Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 56 “I Did Not Think It Was You”

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Chapter 56: I Did Not Think It Was You

Other than that cultivator whose fingers had fallen off, no one else in the Wuzhi cavalry could understand the meaning in Shen Xuan’s words.

Ding Ning naturally knew the meaning behind those words. Facing Shen Xuan, who had such a powerful presence he forced an entire army to retreat, his expression still did not change greatly. He nodded with an odd meaning towards Shen Xuan and said, “Live together, or die together.”

Shen Xuan remained silent. Another layer of the surrounding earth was inexplicably shaved off.

The cultivator among the Wuzhi cavalry felt that he understood the meaning of Ding Ning’s words and that Ding Ning had won. He was not a realm seven expert, but just now, he had produced power that far surpassed most realm sevens. The price was that his meridians had been torn in countless places by his vital energy. The last burst of power caused his shattered vital energy to move through his seriously injured meridians and continue to invade. His organs were also injured, causing him to cough up blood this entire time.

Yet at this moment, Shen Xuan also started to cough. Even he could hear the pain in the coughs.

Shen Xuan coughed and looked at Ding Ning. “We are going to die soon.”

Ding Ning smiled and said, “I do not feel you are the last piece.”

The cultivator without his fingers on his right hand had no time to ponder the meaning of Ding Ning’s words. He sensed something and instinctively turned around. He saw a sandstorm.

The lands of Wuzhi were rich grassland. Only the distant Donghu could have sandstorms that obscured the sky. Yet now, he saw a true sandstorm.

The cultivator whose fingers had fallen off was able to figure out many things and had both foresight and wisdom. When he saw the sandstorm, he was more shocked. He started to realize that Ding Ning’s solution had a fatal flaw.

This flaw was timing.

If Ding Ning was going to force Shen Xuan to come out, then he would have come to die sooner. Yet the former’s last words to the latter made him realize that Ding Ning had deliberately erred.

He did not understand the empress as well as Ding Ning. So he turned around in confusion. Without any shock or anger, he looked at the black wasteland behind Shen Xuan in a daze. He thought, who else could stop Ding Ning’s death?

Shen Xuan had arrived next to Ding Ning.

He only had one hand, and it looked miserable hanging by his side. But a kind of thin yet cold killing intent was already shrouding Ding Ning. He would not even need to move his hand to kill Ding Ning.

“Who knows whose hands you die at on such a battlefield?” he looked at Ding Ning and said slowly in a deep voice.

Ding Ning gave a faint smile and shook his head. He did not look at the incoming sand storm, and turned to the night behind him. “You do not dare … because you also need to be sure no one else is looking at you.”

Shen Xuan grew silent.

Ding Ning said softly, “In a sense, we have a common enemy. We need to force that person out.”

“If not for that person, we die together?” Shen Xuan controlled his strong killing intent and sneered. “You are really perverse.”

Ding Ning glanced at him. “It is a great honor to receive Official Shen’s praise.”

Shen Xuan did not look at him as that black sandstorm had already arrived.

The border of the sandstorm touched the rear of the cavalry like a gentle mist. All the well-trained horses immediately fell into chaos. In the next moment, the cavalry disappeared from Shen Xuan and Ding Ning’s sight.

Metal rang out.

The Wuzhi soldiers saw when the sandstorm surged past, the blades hanging from their sides and even the ones grip broke out of their control and flew forward, wrapped up in the sandstorm.

A figure arrived with the sandstorm. The reason they could see him in the sandstorm was because this person’s presence was unimaginably strong, so strong that this person seemed taller and larger than a mountain.

This figure passed through the disorderly cavalry, and all the Wuzhi soldiers saw him reach out his hand. In the next moment, this figure disappeared among the numerous blades.

The numerous blades formed an enormous weapon, like a knife or a sword, that slashed towards Ding Ning.

When the sandstorm drowned the cavalry, Shen Xuan was already standing in front of Ding Ning.

The blade slashed towards Ding Ning, and it would touch him first.

Shen Xuan knew what Ding Ning was doing now. When he had talked to Ding Ning, he had made his choice, so the vital energy charged without restraint out of his body, bursting from all his meridian points and along his pores. All the color faded from his bloody robe. All of the blood, and even the blood in his body seemed to have been shaken out of him.

With a boom, an enormous mist of blood was released like an enormous flower.

The fine blood formed special paths as they flew outwards and drew in more energy of the world. Air currents hissed in the middle of the giant roar. Countless snakes appeared to form a bloody snake and were surging to face the slashing giant blade.

The figure among the numerous blades frowned slightly as though he had not imagined Shen Xuan was able to perform such a blow. Yet his advancing presence and momentum did not change. In the next moment, he made a fist and then attacked.

The air suddenly shook. The flying blades sped up, gathering together until the blades lay closely together in front of him.


The flower of blood was cut apart. Shen Xuan shouted and then flew backwards. The blades continued to steadily advance, and stab towards Ding Ning according to the person’s will. Countless snowflakes fell from the distant sky yet no one could sense it. The wind created by the blades was already blowing on Ding Ning.

Slashing wounds started to appear on Ding Ning’s body, caused by the sharpness of the wind. Yet Ding Ning still remained unmoving. He even gave a faint smile like he was facing death with a smile.

“Such a great Divine Blade Emperor.”

An emotional voice sounded at this moment.

When this voice sounded, emotion appeared in Ding Ning’s eyes. He shook his head and inwardly thought- I expected Pan Ruoye, but never you.

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