accepted the forfeit, he would be the hero of Celestial Seal Sect and the target of admiration from all young students. Including her!

If Celestial Seal Sect lost, they had to give up their sect. But now, Zhang Yi had forfeited. She could not understand but for some reason, she did not hate Zhang Yi right now. A strange feeling spread through her body.

Le Yi stilled. He had been interrupted from what he wanted to say. His expression turned serious.

He stood up and looked gravely at Zhang Yi, saying, “Winning is winning, losing is losing. Regardless of your attack, you come from Celestial Seal Sect so you are a disciple of Celestial Seal Sect. So … I still admit defeat.”

The noise in the surroundings disappeared immediately. Many Celestial Seal Sect students, especially Zhang Yi’s classmates, felt great guilt. They thought unconsciously, from when they had seen him, they had felt natural repulsion and never looked at him like he was a Celestial Seal Sect disciple like them.

Zhang Yi looked at Le Yi and felt great respect. He also did not know what to say.

At this time, an aged voice came from the mountain path. “None of you has lost.”

Hearing this voice, Zhang Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief and he instinctively turned around.

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