Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 94 “Yuchang”

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Chapter Ninety Four: Yuchang

Chen Xingchui stared at Zhang Yi for a long time after he had spoken.

“I cannot destroy the Celestial Ascending Hall.” Then he looked at Zhang Yi and said seriously, “Unless you are stronger than me, then the Celestial Ascending Hall might be destroyed.”

Zhang Yi looked at the flowing light in the Celestial Ascending Hall and knew his worry was unnecessary. He thought for a moment and looked at this powerful elder of Celestial Seal Sect. He asked, “Since you are a general of the Yan, a person who could lead the army in a harsh place like that for more than a decade, you must understand righteousness. Also, you are a disciple of Celestial Seal Sect … the sect master could not have had you come to kill me. Then have you considered you are going against the sect in doing so? ”

Chen Xingchui nodded and solemnly replied, “Some decisions of the sect master may be wrong.”

“Your words are somewhat sensible but do not make sense at all.” Zhang Yi said, “All sects must abide by the rule to exist, the sect master is not just a name. If you feel the sect master’s decision is wrong, then you should first object to the sect master. Maybe you can kill the sect master and have the new sect master come to kill me. If even the sect master’s position is false, then the sect no longer has spirit and cannot survive for long.”

Hearing Zhang Yi start to talk about these reasons with Chen Xingchui, the other Celestial Seal Sect disciples were speechless. They thought, a person of such status as Chen Xingchui had come, and the gates to Celestial Seal Sect were closed … if they wanted to kill Zhang Yi, how could this matter change just because of a few of Zhang Yi’s words?

Yet to everyone’s surprise, Chen Xingchui said after a moment of silence, “You are correct.”

But Chen Xingchui’s next words shocked them more.

He looked up at Zhang Yi and said seriously,”So after killing you, we will try to change our sect master.”

Zhang Yi was stunned. Facing such domineering words, he was speechless.

Chen Xingchui stopped speaking and looked calmly at the people behind Zhang Yi.

The meaning in his gaze was simple. You could stay, but if you did, you will die here with Zhang Yi.

Le Yi’s body shook slightly. He gritted his teeth and did not move.

Other than him, the Celestial Seal Sect disciples, including Murong Xiaoyi bowed their heads and started to walk. The gates of Celestial Seal Sect were closed. Chen Xingchui had appeared here to kill Zhang Yi. This meant the fight between the highest levels of Celestial Seal Sect had finished and Celestial Seal Sect’s will today was to have Zhang Yi die. Also, they knew, all of them added together could not be a match for Chen Xingchui.

Youth and hot blood, in the face of an easily seen result, were too fragile.

Seeing his classmates leave him, Zhang Yi’s eyes showed no sorrow. He could not help but turn to Le Yi. He shook his head and said, “You go too, we will not be a match for him.”

Le Yi looked at him and asked, “Then when he goes to kill you, will you fight back?”

Zhang Yi stilled and said, “Of course I will not stand there and let him kill me, I will fight back.”

Le Yi said, “Since you are not planning to commit suicide, you will fight, so I will help you fight.”

Zhang Yi felt slightly helpless, and that Le Yi’s words were forcing him to kill himself.

“You are the heir to Celestial Seal Sect’s Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal so I will keep you alive,” Chen Xingchui looked naturally at Le Yi and said.

At this moment, a seal essence suddenly rose from the Celestial Ascending Hall. The seal essence was filled with killing intent, not from Chen Xingchui, but behind him.

Behind him was Murong Xiaoyi who had been walking out with her head bowed as though ashamed. She was still walking out with her head bowed, but the seal essence came from her.

A flowing white light, like a ray of moonlight in the dark night, fell towards Chen Xingchui’s back with a gentle but unimaginable speed.


Zhang Yi and Le Yi looked dazedly at the dust in front of them.

Behind the dust, the other Celestial Seal Sect disciples were charging out of the hall in panic and shock.

Murong Xiaoyi’s body flew out and hit the wall above the hall entrance. With a grunt, she twisted her body to land, a stream of blood coming out of the corner of her mouth.

Chen Xingchui did not turn around and said coolly, “As expected of the Murong Family. Brave and cunning. But when I first reached the border, I would encounter dozens of assassinations each day. Compared to those assassins, both your timing and cultivation are lacking.”

Zhang Yi’s eyes were wide as he stared at Murong Xiaoyi who was looking angrily but silently at Chen Xingchui’s back. Only now did he realize that she had stayed for him.

Murong Xiaoyi grew angry at Zhang Yi’s gaze. She gritted out: “What, you think I fear death like those people out there? ”

Zhang Yi said with some difficulty, “But you will die like this.”

Murong Xiaoyi sneered. “What person am I? Just him and his sect uncles dare to kill me?”

The status of the Murong Family in the Yan Dynasty was even higher than the marquessate establishments in Changling. So her words were very correct and she said it with confidence.

“Starting today, your status may be different.” But Chen Xingchui turned to glance at her and said, “I will do my best to restrain myself against you, but this does not mean I do not dare to kill you.”

Murong Xiaoy suddenly paled. Zhang Yi and Le Yi both inhaled sharply, and exchanged looks.

“Some things only represent a certain opinion and where they stand in the following situation.” As Chen Xingchui finished speaking, another seal essence appeared in the Celestial Ascending Hall.

This time, the seal essence came from him.

Almost instinctively, Zhang Yi swung the stone sword in his hand forward. The dust that had just fallen on the ground rose with his sword essence. Each particle of dust was like a stone in the river, giving off a steadfast presence.


Yet in the next moment, his wrist bones felt great pain. His chest popped and clicked, many of the bones in his chest broken.

Chen Xingchui looked aloofly and emotionlessly at Zhang Yi whose eyes were filled with disbelief. His left hand was held in front of him, the seal essence coming from his palm print … each of the lines on his palm seemed to have become seal scripts, containing terrifying power.

Following his thoughts, there were multiple lines of white light in the air that danced forward light whips. As his power advanced, the broken bones in Zhang Yi’s chest were about to pierce through his heart and lungs.

But at this moment, the first surprise occurred.

Zhang Yi spat out a mouthful of blood. He took a step back. The seal essences on the ground underneath his feet rose up. In his perception, pieces of brick floated up, blocking the lines of white light for a moment. With Zhang Yi’s cultivation and realm, it was a miracle he avoided getting killed in the first instant.

At this time, an odd feeling flashed through his mind for the second time. An enormous force broke apart the energy protecting his back without any warning and stabbed at his back.

Chen Xingchui turned around. Before he turned, a fire red seal in his right palm had flown out. With a boom, a pill cauldron made from true fire appeared behind him.

But the center of the pill cauldron still flashed with cold light. The cold light landed on his body as he turned round, and hit his waist. Blood burst out of his left side. The cold light had passed through his flesh and left behind a visible wound.


Chen Xingchui’s expression changed. He frowned but was not in any panic. He said in a cool voice, “So this item of the Murong Family is in your hands, as expected.”

Le Yi’s face was pale. In the previous moment, he thought that Zhang Yi had died. Murong Xiaoyi was not Zhang Yi. She was skilled in seals, and not the sword. How could she have wounded Chen Xingchui with a sword thrust?

He was extremely shocked. But he knew if he was not fast enough, in the next moments, he still could not stop Zhang Yi from being killed.

With a grunt, a wave of blood appeared in his mouth. He channeled out his vital energy madly, ignoring if his meridians could bear it. A patch of yellow seals flew out of his hands, and led his body to block in front of Zhang Yi.

The ceiling of Celestial Ascending Hall was covered in yellow clouds. A vast sky-like presence descended. Le Yi’s fingers moved like they were connected to the sky and blasted towards Chen Xingchui.

Chen Xingchui’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was not in a hurry. He pressed his left hand on his wound, and used threads of vital energy to first sew his wound shut. At the same time, a sharp seal essence cut towards the invisible lines in the air like a blade.

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal was one of the two strongest seals of Celestial Seal Sect and the hardest to defeat. But the great disparity in cultivation and power gave him enough confidence that he could defeat this with an ordinary seal essence.

But at this moment, he, Le Yi, and even Zhang Yi felt something odd. They could not help but look upwards.

Translator Ramblings: Just to clarify, Chen Xingchui is a Yan general who is stationed on the Chu border with Yan, not a Chu person.

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