Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 93

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Chapter Ninety-Three: I Have Come To Kill You

Chen Xingchui was a famous general of the Chu border. Before commanding the army, he had been one of the best disciples of Celestial Seal Sect. And before he became a border general, he had reached realm seven.

From a certain point of view, other than the master of Celestial Seal Sect, if the other old people of Celestial Seal Sect fought with Chen Xingchui in a battle to the death, the one who would survive would be Chen Xingchui. This was likely the reason these people had invited Chen Xingchui back to kill Zhang Yi. They needed this to be foolproof.

Looking down from this grass hut, the master of Celestial Seal Sect saw the mountain gates of Celestial Seal Sect were closed. When the mountain gates were closed, people could not enter Celestial Seal Sect.

Then who could stop Chen Xingchui from killing Zhang Yi?

When this wise old man was feeling cold, a middle-aged man in dusty cloth robes was slowly walking up to one of the halls.


When this middle-aged man in dusty robes was walking, inside the hall, Zhang Yi and a dozen or so Celestial Seal Sect disciples were cultivating, or rather … searching.

The hall appeared ordinary on the surface, made from ordinary cedar wood and brick. However, each wood pillar and wall inside flowed with an everchanging light. The layer of flowing light seemed to confine everything in this hall and preserve it. The interior of the hall was carved in patterns everywhere. The irregular patterns could be seal scripts or not. Some patterns would suddenly flash with light like a bolt of lightning in the thunder clouds.

This was the Celestial Ascending Hall.

One of the greatest seals of Celestial Seal Sect was hidden in the complicated and unreasonable patterns. Even more importantly, of the seven people who comprehended the Celestial Ascending Seal from the hall, each person was at a different position.

Some comprehended the seal essence from the beam patterns, some at the window lattice, others on the brick wall. Someone even comprehended through the mottled light shadow cast through the window … but after all of this, when they finally comprehended, the Celestial Ascending Daoist Script had the same meaning and power.

So in all the records of Celestial Seal Sect, everything recorded in the Celestial Ascending Hall described one seal essence, one truth. There were many paths to this truth, but the final destination was the same. The seven people who comprehended the Celestial Ascending Daoist Seal all became masters of Celestial Seal Sect.

So this Celestial Ascending Hall was not just important. Entering this place to study was a kind of glory. Only the most exceptional students of the generation would be allowed to enter this place to cultivate. In a sense, those that could enter here had a chance of becoming the next leader of the sect. The beautiful hope excited and delighted people. Especially those who were easily satisfied.

Zhang Yi was a person who was easily satisfied.To get some kind friendship, to no longer be looked coldly upon or ridiculed- This already satisfied him. He had never thought about the master of Celestial Seal Sect position at all.

He tried to stare at the uneven patterns on the roof. He felt that these were pretty. And the patterns high up were the part that attracted him the most. He did not like the slightly damp patterns in the shadow. However, he had no feelings at all, and did not sense how the patterns were different from ordinary ones. His eyelids even started to feel heavy and he felt drowsy.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Le Yi and the others sometimes frowning, deep in thought, their eyes flashing. He thought that he almost had gone to sleep in such a dignified and meaningful place. He immediately felt slightly ashamed. Suddenly, he sensed a coldness in his warm body. The coldness came from outside the hall. He turned in shock towards the half-opened door.

No one noticed his movement. Even Le Yi, the closest to him, did not notice, because other than him, no one else felt the inexplicable coldness.

The hall door had yet to open but the footsteps felt like a drum in his ears- strong and uniform, carrying an iron presence and a rhythm that would not change because of other things.

The first feeling he had was that this person’s steps would continue like this even if this was on a tall mountain or in a river flow.

The door opened. A slight breeze entered the hall. Yet in Zhang Yi’s perception, the quiet space suddenly buzzed. The air was sliced apart by sharp blades. The wind gusted, and his nose smelled rust and blood. A middle aged man appeared in his sight.

The middle-aged man wore ordinary cloth robes but in the presence he sensed, the man was as cold as a mountain. Or rather, the coldness that came out of his strong heart caused Zhang Yi to know instantly this was a general, and a great one who had experienced countless battles.

Only now did the other Celestial Seal Sect disciples in the Celestial Ascending Hall discover this person’s arrival and turn around.

The middle-aged man was of course Chen Xingchui. His appearance was not outstanding. His skin was tanned. He had a sword scar on his left cheek and his eyes appeared too small. Yet, because of the unique presence, no one felt that he was ugly.

“You are Zhang Yi?” His gaze immediately landed on Zhang Yi and did not move away. He said sincerely with a hint of emotion, “You are really the most outstanding of this generation of Celestial Seal Sect disciples. You were the first to sense my arrival.”

Zhang Yi was shocked. But he was a true gentleman so he immediately bowed and asked, “This junior is Zhang Yi, Elder is?”

“Chen Xingchui.”

A ruckus rose in the silent hall.

Zhang Yi stilled. He did not know why the surroundings were reacting like this. He had not heard of this person’s name before. He immediately felt ashamed of his ignorance.

“Chen Xingchui is a cultivator from Celestial Seal Sect and a general of the Tiger Prison Army on the border.” A fine female voice reached Zhang Yi’s ears. The speaker was Murong Xiaoyi.

Zhang Yi turned slightly to nod in thanks and became even more confused and shocked. The Qin were rewarded based on military service. As a Qin person, he naturally knew the status of a true general.

“I could sense General’s arrival because I am Qin and am more sensitive towards blade essences than them, not because my perception surpasses them … or rather, I was not focused just now.” He still explained first and said, “So General is too complimentary.”

“Humility and fearlessness are the qualities a cultivator needs to get stronger. You have both.” Chen Xingchui shook his head. “You do not have to be modest. I cultivated for thirteen years in Celestial Seal Sect and led the border army for twelve years. I have seen countless people and can make my own judgement.”

Zhang Yi usually was not good at arguing with others, much less arguing for himself. So at those words, he bowed his head slightly, not knowing what to say.

Chen Xingchui looked quietly at the youth he admired and felt some regret. He said, “But I have come to kill you.”


At his words, exhaled rang out through the hall.

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded.

“Do not ask why.” Chen Xingchui’s cold gaze scanned across everyone behind Zhang Yi, including Muron Xiaoyi who was going to speak. “I am here, and Celestial Seal Sect has closed its gates. No one stopped me. You should know what has happened so people who are irrelevant, please leave.”

His voice was like a blade causing everyone to feel cold and their breathing heavy. Le Yi stopped breathing, his hands in a cold sweat. She saw Zhang Yi was going to speak. At the same time, she thought based on how Chen Xingchui treated Zhang Yi, he would give him the chance to speak.

“I do not know who told you to kill me. But in here, I am afraid of damaging the Celestial Ascending Hall.”

To her speechlessness, those were Zhang Yi’s words.

Even now, Zhang Yi’s first worry was for damaging the Celestial Ascending Hall.

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