Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 59 “Transaction”

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Chapter 59: Transaction

Ding Ning nodded slightly to express his respect towards the true monarch of Zhongshan. Some people could represent a country, and even an era. If Bai Shanshui at present meant the continuation of Wei, then Tang Xin represented Zhongshan.

Tang Xin died, so Zhongshan State was truly gone.

On a certain slope of the distant Yin Mountains, there stood four cultivators who could not act due to being in check with each other. The Sword Mountain Sword was so large. When it finally fell, covered in starfire, it had become the most dazzling thing in the sky and they could see it clearly.

Shao Sharen looked with a cold expression at the track left behind by the pale starfire and slowly said, “Sword Mountain Sword is very large.”

The words sounded like a waste. Sword Mountain Sword was a mountain of celestial material. Of course it was very large. Yet the surrounding trio could understand the meaning in his words.

Geng Ren nodded, his eyes full of an indescribable meaning. “It has to be large enough for her to sense it.”

Yelu Canglang nodded and said in a cold voice, “Someone like Gu Huai needs to rely on a woman’s power.”

The other tall cultivator with dual blades on his back sneered. “No wonder Spirit Void Sword Sect is loyal to that woman. It is because they want to borrow that woman’s power.”

“Zheng Xiu is not any ordinary woman,” Shao Sharen slowly said, “I fear this is not Gu Huai wanting to borrow her power so Spirit Void Sword Sect will work for her. But in the past, Zheng Xiu used his sword. If he did not let himself be used, he would have died long ago with the others from Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

This quartet was among the top cultivators in the world, and strictly speaking, they were all enemies at this time. Yet when they spoke now, they were very direct.

Yelu Canglang grew silent, and after a moment of silence took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “Zheng Xiu is really not an ordinary woman.”

Geng Ren looked up slightly and seemed to sigh to himself. “This place is too far from Changling. So she could only sense the Sword Mountain Sword when it is so large and affected the primal energies of the universe. Then she could use this attack … but in Changling, I do not know how many she can do.”

The tall cultivator who carried dual swords on his back inexplicably trembled. The marks on his armor scattered fine light from the many scars. Everyone in the world knew that Zheng Xiu was very strong. Yet now, when he personally saw the pale starfire shroud the Sword Mountain Sword and fall down, he knew that Zheng Xiu was stronger than he thought. And if Geng Ren’s misgiving was correct, in Changling … If she could summon many such swords in Changling, how strong would she be …

Even more importantly, he knew this was not impossible.

“She clearly could achieve this, but had to make Mo Shoucheng take on the infamy. Really an extraordinary woman.” The words seemed to be praise, but Yelu Canglang seemed to show great disdain. “Changling is too far. Fortunately, that is not something we have to consider now.”

“It is not a problem we have to consider now, but we may have to consider in the future.” Geng Ren looked down at where the Sword Mountain Sword made its landing and the swept up sand in the wind.

Yelu Canglang and the cultivator with dual blades understood the meaning of his words and grew silent.

“You think that we will undoubtedly lose this war.” Many breaths later, Yelu Canglang took a deep breath and said slowly, “But Shen Xuan and Gu Huai are both seriously wounded. Even if we cannot act, there are many possibilities to kill them on the steppes. I feel that this war is still full of uncertainties.”


This elite cavalry of Wuzhi retreated in chaos and disappeared into the dark night. The enormous Sword Mountain Sword was still vibration minutely and creating blooms of dust and wind. Some undissipated starfire flowed onto the ground underneath the sword, scorching the soil into black rock that shone with unique light. However, these rocks had no warmth and were unusually cold.

Gu Huai slowly turned around. He took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and covered his mouth to cough, the tips of his fingers turning red. He looked at Ding Ning whose head was hanging slightly. His gaze grew cold and he said softly, “If you dare to do this again next time, I will kill you first.”

Ding Ning stilled slightly and then said with slight mockery, “You do not dare. Otherwise, you would have killed me this time.”

Gu Huai did not move at all.

Yet the moment after Ding Ning spoke, there was a boom and his body flew backwards like a kite with a broken string and hit the ground hard. He started to cough and bleed from his nose.

Watching Ding Ning struggle to climb up, Gu Huai said mockingly, “You are correct. I do not dare to kill you but I can teach you as I please, even kill these people around you. Your mistake is … you do not understand your status in Changling.”

Ding Ning lifted his head and smiled at Gu Huai.

Gu Huai frowned and said in disgust, “No wonder few in Changling like you, even your smile is so hateful.”

It is hateful because I hate you, but you do not know why I hate you. Ding Ning still smiled as he thought.

At this time, pale white star fire fell again from the sky. The threads of star fire continued to fall on Sword Mountain Sword seemed to burn again.

In the next moment, the Sword Mountain Sword disappeared from the grasslands as did Gu Huai’s figure.

“See, you are not Zheng Xiu’s last piece.”

Ding Ning slowly stood up and turned to Shen Xuan who was still sitting on the ground. He still had a smile that even Shen Xuan felt was hateful. He said softly, “Even in Gu Huai’s eyes, you are nothing.”

Hearing Ding Ning’s words, the blood soaked Shen Xuan looked up and narrowed his eyes. “Have you forgotten what Gu Huai said to you just now? You think I cannot teach you as I please?”

Ding Ning did not respond to his words. Instead, he looked up at the traces of the disappearing star fire and wiped the blood off his mouth. He asked instead, “You say, will there be a difference if you take the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art back to Zheng Xiu or if Gu Huai takes it?”

Shen Xuan’s gaze flickered dramatically. He looked straight at Ding Ning with killing intent but did not speak.

“If the one who receives the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art is Gu Huai, I fear you are not necessary, not just in Changling but here as well.” Ding Ning ignored his gaze and said calmly, “Also, the water prison was broken out of. I fear Zheng Xiu will not trust you anymore.”

Shen Xuan sneered after a moment of silence. “What do you really want to say?”

Ding Ning also smiled and said, “I want to make a transaction with you … you help me kill Gu Huai and I will give the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art to you to take back to Changling.”

“What did you say?”

Shen Xuan’s eyes contracted. A wave of primal energies of the universe came out of nowhere, falling on Ding Ning’s throat and suspending him in the air.

Ding Ning could not breathe, yet he did not speak, just smiled at Shen Xuan.

Shen Xuan took a deep breath as though the one who could not breath was him. After his gaze flickered violently for a few more times, the wave of energy disappeared, and Ding Ning’s feet landed back on the ground.

“I did not misjudge you. You are better than most people in Changling at pretending to be injured.” Ding Ning stopped looking at him, and walked in the direction of Guyu Pass. “You can consider my suggestion from just now.”

Translator Ramblings: Cultivation-style ballistic missiles.

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