Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 34 “Shine The Sword”

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Chapter 34: Shine The Sword

A white true seal fell behind the falling Su Qin and turned into a peaceful white cloud. The cloud did not just support his body, it also eased his impact falling backwards so he slowly landed on the ground.

The one who had acted was a teacher of Celestial Seal Sect, this seal easily showed his powerful culvation, but even this teacher had an ugly expression. In the senses of this teacher, the threads of light coming from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth were numerous seals. In his senses, the power of these seals were existing outside the youth’s body, but they were not activating or dissipating, just moving along to the youth’s thoughts.

What kind of seal path was this?

How could such a seal path exist in the world?

Su Qin’s body fell to the ground soundlessly under the gentle cloud energy’s support. Blood spurted silently out of his mouth. His eyes were filled with extreme disappointment and shock.

For him, this was a chance to be recognized and respected by the young people of Celestial Seal Sect. He had not expected this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect’s youth to display such tactics. Because of his great shock and disappointment, he could not help but show a slightly resentful expression.


The threads of light coming off the youth did not disappear. As the youth’s hands slowly fell down, the lines of light pulled the yellow sky lower above him.

These lines of light seemed to have grown out of his body, emanating an eerie and foreboding feeling.

All of Celestial Seal Sect’s young students were unable to speak as they looked at the profound lines of light. They could not understand the seal essences in these lines of light. This meant that this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth’s understanding of seals and the primal energies of the universe were far above theirs.

There were several burn wounds on the youth’s body. Large pieces had been burned and he was undoubtedly in pain. But he still continued to breathe deeply and then said slowly, emphasizing each word, “Who else?”

His voice echoed amid the surrounding threads of light and passed into the ears of these Celestial Seal Sect youths. These youths inexplicably felt suffocated. That voice seemed to change and shove balls of energy into their chests.

Yet, as the voice reached Zhang Yi’s ears, a part in his sea of energy seemed to light up. A certain energy had produced resonance, he felt something in his sleeve also shine and heat up.

Zhang Yi’s mind seemed to hear thunder. He suddenly reacted and instinctively spoke, “He is the seal.”

At this moment, on this clearing inside Celestial Seal Sect, other than the echoes of the youth’s voice, there was only heavy breathing. His Qin-accented words seemed very abrupt at this moment.

Murong Xiaoyi suddenly turned around. She could not understand the meaning of these words and unconsciously thought Su Qin had spoken, but after she turned around, she realized the speaker was the one they all looked down upon, Zhang Yi.

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth suddenly looked up towards Zhang Yi standing behind the crowd.

Under everyone’s burning gaze, Zhang Yi uneasily hung his head. But in his perception, his energy sea and the sword in his sleeve were growing hotter and brighter. This light and heat in his perception started to remind him of his responsibilities.

“I want to try,” he gripped the burning sword in his sleeve and said seriously.

Complete uproar!

Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot, especially his fellow students who had walked out of the classroom with him just now.

“Do you know what you are doing?”

Among his classmates closest to him, a pale young woman said coldly to him, “You think what you are doing can cause people’s opinions of you to change in the slightest?”

This young woman’s feelings now represented the feelings of all the young Celestial Seal Sect disciples. If this were on the battlefield, when multiple senior brothers fell down and you advanced, this could be called courage and fearlessness, but each additional student’s defeat was an additional humiliation on Celestial Seal Sect.

Zhang Yi was not stupid. He understood what this young woman and all the classmates thought. He was usually a very humble person yet he did not retreat at this instant.

“I want to try.” Facing the young woman blocking him, he said sincerely, “I may be able to win.”

“You can win?!” Someone heard his answer and could not stop himself from shouting angrily. “You cannot comprehend the seal essences all students can easily understand, and you say you can win?”

Zhang Yi was slightly ashamed but the burning little sword in his hand reminded him he could not retreat. So he took a deep breath and said, “If you can win, then I will not have to try.”

He spoke his mind, but when the words reached all of his fellow classmates, it evoked greater fury.

Murong Xiaoyi could not even breathe smoothly. She gritted her teeth and was about to scold Zhang Yi when a voice sounded …

“I will fight him.”

“Regardless of what you think, I will fight him.”

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth faced everyone’s gaze and slowly repeated.

“I really cannot understand.” This youth still appeared very awkward and pedantic. He looked at the people in front of him and said, “Even I can see he really is a humble person, and he has the confidence to try. Why can you not see?”

“He has always been the worst among us.” One of Zhang Yi’s classmates could not help but speak.

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth glanced at him and said, “Before this, Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect, in your eyes, was many times worse than Celestial Seal Sect.”

No one else spoke.

Zhang Yi had started to walk. He was a gentleman and knew when to be modest, but few knew that when he had decided on something, he would continue down the path with more determination than anyone else.

He walked out under the furious and hateful gazes of many. He walked in front of this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth and then bowed to the youth in thanks. He then asked, “This one is Zhang Yi, Senior Sect Brother, what is your name?”

The youth bowed in return and said, “Le Yi.”

In the crowd, Murong Xiaoyi was stunned. She finally realized now, while she had watched two battles already, no one had been concerned with the youth’s name, and none of them had called this youth “Senior Sect Brother” like Zhang Yi did.

“Senior Sect Brother Le is too strong, so I will attack,” Zhang Yi looked respectfully at Le Yi of Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect and said.

Le Yi’s expression turned serious and he said, “Please.”

Murong Xiaoyi’s heart beat rapidly. Before this, she never thought highly of Zhang Yi, but inexplicably, she felt something unusual was about to happen.

A person’s intuition, especially that of a woman, was often correct.

As Zhang Yi nodded again in greeting, everyone saw a blinding light. A dazzling light came out of his right sleeve.

Murong Xiaoyi tried to keep her eyes open. She saw Zhang Yi’s right hand grip a small sword. This small sword felt like a rough stone sword at first glance, one made from a stubborn stone. Yet it was giving off light that was like moonlight but brighter than the sun.

Holding this stone sword emanating clean light, half of Zhang Yi’s body seemed to be burning and merged into this light. Amidst a wave of uncontrollable gasps, he solemnly attacked.

There was no finesse. He simply flew upwards, and stabbed straight at Le Yi.

Le Yi’s expression grew extremely serious. He shouted and then waved both hands forward.

Countless crystal lines of light, containing profound power, swept towards Zhang Yi like waves of water.

Zhang Yi’s movements did not change at all. Those lines of light that seemed to come from different directions were surprisingly making contact with his sword.

There was a soft sound.

When the first line of light swept his sword, or rather when his small sword stabbed into the light, his sword dimmed slightly.

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