4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter 49 “The Second Great Extinction”

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Chapter 49 The Second Great Extinction

Boom …

The moment the fireballs hit the ocean, violent vibrations spread. As great water currents surged, the water temperature immediately multiplied. Lin’s eyeballs that were observing on the surface could not tolerate the heat and died immediately.

What was that? Stars falling from the sky?

Lin’s troops were at the ocean bottom hundreds of meters below but all the fish seemed to feel the abnormality. They started to wildly swim north, and the steadily swimming schools of fish seemed to go mad.

The helmet fish furiously swayed to charge, squeezing aside weaker fish as they swam north at full power. The sharks had disappeared long ago. Lin did not know where they had fled. The dunkleosteus were the most troublesome. They used their enormous bodies and mouths to tear all organisms in front of them, not for eating, but to be at the front.

The time had come …

Lin’s transporters could not move in the wild schools of fish. Some of the transporters at the rear had been chewed by the dunkleosteus, blood and cells spreading among the entire group. But Lin was not concerned as there was a greater threat now …

The sensitive tentacles of the transporter could feel the vibrations of an enormous impact coming from the sea surface. The vibrations were created by countless fireballs hitting the ocean surface.

Also, Lin could feel a wave of vibration coming from the distance. That was the cause of madness in the fish.

This wave came from the ground, and formed a vibration similar to an earthquake. It formed a rapid and terrifyingly strong current of water that could be described as “shockwave.”

Lin calculated. If it was hit by this strong current, its organs might be crushed. Lin did not know how the wave had formed or why it was able to spread so far.

Was it useless to be in the deep ocean so far from the land?

Nothing happened to the northern continent Leviathan was on. No wonder the schools of fish were going over there … Lin had to work now to make sure the transporters survived.

Otherwise, all the nutrients gathered in a hundred million years would be wasted.

It was about to arrive …

Lin ignored the mad schools of fish. It had all the transporters speed up their hearts and send large amounts of gland cells to the ectoderm. They secreted the strongest chitin substances they could, and hardened the entire ectoderm of the transporters.

The impact was near. The entire region of water gave off powerful vibrations. The arthropods organisms on the seabed stopped moving and dug into the sand under them, attempting to hide in the sand. The fish swam even more madly …


The powerful impact swept the entire region instantly. Large numbers of helmet fish had their bodies crushed at the moment of impact, blood, and organs spraying out of their gills, mouths and other places. Even their helmets cracked.

The hardened outer shell of the transporters cracked greatly at the moment of impact, their inner organs squeezed and damaged. While there were still some cells alive, they could not move. However, those were only transporters at the rear. The transporters near the front didn’t even have cracked shells.

This wave seemed to have slowly decreased in power, but, in this moment, it killed the majority of the helmet fish. More than half of the dunkleosteus had died, as they swam at the very rear.

Many of the arthropods hiding in the sand were blown out, but their thick armor protected them from great damage.

After this series of vibrations, all organisms started to move at full speed without regard for their expenditure.

Lin gathered the transporters that had been scattered. There were a thousand and three hundred left. Lin had lost many but could not return to take their corpses.

Danger appeared to just be starting.

Just after the shockwave, the ocean became restless again. Large amounts of bubbles appeared off the seabed. The gas bubbles seemed to be harmless, but their appearance caused the water temperature to rise again. Many organisms that could not tolerate heat died instantly.

The enormous group that originally had tens of thousands only had a few thousand left.

Lin’s transporters could not tolerate the heat wave. While they did not die immediately, if this continued …

Full speed!

Lin also started to disregard the expenditures. All transporters immediately took off their hardened outer shells and started to swim with their spouts at their full speed. They had to leave this area before dying of heat. While Lin did not know how large the heated area was, it could only do the best it could.

At this time, many stone pieces sank down from the surface. These stones should be the fireballs that landed on the water surface. They already reached this depth? Some of them were more than ten meters in size, others only half a meter. An enormous dunkleosteus near the rear of the transporters was hit by several small pieces of stone. It twisted violently in pain, struggling for a while before falling on the seabed.

Lin could feel that these stones were as hot as lava.

Suddenly, an enormous stone thirty meters in size smashed in front of Lin’s transporters. The transporters at the front could not stop in time and hit the giant stone.

A feeling of extreme burning came from the giant stone. The cells on the transporter’s ectoderm died instantly, and the burning passed into the entire body. These transporters died the moment they touched the giant stone.

Lin just lost a dozen transporters but ignored it. All the remaining transporters swerved around the stone and charged northwards!

But it was hard to dodge during a rush. Many transporters were hit by those stones and were killed immediately by the heat.

At this time, Lin felt distant vibrations again …

Would this ever end?

No … this was …

Lin found the feeling was not like the one-time shockwave. It also did not come from behind, but the seabed below … an earthquake?

This was an opportunity ….!

As Lin thought, it had the transporters slow down and focus on avoiding the stones.

Not many helmet fishes were still alive. This gave Lin more space. Now, it only had to wait.

The sense of the vibrations continued to come closer and closer… …

Boom-om-om! !

The seabed below suddenly shook and the entire seabed in this region rose! As the water rose, the compressed water and all the organisms within all rose up. The hundreds of meters of distance to the surface disappeared instantly. The water formed an enormous wall that charged out of the surface, Lin’s transporters and other organisms trapped in this tsunami.

The vibrations did not stop. Another vibration on the seabed caused the tsunami to charge forward at a speed Lin had never seen before.

Originally, the tsunami could not last for long, but the sea vibrations in this area did not let the wall of water fall. Lin’s group sprinted north on this enormous wave.

In the tsunami, the transporters could not move their bodies but see the surrounding environment through the water. The tsunami had left the area the fireballs were falling and heading in the direction Lin wanted.

The seabed continued to shake. This maintained the speed of the tsunami and caused it to grow higher than a hundred meters at a rough estimate.

The tsunami was extremely fast. In about two days, it could reach the land in the north. Of course, this was only if the tsunami continued. If the sea vibrations stopped, the tsunami would quickly calm.

Lin hoped the tsunami would calm. It had already left the fireball region. If it rode the tsunami and hit the steep walls of the land in the north … Lin would suffer great losses.

But as the tsunami moved, the vibrations seemed to move as well. The vibrations always occurred below the tsunami or close by. The tsunami did not stop and continued.

As day and night switched, the transporters in the tsunami could see the north lands in the distance.

The Leviathan, who had stopped at the steep walls of the shore also saw the giant walls in the distance. The water level around Leviathan had decreased greatly. The walls tens of meters tall now were hundreds of meters as though all water had been sucked away by the tsunami in the distance.

The vibrations disappeared, but the last shake was enough to make this enormous wave crash into the land!

Translator Ramblings: I don’t think meteors alone create such an uproar unless those were enormous ones. All this disaster is more likely the result of continental plates moving.

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