Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 55 “Blood Robe”

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Chapter 55: Blood Robe

Above realm seven meant a grandmaster. The reason that Changling was the center of changes in the world was because it had the most cultivation places. Yet there were differences among realm seven. While Changling had many realm sevens, there were not many that could rival great rebels such as Zhao Sword Furnace’s Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui of Cloud Water Palace.

As for Ye Celeng, who had been summoned back to kill Zhao Zhan for the stability of Deer Mountain Conference, she had to prepare in advance to kill these great rebels. In the setups that Zheng Xiu made in the past, Shen Xuan had been one of those who could match the great rebels.

This rider knew the Qin Dynasty would not let this youth who won the Min Mountain Sword Trials die so easily. Yet he did not know that Ding Ning had the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art that Zheng Xiu desired. So, he could not have expected her to send someone like Shen Xuan.

He wanted to try killing this youth. And now the youth had used a tactic of coming to his own death to defeat this situation and make him fall into a mortal situation.

Were there any choices?

This rider could sense hot blood flowing from his neck, a bitterness emerged at the corners of his mouth.

Dozens of cavalry flew into the sky, their bodies torn to pieces, yet the other Wuzhi riders behind them shouted fearlessly in more anger. The largest Wuzhi commander’s entire body expanded violently as he shouted wildly. His power poured into the long blade he held with both hands. He slashed forward, and forcibly split the incoming grey energy. Multiple Wuzhi cultivators followed behind him and charged into the bisected grey ball of energy.

But in this moment, this largest Wuzhi cultivator and the cultivators behind him became uncontrollably stiff and cold. Their pupils contracted.

In front of the tip of his blade, there stood a one-armed man in a grey robe. The tip of the blade he wielded was falling down, almost against the nose of the one-armed man.

This one-armed man stretched out his arm and patted the long blade. The movement was very gentle and slow. Yet he could not dodge. He seemed to feel an unimaginably large and heavy ocean of blood fall onto his blade.


The thick blade cracked yet the Wuzhi cultivator did not sense his blade cracking because at the same moment, his body started to split apart.

The pieces of the blade and flesh blew onto the cultivators behind with the wind. These numerous cultivators were frozen still in this strong wind like strange stones.

Then, Shen Xuan walked through among them.

When his figure appeared in the sight of the rider, the frozen Wuzhi cultivators gave off muffled explosions that sounded like they were crushed by something heavy and enormous. Their bodies shortened, and collapsed onto the ground.

The wildly charging cavalry suddenly stopped. This was one of the most elite Wuzhi cavalry, yet at this time, there was the sound of multiple horses crashing with each other.

Only now, when they saw this one-armed man coming out of the sea of blood did these strong Wuzhi cultivators finally have terror in their eyes. They finally realized the terrifying aspect of the Qin Dynasty.

One powerful cultivator could match an army, and even massacre a city. This was no legend. In these years, even Lin Zhujiu and Ding Ning had never underestimated Shen Xuan.

That rider, so different from these Wuzhi soldiers, stopped completely. Two items slid from the depths of his left and right sleeve into his palms. Then his vital energy surged through the item in his left palm first.


His fingers were shocked away from the item, and his fingernails bled. An impact wave visible to the naked eye charged out of his palm and spread out.

When the impact spread to his body, he grunted and was thrown backwards. He spat out blood, and his black face cloth was torn to pieces.

A world seemed to form. Even he, who released such power, could not contend with it.

Shen Xuan’s composed eyes finally showed a hint of shock. He looked up. In his perception, there were countless flying seal lines in the quickly expanding impact wave. They whipped towards the air in all directions towards the distance.

“Heaven Sealing Seal!” He immediately realized what this was in the next moment and said with true shock.

The nearest dozen Wuzhi soldiers to the rider and their horses flew in all directions. No one had time to see the true face of the rider before a glowing layer of light appeared in front of Shen Xuan.

Dozens of soldiers were right where the layer of light formed, and their bodies were cleaved in two. Blood from both sides splashed on this layer of light making it appear extraordinarily thin.

Underneath the shattered black cloth was the face of a young and delicate-looking man. His face was a standard seed shape, his chin was thinner than many women. While his face was covered in blood, he still appeared eerily beautiful.

He did not look at Shen Xuan behind the layer of light, but the youth who was dozens of feet away from him. He felt indescribable emotions.

In his view, Ding Ning could not have sensed the great power of that seal. The power was enough to obstruct Shen Xuan for a long time. Yet Ding Ning still had a calm expression and looked at him like he was just looking at a landscape.

He could understand Ding Ning’s intentions. But he could not understand how the other did not change expression when he went from “going to die” to truly “dying”.

But this did not mean his movements would slow. Without any hesitation, his vital energy surged into the item in his right hand just like how it previously activated the strongest seal of Celestial Seal Sect. The flesh of his right fingers quickly withered and fell to the ground as black sand. A blade mark started to appear in the air and on the ground in front of him and stretched towards Ding Ning.

As his fingers turned to sand, Ding Ning grunted. He could not withstand the vibration and density of the primal energies of the universe in front of him. He bled from his nose and mouth. But he did not move at all. He unconcernedly looked at Shen Xuan behind the layer of light.

He and Shen Xuan gazed at each other from a distance. Shen Xuan’s eyes were burning madly in anger.

Shen Xuan’s grey robe suddenly turned red, his robe soaked in blood.

The cultivator’s breathing suddenly stopped. He could not sense how Shen Xuan managed to expel the enormous vital energy and primal energies of the universe inside his body out. The process seemed to have been omitted. Right now, a spinning red cloud appeared around Shen Xuan.

The red clouds were like red silks folded together and sprayed outwards like a fountain. Blinding lights shone high in the sky. Those lines of light did not shoot outwards in straight directions, but wound and twisted like seal scripts.

A red pillar of light appeared in front of Ding Ning and faced that blade mark.


The sharp-chinned cultivator’s fingers were cut off from his hand, and a brown metal piece, that looked like a snapped blade edge, fell from his hand to the ground. The cultivator pressed his lips together tightly but the blood still rushed out of his mouth like hot porridge.

The layer of light in front of Shen Xuan gradually disappeared. All the Wuzhi cavalry unconsciously retreated in fright. Other than his blood-soaked grey robe, Shen Xuan did not appear to have changed.

But then Shen Xuan looked at Ding Ning and said harshly, “If I die, can you live?”

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