傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S04-C01 “All Present”

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Chapter One All Present

“Yes, it is Aofeng!”

The handsome and gentle man in the black robes walked forward with an excited expression and gripped Aofeng’s shoulders. “Aofeng, Little Uncle has been separated from you for half a year. I had not believed Aohai when he spoke of you, but you really …”

The man paused, swallowed, and said in a broken manner, “So great, really so great.”

“Yes, Little Uncle. I came.” Aofeng had landed at this time, the skyhigh giant sword turning to light and dissipating. The flying swords hid around her. Her cold gaze softened greatly after seeing this person and she hugged this man in black robes.

This man in black robes, who looked to be in his thirties, was Qin Aofeng’s youngest uncle, Qin Run. For a long time in the past, Qin Run had stayed in Qin City and taken care of Aofeng. He was the most familiar with Aofeng and recognized Aofeng at a glance. He was slightly puzzled seeing that Aofeng’s personality completely different than before but Aofeng had grown strong. Maybe Aofeng’s actual personality had come to the surface. Qin Run was comforted by Aofeng’s present changes.

Qin Run did not know the cause, but he was sure Aofeng must have some lucky occurrences and experiences to become an expert like now. It was normal for Aofeng’s personality to change as well.

Since even Qin Run, the one most familiar with Aofeng, was sure, what was there to doubt?

The crowd stared with wide eyes. The enforcers murmured as though they were dreaming. “Seventh Young Master? It is fake …”

Look at what this boy had just done! First, viciously cutting a nine-star spirit beast into a skeleton, and then daring to chase Second Young Master Qin Aokong all over to kill him. At the end, Aofeng had created a huge and freakish thing, and faced three celestial magisters head on to cut off Qin Aokong’s arm and leg!

Any of these events could frighten people. When added together, it was beastly!

Now, someone was telling them, this beastly freak was the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master the family thought of as their shame? How could people accept this?

“Mamma mia, Seventh Young Master!”

“Seventh Young Master? Are they sure …”

The words “Seventh Young Master” immediately spread through the crowd.

At this time, several flashing lights appeared in the sky. A dozen figures flew over from the distant sky, each person with a terrifying presence. The air seemed to ripple where they passed. All of them were celestial rank and above! The two at the front looked to be energetic old men in their fifties. Their eyes were deep, and unfathomable to look at.

Aofeng’s eyes flickered and her expression darkened sdlightly. She thought, were these the old men from the inner yard?

She looked around. As expected, Aofeng found Patriarch Qin Lu and her big brother Qin Aotian. There were also some magisters behind Qin Lu and clearly were part of his support. The two enforcers that she had fought with yesterday and Qin Lian, who she met at Qin City, were also among them.

Seeing Aofeng, Qin Lian and the two enforcers could not help trembling and moving their eyes away in fear.

All the important people were present!

“What is going on?”

Because the bright blue light from Aofeng’s skyhigh blue sword had reached the sky, the old people in the inner yard had been disturbed, and left their meeting to come over to see the situation. Then they came upon this extremely chaotic scene.

“Heavens! Brother Aokong!” Before anyone spoke, a woman dressed in yellow robes screamed from behind Qin Lu and flew with Qin Lu towards Qin Aokong who was missing his leg and arm on the ground. They trembled as they lifted him up.

“Who? Who dares to wound my son!” Qin Lu was furious!

His only son! Who had finally grown up and was made into a cripple?

“Yes, which bastard harmed my younger brother?” The woman in yellow robes had tears in her eyes, her lips trembling as she raised her head and said hatefully. The little brother she had cared since childhood was now missing his arm and leg. How painful did this feel?

“Me!” A cold voice sounded.

The elders of the inner yard, Qin Lu, and his daughter looked over in shock at the youth in black robes.

Since Aofeng had done it, she did not plan on refusing to admit it. Her cold attitude was almost close to indifference.

“What?” The cold gazes swept over. Qin Lu was filled with anger as he shouted, “Qin Aofeng, you again!”

Sharp blue light exploded but was blocked off by another figure who came next to Aofeng!

Qin Aotian stepped in front of Aofeng, and did not retreat facing the gazes of the dozen inner yard elders. His determination was clear — no one could go near Aofeng!

The inner yard members were amazed. Qin Lu had told them that Aofeng was an expert at the sword, but no one had thought the terrifying blue light had been due to Aofeng. This meant that Aofeng had not used full power yesterday.

“Qin Aofeng, you first wounded two of the Qin Family enforcers, and then a main member of the Qin Family, you are lawless! You think that you can do as you wish with Qin Aotian’s protection?” Two high sword level celestial magisters walked out of Qin Lu’s camp, their blue shamanic power exploding as they pressed towards Aofeng. Qin Aotian’s brow creased but he wasn’t willing to retreat.

“Stop moving!” The grey robed old man whose eyes had been flashing since he learned Aofeng’s identity, the old patriarch of the Qin Family Qin Ding, finally spoke. His mighty shout caused the sound and the standoff to temporarily stop.

Qin Ding’s gaze moved to Aofeng. He asked coolly, “What happened, speak the truth.”

“Who are you? Why do I have to say when you say so?” Aofeng also glanced coldly at him and turned disdainfully from him. Aofeng felt a belly full of fire when she thought of Qin Ding. This grandfather had been harsh to her and Big Brother since she was young, and kicked them out of the capital. How could she have any good feelings towards him?

The surrounding people trembled. They all suspected if Aofeng had some problem in cultivation affecting the brain that Aofeng dared to talk to the old patriarch like this! Did Aofeng know who this person was?

“Aofeng!” Qin Aohai hurriedly pulled Aofeng’s sleeve. But when Aofeng’s stubborn temper rose, she could not be pulled back and remained motionless.

No one dared to breath loudly for fear of the old patriarch’s anger. In these years, the Seventh Young Master was definitely the first to challenge Qin Ding’s authority like this.

Qin Lu had an angry expression. “Father, he …”

“Shut up! I did not ask you!” Qin Ding glared coldly at Qin Lu. The latter shook and hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to speak any longer.

“Hmph, such a rebellious little demon! You have some shadow of your father in the past!” Unexpectedly, while Qin Ding’s voice carried some displeasure, he did not blame Aofeng’s rudeness and asked Qin Aohai and the others, “Who among you knows? Speak.”

Qin Jian and the others sighed in relief. Qin Aohai hurriedly said, “Grandfather, does this need to be asked? Cousin Aokong attempted to harm Aofeng!”

Qin Ruolin also stood out and said, “Old Patriarch, I know this matter more clearly, I also made mistakes. His Excellency Aotian asked me to take Seventh Young Master … His Excellence Aofeng to see Master Qin Run, but halfway there, I heard Aokong speak of the bi-annual test. He suggested that he would take Aofeng to see Master Qin Run and had me go first. I had not expected him to take Aofeng to the stadium.”

At this time, Qin Ruolin became extremely respectful towards Aofeng in her words. The dozen celestial magister enforcers all had similar gazes. Power was respected everywhere. None of them would be able to force back three celestial magisters on their own!

This kind of charisma won the respect of everyone here, but they just didn’t dare to voice it.

“Take Seventh Young Master into the stadium?” Everyone looked at each other as though they understood something.

So this was how it was? When Qin Aokong first encountered Seventh Young Master, he must have thought that Seventh Young Master was still a good for nothing. Wasn’t the meaning in taking Aofeng to the stadium with a nine star spirit beast clear?

Qin Aotian’s gaze suddenly became furious, murderousness rising off him. He took a huge step forward in the direction of the yellow-robed woman.

No one doubted that Qin Aotian really wanted to kill in this moment!

“What … what do you want to do?” The woman shouted in alarm, her eyes shocked. Qin Aotian was really this insane. Qin Aokong was wounded so, and the other still did not want to spare him!

“Your Excellency Aotian! Calm, calm!”

“Your Excellency Aotian, let us talk, you are brothers!”

The celestial magisters were frightened, some hurriedly moving forward to stop Qin Aotian’s step. Qin Aotian threw them all aside.

“Qin Aotian, if you dare touch my younger brother, I will never rest!” The woman stood in front of Qin Aokong, and said angrily, “Qin Aofeng was not wounded at all, why are you still like this!”

“Qin Aoxue, your brother’s life is a life, my brother’s life is not? You dare say that he did not want to kill Xiao Feng when he took Xiao Feng to the stadium?” Qin Aotian’s cold and angry shout almost broke the woman’s eardrums. The murderous aura suffocated Qin Aoxue, a celestial magister. “If you want to harm my Xiao Feng, you have to understand you will die!”

Translator Ramblings: I’m not going to go into the whole process, but getting this chapter posted was an exercise in distraction.

Generational naming rules also suck. Hopefully I did not type the wrong Aoxxx for each person. Strangely, the author did not use generational naming for Qin Run’s generation…

Section 3 Chapter 5 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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