傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S03-05 “Self-Comprehension, Skyhigh Giant Sword”

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Chapter Five – Self-Comprehension, Skyhigh Giant Sword

Qin Ruolin only realized how terrifying those flying swords were when they hit her. Aofeng’s flying swords formed a boundary around her with sharp pressuring edges. With a touch, her body felt a wave of cold and numbness. She had to retreat.

Qin Ruolin was shocked at being forced aside so brutishly.

She was a two-sword celestial magister. To be able to threaten her and easily push her aside, Aofeng’s combat power had to be equal to that of a three-sword celestial magister or greater. Those flying swords were so strange! Qin Ruolin was sure that was a magic medium! And definitely a first-class magic medium above sacred rank!

How could the boy not be so proud, with the valuable first-class magic medium and his terrifying power!

Qin Ruolin’s block did not completely stop Aofeng but caused her to slow slightly. The other two enforcers woke up and rushed after Qin Ruolin.

“Desist! Young Sword Master, please desist! There must be a misunderstanding. We can talk!” The two enforcers were a four-sword and six-sword celestial magister. As they shouted, they came from two directions and attempted to use physical force to stop Aofeng.

They had seen Aofeng push Qin Ruolin aside with a murderous expression. When they thought of the youth’s terrifying tactics just now, they knew this was a vicious person who would not rest and would not listen to persuasion. The two of them could only summon their magus beast armor for protection.

They did not want to harm Aofeng, and naturally controlled their power. With the age and power Aofeng displayed, no one would believe this person did not have a strong support behind them. Also, this person knew well who Second Young Master was, and still furiously attempted to kill him recklessly.

“Young Friend, stop now. If you have any grievances, tell our old family patriarch, he is just over there, he will give you a fair judgement,” the six-sword celestial magister shouted.

From afar, an old yet intimidating voice sounded at the same time. “Your Excellency, our Qin Family will owe you a favor!”

Fair judgement? Aofeng sneered disdainfully. At most, he would be scolded and grounded for a few days. Was that a fair judgement? In her eyes, the favor of the Qin Family was nothing. Today, she would let the damned bastard know regret!

Seeing Aofeng’s presence increase inside, and her eyes grow cold, the two celestial magisters felt frustrated. They looked at each other, gritted their teeth and raised their hands to create a thick blue barrier together. They used almost all their power. No matter how strong this young person was, he was a sword master at maximum. When the old patriarch arrived, he would be successfully stopped.

Aofeng’s heart sank slightly seeing the giant blue barrier shield Qin Aokong. The shamanic power produced by two celestial magisters working together was significant, and both were stronger than her. Even her magus beast technique might not be able to break through. Even if she used the World’s End Sword Extermination to destroy the barrier, she would then have a difficult time harming Qin Aokong who had armor protecting him.

Would this end like this?

Aofeng’s eyes flashed with light. She was unwilling. Why was it not alright for her to wound him, but alright for him to plot her death? Plotting for her death, and have the matter brushed over with a punishment of reflection for a few days. Such a thing was not justice!

World’s End Sword Extermination. It took over half of her power, and not all. If the majority of her power could not break through the barrier of the two celestial magisters, what about using all her power.

Aofeng suddenly stopped from her dive and stood in the air. She stared at Qin Aokong behind the blue barrier. At this time, Qin Aokong ad relaxed, sitting on the ground as he panted heavily.

“Finally stopped …” the four celestial magisters thought that Aofeng gave up. Just as they relaxed and before they could breathe, their eyes went wide again.

In the blink of an eye, the entire audience roared!

“I will faint! What is that?”

“Such a large sword!”

In the center of the enormous stadium, the black-robed youth pointed at the sky with a finger, the black robes swaying, the black eyes terrifyingly bright!

A giant blue sword of light charged into the sky as though it would touch the clouds!

The nineteen flying swords that had been chasing Qin Aokong were absorbed into the giant sword of light which quickly manifested from top to bottom. Soon, the giant sword a dozen times bigger than an ordinary flying sword appeared in front of the crowd. The sword was pitch black, and wrapped in a layer of blue as terrifying pressure emanated from it.

Looking at this skyhigh sword wrapped in light, Aofeng was very excited.

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had taught Aofeng the World’s End Sword Extermination, and also the World’s End Sword Spell. When her control of the sword reached a level of mastery, World’s End Sword Spell could affect the rules of the universe. Then she could comprehend more profound sword moves than the World’s End Sword Extermination.

Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had slowly explored and created this, rather than having it being born with him. The spell contained all the power and knowledge he had and he had passed it without any reservation to Aofeng. This was akin to giving Aofeng a textbook to save her a great deal of time from exploring. When the time was right, it would take effect.

Aofeng had managed to affect the power of the world through her anger, and comprehend the skyhigh giant sword. Now she could truly be considered a sword master in using the World’s End Sword Spell.

The Skyhigh Giant Sword and Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s Divine Sword Extinction were similar, but the power was much lesser and of two different ranks. Even so, this was stronger than the World’s End Sword Extermination. Aofeng felt this could rival the celestial magic technique of divine beasts!

Also, there was a small handle to the giant sword that Aofeng could use to swing it as she wished. While the skyhigh giant sword was formed from power, it could be used as a powerful weapon after its manifestation. In a certain way, it was more powerful than a celestial magic technique. A celestial magic technique could only hit a person once, but this skyhigh giant sword would not collapse until Aofeng wanted it to explode.

Aofeng gripped the skyhigh giant sword several times larger than herself. She swung it viciously. The blade drew a strange black track in the air.

“Qin Aokong! Let’s see who can save you!”

Aofeng’s confidence increased at having such an aid. She did not forget her goal in her happiness. With a cold shout, she swung the skyhigh giant sword towards the blue barrier around Qin Aokong.

Seeing this occur in front of them, the eyes of the two celestial magisters almost popped out! No one had expected the youth to still not give up even now, and made something even more freakish!

The two of them were closest and could feel the terrifying pressure the giant sword gave off. No one could guarantee they could withstand this if it hit them. Even with the magus beast armor on, this giant sword could threaten them with death!


The world seemed to tremble viciously with the sound of the sword hitting the barrier. The two celestial magisters sweated greatly. With a “snap”, the two of them paled and had a thought.


It really was finished! The blue barrier seemed to be a fragile mirror under this blow, creating countless cracks from the place the giant sword hit. The barrier instantly shattered! The barrier created by two celestial magisters had been destroyed by this boy!

“My heavens …”


The two celestial magisters and the numerous spectators shouted in disblief. Qin Ruolin shuddered and stood to the side. None of the three nearby celestial magisters dared to block that pitch black sword! That was something dangerous!

The giant black sword swung straight down among the shatterd blue light without any more obstruction!

Qin Aokong, who had thought he had been saved, rolled and scrambled in terror to dodge. Half of his body felt a wave of pain as though he was burned. With a scream, his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Aofeng panted softly as she held the giant sword, a cold smile on her lips. While she was not used to controlling such a large sword and let Qin Aokong escape alive, the man laying in the pool of blood unconscious, his arm and leg were separated from his body. He would be a cripple from now.

Deathly silence! There wasn’t a sound in the stadium of ten thousand people.

No one hadexpected Aofeng to truly cripple Qin Aokong. If Qin Aokong had not just dodged slightly, that terrifying giant sword would have taken his life!

After a moment of silence, the grey-robed old man who was already near shouted angrily, “Damned young person! You dare harm a Qin Family main branch member in front of this old man. Do you think nothing of this old man?”

Aofeng had just taken a breath when a heart-shaking pressure surged towards her. The deep blue shamanic power of a magus scholar was like an ocean. She had just used up all the shamanic power in her body and she could not even raise a finger under the pressure.

“Grandfather, no! That is Aofeng!” Qin Aohai stood with another man in black robes as he shouted urgently.

“Old Patriarch, it is Seventh Young Master!” Qin Jian and Qin Ruolin, who knew the situation, flew over urgently and blocked in front of Aofeng. One person was already wounded. If even Aofeng was wounded, and Qin Aotian went mad, then this matter could not be resolved!

Aofeng? Seventh Young Master?

That Seventh Young Master?

With this shout, the grey-robed old man stopped with a shocked expression, and countless people’s hearts jumped in fright.

Translator Ramblings: We finally get to met Aofeng’s grandfather.

Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 6


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