Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 97 “Last Legs”

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Chapter Ninety Seven: Last Legs

Chen Xingchui’s shock and confusion only lasted a brief moment before he shook his head and said, “Dull.”

It was boring for people to not know their limits. Zhang Yi’s sword essence was heading towards the ceiling and not him because he wanted to cause a stronger backlash from the seal essence of this Celestial Ascending Hall.

But the Daoist seals of Celestial Ascending Hall were from the hands of the founders of Celestial Seal Sect. Their cultivation was many times greater than even his. How could Zhang Yi manage to shake them?


The sword light, rising like a goat’s horn, stabbed onto the ceiling, but the cracking sound came from Zhang Yi’s wrist. A vast and terrifying backlash went through his sword essence to his sword supporting wrist. His wrist gave a clear sound of bone cracking.

The strong pain charged into his mind. He endured the pain, not letting go. His left hand fell to the sword hilt. He channeled the remaining power in his body at a constant rate in his sword hilt. The most important part of the White Goat Hanging Horn was to endure.

He was fighting for this moment. Just like how Le Yi could use the power of the Celestial Ascending Daoist Seal, he also had power he could borrow, this sword in his hands.

Chen Xingchui had not realized that the small stone sword in his hand was Xue Wangxu’s lifebond sword.

Zhang Yi’s left hand fell to the sword hilt. His left hand, and even the bones in his arms and the broken bones in his chest once again made cracking sounds. He vomited blood but his sword essence did not retreat. At the front of the sword essence, the goat’s horn still pressed against the powerful sword essence.

He managed to endure for a moment.

The powerful Celestial Ascending seal essence fell onto the small stone sword in his hand. The simple little stone sword suddenly lit up like it was burning.

Chen Xingchui’s breathing suddenly stopped. His contempt from earlier faded away. The strong light stabbed his eyes painfully until he could not keep them open.

The vital energy coming out of his fingertips had already formed a seal essence, but as he screamed, the seal essence turned to nothing in his hand with a bang. Then the terrifying vital energy from behind gushed out in flames.

A red lotus bloomed in front of him.


The Yuchang in front of Zhang Yi was the first to fly back, dispiritedly slamming against the wall on the side.

Then Le Yi let out a pained grunt. The invisible seal lines tied to his fingers flew like willow branches in the wind, and whipped him. His body twisted as he was hit by these forces. Immediately, dozens of bone deep wounds appeared on his body, and streams of blood flew off his body like red cloth.

The only one untouched was Murong Xiaoyi who was behind Chen Xingchui. Yet her body trembled violently. In her perception, there were countless swords stabbing her. Her body did not receive any wounds, but the seal essence seemed to directly damage her perception and caused her head to ache. But her perception was clearer than at any other time.

This was the Pure Lotus seal essence. Just like the True Mountain Celestial Seal, this was a terrifying seal essence from the legend of Celestial Seal Sect hidden away in some secret plate.

Chen Xingchui had managed to comprehend a seal essence like this!

Zhang Yi’s head was also in great pain. His gaze whited out. There was only a hint of red that was on the verge of turning to a red ocean to consume him. But feeling the warmth and power in the little stone sword in his hand, he gritted his teeth and did not retreat. The little stone sword in his hands started to truly burn.

A great boom!

A sun seemed to rise in front of him. The dazzling and pure light filled every corner of this Celestial Ascending Hall. Everyone’s figures seemed to become transparent.

Chen Xingchui gave a grunt. His blood seemed to be burning. But what shocked him the most was that there were many indigo light seals floating in the dazzling and pure light.

The light seals were projections of lines. The lines came from all over the Celestial Ascending Hall. The dazzling and pure light was the pervasive sword essence. The sharp sword essence thrust into every part of the hall and forced out all the seal essence from the hall.

Zhang Yi’s foot also gave bone cracking sounds. With a bang, Le Yi fell to the ground. His body was pressed to the ground by the great pressure coming down. He was unable to breathe. Murong Xiaoyi’s body was pressed to the entrance like she was about to rush out the door.

The red lotus in front of Chen Xingchui gave off destructive power, but the power was unable to spread, and was being forced to shrink. The red color at the center of the red lotus grew clearer like gem melting. The glowing drops were being squeezed and about to explode.

All the Celestial Ascending Hall was shining. The roof tiles, the dust flying off the hall, and even the wormwood growing from the cracks in the building were shining.

Celestial Seal Sect was completely silent, but everyone was staring closely at this place.

Seeing this phenomenon, sensing the burning presence from Celestial Ascending Hall, the master of Celestial Seal Sect showed some emotion in his eyes. He knew better than anyone how strong Chen Xingchui was, so even though he had felt a sliver of hope, but just a sliver. The performance of the three young people inside the hall facing an expert like Chen Xingchui surpassed his imagination.


Inside the Celestial Ascending Hall, Chen Xingchui had felt that Zhang Yi did not know his own limits at the start, and had said it was dull. But Su Qin, standing outside the hall, slowly lifted his head and spoke.

At his time, when the power bulging in the hall was about to burst through the doors hit his body, his eyes filled with a jealousy and viciousness that could not be described in words. He reached out with his crippled hand. Hundreds of seals looking like normal paper flew out like falling flowers. In the next instant, they flew towards the front of the Celestial Ascending Hall along odd paths.


The world shook again. The Celestial Ascending Hall seemed to be hit by a hammer from the outside.

An enormous and visible circle of air exploded around the Celestial Ascending Hall. The plants within dozens of feet were all snapped in the middle. The broken branches and fallen leaves flew outwards.

Su Qin sprayed blood from his mouth, his body flying backwards uncontrollably like a piece of rotten wood.

In Celestial Ascending Hall, a muffled grunt escaped Zhang Yi. Unable to support himself, he fell to his knees. But his hands were still firmly supporting his sword move, and maintaining his attacking posture.

Chen Xingchui changed expression. In his dramatically contracting pupils, the indigo light seals falling from the ceiling suddenly sped up like heavy snow. The red lotus in front of him disappeared from his senses. The disappearance meant that it had lost its connection with him, and was out of control.

Then, in the next moment, the red lotus split open. In the center of the red lotus was the compressed primal energies of the universe. They were not able to explode outwards so they became glowing lines.

The glowing lines bloomed outward.

Everyone’s body was so pressed by the vast and terrifying energy like they were moving in slow motion.

Murong Xiaoyi looked in shock at the lines passing through Zhang Yi and Le Yi, including Chen Xingchui in front of her. She saw the glowing lines come out in bursts of hot blood after passing through their bodies. Everything was extremely slow but she had no time to dodge. She tried to raise her body so the lines would not pass through her head and vital parts.

Red blood drops floated through the air like there were still. Zhang Yi, Chen Xingchui, Murong Xiaoyi, and even Le Yi on the ground had been penetrated in many places.

In the next moment, as the glowing lines pierced the surrounding walls, the compressed primal energies of the universe exploded. The blood drops turned to powder was a dull explosion.

Chen Xingchui, Zhang Yi and the others were smashed randomly by the rampage energy like the clothes being dyed in a workshop. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Outside Celestial Ascending Hall, Su Qin was hanging on broken branches. His body was pierced through by many pieces of wood.

Everyone was seriously injured and on their last legs.

A middle-aged man of Celestial Seal Sect dressed in black robes with profound patterns on the sleeves and collar shook his head emotionally.

He sighed with emotion at the result of this battle.

At the same time, he sighed at Zheng Xiu’s meticulousness. She would always hide a last pawn in a situation where she already appeared to have control.

And he was the last pawn, prepared, enough to end everything.

As he sighed, he walked out of the pavilion, prepared to walk to Celestial Ascending Hall.

Yet at this time, he saw a thin and tall man walking towards him on the stone steps.

This man was dressed in ordinary robes of Celestial Seal Sect’s handymen. But at this time, he carried an extremely long sword.

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