4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter 52 “The Assassins In The Mist”

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Chapter 52 The Assassins In The Mist

These kinds of small water droplets filled the surroundings. They floated in the air and their density caused them to form a white smoke that shrouded everything.

This kind phenomenon seemed to be called “mist.”

These water droplets had floated over from the water. When the wind blew on the surface, it would carry many small water droplets. Also, many air bubbles would enter the water. Lin did not know why so many droplets would gather here. Maybe it had to do with the water becoming hotter.

The gathering of the mist decreased Lin’s range of sight. However, Lin thought that it should gather the water droplets. If it had to live on land, it needed to protect sources of water.

Lin built a new kind of unit in the body. This kind of unit was sphere shaped and had many small hairy tentacles that could grab the moisture from the air and store it within.

However, when Lin was deciding to release these units, it felt something different.

Something … was moving through the mist in the surroundings. Not a scorpion, but something else enormous. They had an unknown strange scent, and moved strangely as though they were moving with their body touching the ground. They seemed to not have any legs or other moving limbs.

This was similar to the worms. But moving like this on land should abrade the body.

Was this another organism it had never encountered before? Lin didn’t know if it was dangerous, but there were so many dead fish here. The other should not choose the transporters as targets. Lin had the transporters pile up together and remain motionless to avoid attracting the attention of these organisms. Lin carefully observed their direction of movement.

There were many of them, more than a dozen. Because of their strange moving method, Lin had a hard time estimating their size, but they were bigger than the scorpions at least.

Those organisms first moved towards areas with more fish corpses. After a while, Lin could feel a special vibration through the air. That was the feeling of the Brontoscorpio’s armor being crushed.

What was happening? Those organisms did not go eat the dead fish, but the hunting scorpions?

Strange. They did not eat the food on the ground but the scorpions who could wound them and had venomous spikes? Were they also the type that would throw up if they ate rotting corpses. In reality, organisms like that were very rare. In the hundred million years, Lin had only seen a rare few fish that would respond like that.

As Lin was wondering this, it suddenly sensed something special. The strange scent of these unique organisms suddenly spread as though it covered the entire area.

Were they releasing their own scent in large amounts? Why? To disrupt the sense of smell of other organisms? Yes, this way, Lin could not accurately smell their position. It would be difficult to locate them just by the vibrations when they were moving. Lin was not used to sensing the direction of vibrations through the air.

Suddenly, Lin felt the surrounding vibrations speed up. Almost at the same time, one of the transporters on the perimeter was caught by something else and then pulled into the mist.

A great pain came. The armor of this transporter was crushed by a great force, and then torn into scrap by sharp teeth. In the end, some of the living cells were swallowed by that organism and died in the dissolving fluid.

Another transporter was bitten by another organism and pulled into the mist.

These organisms were very dangerous! It appeared these organisms had no interest in corpses. Lin did not know how large they were or how many there were. If this continued, it would be troublesome!

Lin did not overthink. It had Leviathan create countless “transport tubes” that connected to several transporters. This way, the transporters could move nutrients to Leviathan and Lin could start to create combat units without needing to worry about the expenditure.

These units were primarily modified from slaughterers. They could run like arthropods on land and were filled with the viruses from infectors and toxins. While Lin did not like using toxins usually, but when facing a great threat, Lin would not hesitate.

These land slaughterers were only ten centimeters. Lin quickly made a dozen slaughterers and had them surround the entire group.

Vibrations came from the west, the direction that had just had an attack.


There were only five slaughterers in the west. They immediately opened a small hole on their heads, and sprayed their fatal body contents in the direction of the vibration. Through Lin’s special design, the spray contained many things, including toxins and viruses. At the very front was an exploding bomb filled with dissolving fluid. It was responsible for opening the enemy’s ectoderm or armor. Then the viruses and toxins could permeate the target’s body.

But in this situation where Lin could not see, Lin did not know how the effects were.

Suddenly, an enormous shadow charged through the mist and entered the view of the slaughterers.

Lin had never seen an organism like this. This was a giant worm completely covered in armor like the Dunkleosteus’s enormous head. The armor it had was covered in rings of hooks. Clearly, the attack by the slaughterers had not penetrated its armor.

It opened its mouth which was filled with spikes, bit a transporter and then retreated to disappear into the mist.

Lin immediately lost the target and couldn’t even give chase. The surrounding smells were covered up. Lin could not sense the surrounding situation just based on the vibrations. It didn’t even know how many enemies there were.

… It was dangerous now.

It could only flee.

It could not flee back into the water. The water was still very hot. There was only one direction.

Lin had the slaughterers lay on the transporters. This way, the enemy might eat the slaughterers and transporters together so the toxins and viruses would damage the enemies.

After preparing, Lin started to move the “attached legs” on the transporters and ran quickly towards the direction of the giant spikes. Those spikes were dense and these organisms were so big they should not be able to go in.

Those organisms created vibrations again. Lin named them the “mist worms.” Maybe these were organisms that only existed on the northern land but Lin had no interest in studying them now.

A worm charged out from the west side of the transporter group and quickly grabbed the outermost transporter before retreating into the mist. However, there was a slaughter on the transporter.

Not long after Lin felt the transporter get bit, Lin felt a continuous wave of vibrations. Clearly, this worm also bit through the slaughter on the transporter as well. Now the toxins and viruses were within the body.

No matter whether it had the ability to fight viruses, the enemy should not give chase after feeling pain. However, there was more than one worm nearby …

Then, another ambush. This time, a transporter on the east was dragged into the mist.

Lin’s slaughterers were on the transporters on the perimeter. When the worm accidentally ate the slaughterers, Lin could feel the vibrations as they struggled in pain.

The worms who were in pain did not give chase. But even so, more transporters were caught. At the start, Lin only thought there were only a few enemies and its estimate was wrong.

A few dozen? Several hundred? Those were all possible … While Lin could not feel so many vibrations, based on the constant capture of transporters, there really were so many.

Lin did not stop. It sped up towards its target. During this time, worms constantly charged out of the mist. The number of transporters constantly decreased …

Once again since a hundred million years ago during the era of unicellular life, Lin felt threatened for its life.

Lin had no time to think. Another worm charged out of the mist. This time, its target wasn’t a transporter, but the Leviathan at the rear of the group.

Lin prepared an exploding bomb filled with toxins almost instantly. The exploding bomb shot out of the water spout and hit the open mouth of the worm.

The worm started to convulse after eating the poisonous bomb. It twisted as though it was experiencing great pain.

Lin ignored it and continued to flee forward …

Translator Ramblings: I’m imagining the worms as similar to lampreys.

0051 | Table of Contents | Volume Three Chapter 1


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