4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume 3 Chapter 1 “The Day of A New World”

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Volume Three The End of the Paleozoic Era

Chapter 1 The Day of a New World

Enormous green spiked pillars were arranged densely in front of Lin. The spaces between them were big enough for Leviathan to pass, but the worms’ large heads could not enter.

Lin did not stop. The remaining transporters and Leviathan rushed into the giant pillars. At this time, the eyeball antenna on Leviathan’s back looked backwards.

An enormous worm suddenly charged out of the thick mist. It opened its mouth and targeted Leviathan. But halfway, its head was stuck among the spiked pillars.

Leviathan threw a small eyeball to continue observation and then ran into the spiked pillars along the transporters.

This time, Lin could observe these worms closely. What organisms were these? The worm furiously twisted, attempting to pull back, but the hooks on the shell obstructed it.

This kind of organism might not have come from the ocean. Maybe it was an organism that belonged to land?

Looking at the struggling worm, Lin had many questions. How many were there? Why were they able to conceal their own scent? How long were their bodies? They seemed very nimble …

These questions probably could not be solved until Lin had the ability to kill one of the worms.

That worm struggled a long time before retreating back into the mist.

… Had it given up? The eyeball continued to watch the thick mist. Lin was assured when no more worms charged out.

Leviathan and the transporter were deep within the “needle forest.” The surroundings were full of enormous spiked pillars almost a hundred meters tall and three meters wide. Their surface was covered by a layer of green. When Lin looked closely, this layer of green was made from numerous soft and flat things.

This was definitely a kind of plant. However, the land plants that Lin had seen before were at most a meter tall, and very thin. They were able to grow so large here?

No, these spiked pillars might only have been tall stones before and these plants were just stuck on the surface. Through growing, they covered the entire stone, and then used dissolving fluid and other methods to modify the giant stones into this kind of pillar with forks over a long period of time.

But… Lin had never seen this environment and these organisms before. This was a completely new world.

Right now, the rocky land covered with fish corpses and scorpions was occupied by the worms. Lin could not return. Adding on Lin did not know when the ocean would recover, it had to live a new life on this land …

Lin did not know what organisms there were, and what dangers would exist. Lin had never truly adjusted to life on land before.

Right now, Lin only had two transporters. The others had died in the attack by the worms …

After the calamities from the sky and the ground, did Lin only have this little bit left?

Maybe Lin had not lost much compared to other organisms. But Lin thought it made many mistakes. The biggest mistake was that it had not explored far enough.

If it had explored to the north land before, maybe Lin would have had much less losses.

It could not ever stop its spirit to explore … but making bases was also very important.

This was just a loss of nutrients. This was not a major matter as long as Lin preserved its evolution information and memories of experiments.

Lin would once again grow enormous on this new land! This time, it would also develop into the air!

Thinking of this, Lin looked upwards and suddenly saw a flying organism. It quickly flashed through the pillar woord, and flew away.

An organism that could fly?

Lin was immediately attracted to it. However, the organism moved so quickly it disappeared instantly into the wood.

Lin did not feel any pity towards its escape. It had considerable confidence. It appeared that not just the jellyfish could float in the air. If there were many of these, Lin would capture one sooner or later.

The light here was not good. Lin would first find an empty place, spread the transporters, and make the green carpet.

The ground of the spike pillar wood was made from very soft grains mixed with sand and all kinds of plant scraps. There was a term to describe this — soil.

This seemed to be an unique material. If it was in water, it would not be easily blown away by the wind.

Leviathan led the two transporters to move through the spiked pillar forest. Lin did not know where to go so it moved in the direction opposite the cliffs. After a while, Lin finally saw a slightly empty area. This place was about six meters in diameter, but the ground was not soil, but yellow sand. When the sunlight shone on the sand, it reflected brightly.

Light was abundant here.

On land, sand seemed to be a sign of dryness. A hundred millions years ago when Lin stepped onto land, sand like this was everywhere. Was that why no organisms had been there? The soil stored a lot of moisture. After coming onto land, the water was very important. Without water, the cells could not move.

Lin did not care because it could get water from other places, unlike the slowly moving plants.

Lin had the transporter move to the center of the sand. The transporter took off their appendages. At the same time, they started to dissolve the armor over their lower halves.

This was a way that Lin thought to grow on land. The armor would dissolve and the cells would undergo division quickly. Because this was on land, the outermost cells needed the ability to prevent water from spilling out, but had to be soft enough to grow. Once they spread over the entire area, they would create a transparent armor.

This process was slightly dangerous as it was easy to get attacked. Lin still didn’t know what dangerous organisms were living here.

But based on the present, Lin had not seen any organisms on the land, except the plants.

This transporter started to spread green carpet around it. They grew slowly and covered the sand. The green carpet on land had two relatively thin and transparent layers that protected the water and the photosynthetic cells inside.

As the green carpet spread, the transporter’s body started to collapse down. As the green carpet covered a six meter wide patch, the body disappeared. Usually, a transporter could create a far larger green carpet but there was only so much space here. Lin could only have the cells squeeze together and make the green carpet thicker. Compared to the obvious transporters, Lin preferred to turn them into the green carpet.

Usually, those powerful hunters would ignore plants and those that preferred to feed on plants did not hunt. Organisms that fed on plants usually had no attacking power. They could not bite through the green carpet’s hard shell, so getting the green carpet spread out was a safeguard for survival.

After occupying this space, Leviathan led another transporter towards the depth of the spiked pillar wood.

The spiked pillar woods seemed large, but this was also because Leviathan walked slower on land than in water. Leviathan walked a long time in the woods and did not see any clearings like before.

Strangely, Lin still did not see any organisms active.

Were there only plants on land? But organisms like Brontoscorpio should be able to live on land, if they made some effort and even if they did not eat plants.

And those worms. Were they organisms of land or the ocean? No matter what, Lin would return to kill one to study sooner or later.

Daytime passed and then it turned dark. Leviathan stopped. Looking at the enormous spiked pillars, Lin wondered if the green carpet should climb those pillars.

But covering such a height … Lin didn’t know if problems would occur. If the pressure was too great, the shells would crack. What If Lin didn’t use armor, like the ordinary plants? Then it would be eaten by other organisms and Lin would need many other defensive tactics. It felt so troublesome …

However, if this land really had only a few organisms … it might try.

As Leviathan was thinking this, a small organism appeared out of the ground in front of Leviathan. It was flat and long, with six segmented limbs around its body, and antennae on its head.

This organism quickly ran far after appearing and disappeared.

So there were smaller organisms?

Leviathan did not attempt to chase and had the Leviathan and transporter lean against a spiked pillar. Lin would not in the darkness in an unfamiliar environment. It must wait for night to pass.

As the light of day completely disappeared and darkness descended, many strange feelings came from the surrounding woods …

Translator Ramblings: Lin did so well in the ocean it slacked off by going to sleep. Now, it is behind, and on land, it needs to catch up to the other organisms.

Volume 2 Chapter 52 | Table of Contents | Chapter 2


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