Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 58 “Blade Mountain”

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Chapter 58: Blade Mountain

The night wind stopped suddenly. All those present could feel the confidence and pride in Gu Huai’s words. They could understand his confidence and pride.

Looking at his back, Ding Ning sensed his presence. Upon hearing the words, he worried that Zhangsun Qianxue, in the distance, would not be able to resist acting because of Gu Huai’s words.


Tang Xin shook his head at Gu Huai’s words. A faint scornful smile appeared on his lips.

Gu Huai immediately frowned and said, “How so?”

“I have seen many people of Ba Mountain Sword Field fight.” Tang Xin did not argue at all and was calmly stating the truth. “Including that person … I saw that person wield the sword and felt that I was no match. I also did not like the monarch of Zhongshan and those people, so I even had thoughts of joining Ba Mountain Sword Field out of admiration.”

“Back then, Ba Mountain Sword Field was truly a place for enemies to admire.” Tang Xin’s smile grew wider as he spoke. “But what was admirable was not just power but their quick and happy conduct. But in the end, during Changling’s change, I discovered the soul of Ba Mountain Sword Field was just in the minority of people.”

That person died in battle, Yan Xinlan died in battle, Ba Mountain Sword Field was destroyed. The remainder either were those who feared death, seeking life, or they fought for power and were traitors who ignored friendships. Ba Mountain Sword Field was long gone. If you speak of the people of Ba Mountain Sword Field, I fear only the few like Lin Zhujiu who escaped the water prison qualify to say so. Your heart is not straight, and your essence can never be as powerful as that person. You think you can win against me using Ba Mountain Sword Field’s techniques?” Tang Xin’s voice echoed.

His words were not polite and did not give Gu Huai any face at all. A cultivator like him who could fight his enemies because of his own preferences usually would not care about anyone else’s feelings.

“In reality, you do notn’t understand.” Gu Huai shook his head as though he wanted to explain but found there was no need.

Tang Xi’s vital energy was at its most perfect, so he did not want to talk more.

“Please!” He attacked.

His left hand reached out first and a blinding bolt of lightning appeared in his hand. The pillar of lightning seemed to stretch from his hand into the endless sky. No one could see if the lightning had surged out of his hand or had fallen from the clouds to gather in his hand.

As the lightning appeared, the air in front of him split violently. This was a blade essence, the lightning in his left hand was his blade. His right hand hung by his side all this time, yet all the wind of the steppes seemed to have gathered in his hand.

An indigo sword appeared in his left hand. Black sand and indigo winds surged within the sword itself, like countless sandstorms were brewing.

Using the wind and lightning of the world was something from the legends. Yet inexplicably, when the blade essence was attacking Gu Huai, his serious face wore a slight disapproval.

Before the lightning, a black dot appeared in the sky and rapidly expanded in everyone’s sight.

All the Wuzhi soldiers who had retreated afar, including the numerous cultivators who had come with Ding Ning, did not dare to believe their eyes.

This was a mountain. A sword-shaped mountain.

Following Gu Huai’s desire, what appeared in the sky was a real, and sword-shaped mountain! The body gave off the shine of black iron, yet unlike normal iron, the light the surface of the mountain gave off were hexagonal lights.

All of the lights seemed to be calmly exuded, and were not sharp edges. Only metal from extraterrestrial meteors could give such a glow.

This was a mountain made out of celestial metal. More accurately, this was a sword made completely of celestial metal!

This was Gu Huai’s sword. This was the lifebond sword he had finished in Ba Mountain Sword Field, Sword Mountain Sword!

No one knew what kind of sword manual he had comprehended to produce unique primal energies of the universe to create this sword, yet everyone could sense the strong lifebond presence and … its heaviness!

The sword essence his sword gave off now was heaviness!


This sword fell down and easily broke through Tang Xin’s attack, the heavy sword essence moved towards him.

Yet in this moment, Gu Huai shouted in shock and anger.

Tang Xin attacked now. His indigo sword ignored everything else, and thrust directly towards Gu Huai’s body.

Pang pang pang pang ….

Multiple small holes appeared on Tang Xin’s left side. His entire left arm was bloodied, and a mist of blood sprayed out. There was also a cracking sound next to Gu Huai. A sword mark appeared on his chest, and in the split skin, black energy, like black sand, stabbed into his body.


The world shook. Everyone, including the horses, were shaken off the ground.

The heavy sword mountain smashed onto the ground, turning into a true mountain between Tang Xin and Gu Huai, their bodies were caught up in the wind and flew backwards.

Tang Xin’s left arm fell powerlessly. His arm was crippled.

Gu Huai coughed, blood and black sand coming out with each cough. Shen Xuan’s body was also sent flying backwards.

Another madman. He cursed inwardly as he grunted.

At this moment, Tang Xin attacked again. The indigo longsword directly hit the sword mountain ahead of him.


His indigo sword was snapped. The heavy Sword Mountain Sword was sent flying by this blow and flew into the sky.

The shadow of the flying sword mountain enveloped Gu Huai who was still coughing and he lost his calm. He could not help but shout harshly, “Each attack is in search of death where both sides suffer. How can there be a style like yours!”

“We are not competing in sword techniques but life and death.” A mocking smile appeared on the corners of Tang Xin’s mouth. He felt that it was laughable for Gu Huai, the master of Spirit Void Sword Sect, to say such things at this time.

Then he threw the snapped indigo longsword in his hand hard towards Gu Huai. With this throw, the snapped longsword became hard indigo winds. An indigo dragon seemed to charge towards him. He did not consider himself with this attack. He still used a way of fighting where both sides would suffer.

The Sword Mountain Sword dropped slightly, like it was going to fall on Gu Huai.

Gu Huai’s face grew even darker in the shadow, he looked up.

When he looked up, his eyes were full of an indescribable meaning. His primal energies of the universe surged out madly. the heavy Sword Mountain Sword rose as he lifted his head, accelerating and flying at unbelievable speed until it became a black spot into the sky.

This was a scene hard to imagine. All the Wuzhi cavalry shuddered.

An enormous shock sounded in the sky. It was like a god’s hammer hit the endless sky. The black night sky suddenly became white.

The black Sword Mountain Sword turned white. Then this sword, the heaviest and largest sword in the world, fell at terrifying speed. It grew bigger in everyone’s eyes which contracted involuntarily.

The celestial metal mountain was covered by white star fire. The proud and cold flows of white flame sprinted down the surface of the mountain, and took the celestial mountain along to hit the head of the indigo dragon. The indigo dragon wind and the sword mountain covered in white flames met in the night sky.

A great boom!

Ding Ning’s eyes narrowed slightly, and felt colder inside.

The fire suddenly disappeared from the sky, the sword mountain fell to the ground.

A wave of air spread outwards like a tsunami. With this mountain as the center, a layer of the ground had been scraped off, and an enormous hole appeared.

Tang Xin’s figure had disappeared. No one knew if he had dissipated in the dust wave or was crushed under the sword mountain.

Gu Huai bowed his head, and coughed up blood again. He was alive now. This meant he had won this battle. But he had no pride in his eyes.

He knew better than anyone else where the power to defeat Tang Xin’s last blow had come from.

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