Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 96 “Great Gamble”

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Chapter Ninety Six: Great Gamble

Celestial Seal Sect was strangely silent right now. Even its disciples who came out of Celestial Ascending Hall, who knew what Chen Xingchui was doing, were staying away from the hall.

The Celestial Seal Sect was publicly known as the top sect of the Yan Dynasty. This was like thunder spreading over the lands from a high elevation. What was happening in Celestial Seal Sect could reflect what was happening in the entire dynasty.

These Celestial Seal Sect disciples did not dare to be pulled into this change, especially when their families had not been able to tell them ahead of time. This showed that the change in Celestial Seal Sect was something beyond their reach.

But at this time, a Celestial Seal Sect disciple came to Celestial Ascending Hall under the old man in black robe’s gaze. The Celestial Seal Sect disciple had a hand always in his sleeves because his hand was crippled.

This Celestial Seal Sect disciple was naturally Su Qin.

Everyone in the Celestial Seal Sect knew the story of Su Qin and Zhang Yi. In everyone’s mind, Su Qin and Zhang Yi were naturally enemies. So in the plan of the old man in black robes, Su Qin was used somewhere else.

But Su Qin appeared here. This meant that an error had surfaced in his plan.

The old man in black robes had a bad feeling. His vital energy flowed through his body, and his right hand unconsciously raised up.

But at this moment, the master of Celestial Seal Sect turned to glance at him and shook his head. He said in a sincere tone, “Senior Sect Brother, do not force me to kill you.”

The eyes of the black man turn cold. Before he could speak, the master of Celestial Seal Sect slowly said, “You have already exhausted your plans. I did nothing and was kept in the dark. But even so, if your plan fails, then this is the will of heaven.”

The old man in black robes inhaled deeply. The coldness in his eyes disappeared. He exhaled quietly and said nothing else.

Inside the Celestial Ascending Hall, it was so quiet that the sound of breathing seemed to disappear. Zhang Yi was deliberating over what his “junior sect brother” Ding Ning would do, so he forgot despair. In this moment of life and death, he thought of a certain possibility.

At this moment, Le Yi lifted his head. His body was uncontrollably trembling. This was his body’s natural response because he knew he could die after his next breath. But at this time, he took the lead.

Even though he knew Zhang Yi could not escape, if he burned up his last light before Chen Xingchui killed Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi would have more of a chance.

A harsh scream rang out through the quiet hall.

Le Yi’s ten fingers broke. Surging vital energy and primal energies of the universe tore at the yellow clouds on the ceiling as he screamed, turning the seal essence to killing intent and swept towards Chen Xingchui who was standing ahead calmly.

Murong Xiaoyi, whose head had been hanging low all this time in caution, shown with viciousness in her cold gaze.

The Yuchang sword floating in front of Zhang Yi was a peerless sword. Even the Fish Intestine sword that appeared during the Min Mountain Sword Trials was only a copy of this sword. This sword’s greatness came from how it had been made from the essence of countless copper with great means. The sword itself contained great power that ordinary cultivators could not imagine. Yet at this time, the Yuchang did not move at all.

As her gaze suddenly changed, a “silk handkerchief” flew in front of her.

The “silk handkerchief” was a dark red, pure like solid chicken blood. The moment it flew out, it turned intangible, and released a wave of terrifying seal essence.

Le Yi felt great shock. This terrifying sword essence was stronger than the seal essence that he was trying to exert with all his power.

“I had not expected even the “Three Thousand Red Dust” to be in your hands. It appears the old master of the Murong Family loves you greatly. I just do not know what he will think about you doing this for an unrelated Qin person.”

Seal essences themselves were divided by how they guided the primal energies of the universe, just like how sharp a blade naturally was. This had nothing to do with cultivation. The Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal was the strongest seal essence of the Yan Dynasty. The seal essence that Murong Xiaoyi activated now was above the Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal. This was hard to imagine. But Chen Xingchui had a calm expression and spoke slowly with slight amusement. But his attitude and emotion now were not amusing.

He was Chen Xingchui. One of the border generals of the Yan Dynasty. The border generals were usually called divine generals. From a certain point of view, one-on-one, they did not fear going against most powerful cultivators. If they had the help of military cultivators, they could even win against most cultivators in the world.

As he spoke, he cast a seal essence with his left hand like he plucked a flower. Multiple red lines appeared in the air like a legendary sage picking up a mystical flower.


Disbelief appeared in Le Yi and Murong Xiaoyi’s eyes.

The seal essence of the pair collided together.


The two opened their mouths at the same time, unable to speak. Then they both vomited blood, and flew backwards.

Chen Xingchui stood calmly, still in his flower-picking posture, unharmed.

Both Le Yi and Murong Xiaoyi were certain that Chen Xingchui could only use a simple seal essence at this time. Yet this simple seal essence managed to change the direction of their seal essences.

This was power. The power of one two realms higher than theirs.

Le Yi and Murong Xiaoyi’s bodies fell back. Other than despair, their gazes were filled with confusion. Especially Murong Xiaoyi. She even grew angry.

The confusion and fury was not because of the Chen Xingchui’s strength, but because she and Le Yi had put everything in, especially her, who used an ancient seal that even Celestial Seal Sect did not have.

This ancient seal had been the ancient treasure of her family. Originally, this was only for her to comprehend seal essence. Now, she had used the seal essence for Zhang Yi, but had not achieved the effect she wanted … even more importantly, Zhang Yi had not attacked.

When she and Le Yi were fighting desperately, Zhang Yi seemed to be indifferent.

Indifferent, because he was waiting for death?

Zhang Yi had been indifferent all this time. His expression was very dull nor did he look like he was waiting for death.

But at this moment, he moved.

The sword he held tightly in his hand, tighter than he had ever held it, was thrust upwards. A sword energy shaped like a goat’s horn, carrying a unique sword essence, like a goat was stepping onto the stone stair and trying to push up with its horn with all its power.

For the first time, Chen Xingchui’s eyes showed true shock. At this moment, he did not react because Zhang Yi did not thrust towards him, but the ceiling above.

Zhang Yi was very nervous, and an unprecedented spirit appeared in his eyes. Because he had always been very rational, and obeyed the rules. And this was his first great gamble in life for this did not just concern his own life.

So his attack was the strongest of his life.

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