4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter 50 “Rock Climbing”

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Chapter 50 Rock Climbing

Watching as the giant wave charged, Lin knew it could not stop. Then Lin could … only face it!

Lin had the Leviathan use its tentacle suckers to stick to the rock and created many long hooked spikes with barbs on them to shove into the cracks in the rock. It secured the Leviathan. Then Lin made the transporters within the tsunami once again harden their shells.

As Lin finished preparing, the tsunami was near the northern continent, the top of the waves more than a dozen meters taller than the tall walls of the land.

It was here …

Boom-om-om! !

The wall of water, hundreds of meters tall, collided with the rock. The entire world seemed to shake. The vibrations continued to stimulate Lin’s sensory cells. The powerful water currents pushed on Leviathan who was on the rocks as though they wanted to tear it apart.

Lin’s eyes could not see clearly in a situation like this, but it could still use its sense of touch to judge what had happened.

The majority of transporters passed over the feeling of pain. Even armored, their bodies were flattened in the moment of collision. They crashed on the rocks.

Some of the transporters were higher up and did not hit the rocks, but were thrown into the air. After flipping through the air, they fell hard to the ground. Lin knew from the great pain that they were just scraps of flesh left.

All of this lasted for just a flash. Soon, the tsunami that hit the land lost its momentum and started to retreat towards the water. The Leviathan could feel the water currents had been trying to flow up now urgently retreat. Soon the ocean and land calmed as though nothing had happened.

The Leviathan was still tightly attached to the rock. The suckers and barbs had saved it, but the transporters were different …

The transporters that had hit the rocks had all died, and were useless, even if some cells were still alive.

While those strange meteors did not appear over here, the warmth of the water came over the distance and those cells were quickly killed by the high heat.

The only hope was on land …

Some of the transporters that had been thrown onto the land by the tsunami had survived. They were all on land near the steep walls, in total … 31 of them.

There were only 31 of the transporters who survived? Such a terrifying calamity, the nutrients of one hundred million years turning to nothing.

But Lin survived. All of the information on evolution and other organisms had been perfectly saved. If it continued, it could quickly revive!

Right now, the danger had not passed. Lin had to move quickly. The temperature in the ocean was still rising. Even Leviathan itself had a difficult time tolerating this high temperature. Lin had to get the Leviathan climb this steep rock.

Just like crawling on land, Leviathan used the suckers on its tentacles to attach to the walls. But this was not enough to pull its three-meter long body out of the water.

Leviathan once again turned the tentacles into six segmented limbs that could move. Leviathan created structures similar to hydraulic systems within them so the power they produced could get Leviathan to move on land.

Relying on these new abilities, Leviathan was able to climb the steep walls.

The transporters on land, because they were covered in armor, also had their eyeballs covered. If Lin wanted to create eyeballs, the water would most likely leak out. It could only learn about the situation once the Leviathan reached land.

Lin knew that it must be faster, but it was not easy for the Leviathan to drag its three meter body up such a tall wall. Lin thought about taking off some organs or water, but it didn’t know what was on land, so it was better to keep them.

Fortunately, Leviathan had enough nutrients so it could repair the cells wounded in exercise in time and replenish them. Lin did not have to worry about “exhaustion” and Leviathan could climb onto land sooner or later.

But the problem was … Leviathan was not the only one climbing.

Leviathan had ascended about thirty percent. From Leviathan’s back, Lin’s eyeball antennas looked around and saw some organisms climbing out of the water …

The brontoscorpio.

Strange, how could they come out of the ocean? Did they follow the tsunami here? Or they were brontoscorpio in the water here before, and they climbed out, unable to bear the change in temperature?

No matter the reason, they were trouble.

The brontoscorpio’s segmented limbs had barbs that could help them climb on the walls. While they showed no intentions to attack, if they found they were not in danger, the first thing they would do was search for food to replenish the energy they used in the calamity.

The land might have some fish or other organisms that washed up due to the tsunami, but the most obvious food would be Lin’s transporters.

Lin could not let them reach land first.

Was this a so-called “race?” Such an interesting term.

The Leviathan worked to climb up the steep walls, but it was heavy. Some brontoscorpio were already several meters below the Leviathan. They saw the Leviathan above and raised their hooked tails and enormous pincers in a motion to attack.

They found food without even reaching land?


An exploding bomb shot out of Leviathan’s rear and hit this scorpion with its waving pincers. The eyes on the scorpion’s head were splashed by the strong acid, and the pain caused it to relax its segmented limbs that gripped the rock. It fell down into the warm waters.

Maybe it could not climb back up again. However, this was not the time to celebrate.

There were three other brontoscorpio next to the one that had fallen down. They did not seem to be clear why their fellow had fallen, and continued to climb towards the Leviathan.They raised their tails and prepared to attack.

Organisms with small brains were troublesome like this … if these were sharks, after one died, the rest would run away.

Lin once again pressed the exploding bomb to its spout and shot three in a row towards each of the scorpions.

All three hit their target. The brontoscorpio had small brains but they reacted quickly. One blocked with their pincer while the other two fell down just like their “predecessor.”

The scorpion who blocked felt the pain and changed the direction of its climb. It seemed only learning would let them understand danger.

While Lin had this minor victory, there were some scorpions around that had surpassed Leviathan. They were also further away that Lin could not hit them.

Lin could only climb and hope that they would be attracted by the other dead fish, and not attack the transporters.

Right now, Leviathan’s progress was … fifty percent. Lin saw some scorpions who already reached land. And not just the scorpions. Some of the trilobites had climbed out of the water. These trilobites were miniature, only about ten centimeters or so, and they were rapid, quickly catching up to the Leviathan.

Was it better to be light on land?

But compared to the scorpions, Lin worried more if phenomenons like those fireballs or tsunamis would appear. But this place seemed very calm as though nothing had happened.

Yet just as Lin thought this, several circular shadows appeared in the air.

Fireball? No …

Those floating things slowly came close toLeviathan and the scorpions. These were the organisms Lin had seen before, the jellyfish that could float in air!

It was hard to say if they were jellyfish, just that they appeared similar.

Each air jellyfish was about a meter in diameter. They had no eyes, but they seemed to be observing organisms who were climbing the walls such as Lin. This was Lin’s first time observing these jellyfish so closely. It discovered the jellyfish had some “blowholes” similar to the water spouts which they used to move.

The jellyfish floated around for a while and then finally targeted the small trilobites.

The jellyfish were able to float in the air, and were themselves very light. They knew they could not defeat the Leviathan and the Brontoscorpio. But the trilobites were small and could be bullied.

The air jellyfish relied on their tentacles to grab the trilobites and poison them. This was similar to the jellyfish of the water. Lin noticed a small trilobite behind Leviathan and a jellyfish nearing the trilobite.

Good opportunity …

When the jellyfish was near, Lin sent a special combination into the water spout. This was a tentacle several meters long, very thin and flexible, and had large amounts of hooked barbes. Lin called this a “hooked spike.”


When the jellyfish was in range, Lin suddenly shot the hooked spike, The spike punctured the jellyfish’s air-filled sack and secured itself.

Caught! Now it could study how this jellyfish floated in the air!

But as Lin celebrated, the blowhole around the jellyfish started to tremble as though they were inhaling great amounts of air. Then the jellyfish started to expand as it sucked in air. In the end ….


The jellyfish exploded.

Translator Ramblings: Rock climbing for your life is not fun.

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