傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S04-C02 “I Am Not of the Qin Family”

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Chapter Two I Am Not of the Qin Family

Qin Aotian never cared about himself. Even Qin Run and his interests were under Aofeng. It wasn’t that he hadn’t considered this would affect Qin Run negatively, but just like yesterday, he could work with all his power for Qin Run, but if the two conflicted, he would not hesitate to choose Aofeng.

He did not care how people judged him. Selfish. Cold. He only had one important person in his heart. No matter what, Aofeng could not be wronged, not at all!

This extreme, this fanatic.

Looking at the unreasonable Qin Aotian, Aofeng felt her eyes heat up. She suddenly had a great feeling of safety. As long as he was here, she had nothing to worry about.

“Enough, Qin Aotian, you really think that you, a seven-sword celestial magister, can do as you please? You think we are dead!” The seven sword and eight sword celestial magisters, who had come out before Qin Aotian had stepped forward, came back out and shouted, standing in front of Qin Aoxue, “As long as we are here, do not think you can touch a hair of Second Young Master!”

“Aotian, do not be impulsive.” Even the two magus scholar experts of the family could not stand by in a situation like this. They released dark blue shamanic power to stop Qin Aotian in his path.

Qin Aotian felt the pressure in front of him stopping him from advancing. However, he still smiled coldly. “He can have people protect him for a time, but not a lifetime. Unless the family exiles me right now, or send two elders or more to guard him, if I find a chance, hmph!”

The cold voice caused the two magus scholars to feel their scalps prickle. They were depressed. Wasn’t this mocking them?

Which expert would have nothing to do except be a bodyguard for the crippled second young master everyday? There would always be a time of misstep. If Qin Aotian really wanted to kill someone, no defense was effective. He just reached seven sword celestial magister level. His potential was limitless. The two of them as visiting scholars may not compare to him in the future, much less the elders. Who would be so mad to exile him.

The two visiting scholars cursed Qin Aokong for making trouble from nothing inside. Hadn’t he learned from the past? Didn’t he know this was a mad man who only had his precious “younger brother” in his eyes?

After a momentary silence, the left visiting scholar, Qin Xiao, said, “How about this? Weren’t we just discussing how to resolve the matter of yesterday? Since Aokong attempted to harm Aofeng, we will not pursue Aofeng for injuring the two enforcers yesterday. That has been settled. Aotian, be generous and let Aokong live, how about this?”

This was an unequal agreement, and would be ridiculous for people to hear of.

Aofeng had cut off Qin Aokong’s arm and leg. But Aofeng would not pursue for this matter and even the matter yesterday was written off. Such “generosity” almost caused Qin Lu and Qin Aoxue to spit blood but they didn’t dare say anything.

There was no other way! Qin Aotian was a definite madman!

Since he said it, he could do it. He was mad, but they couldn’t follow him. This person clearly did not care about himself, and even any person other than Aofeng. But Qin Lu and his daughter were constrained because of Qin Aokong’s life. They also could not leave the target of “trying to kill Aofeng.” They had to guarantee their status in the family. The struggle over the position of patriarch was almost upon them.

Not pursue this matter?

Qin Aotian’s mind had been calm all this time. He knew the pros and cons. He turned and exchanged a look with Aofeng. The two communicated in a glance and nodded in unison with a decision.

“Alright, all previous debts written off. I will not make trouble for him,” Qin Aotian said briskly. The matter of Aofeng injuring the enforcers was slightly troublesome. It was best that she would not be pursued and this matter not bring Qin Run any trouble. He did not have a one-track mind and knew to change.

Afte a pause, Qin Aotian said coldly, “However, if there is a next time, I do not promise his corpse will still be in human form!”

Everyone present shuddered and cursed, Qin Aokong was already a cripple. How would he attack Qin Aofeng? Also, with the display just now, ten more Qin Aokongs would still be going to die.

As to Aofeng, she examined the dark expressions of Qin Lu and his daughter. She almost jerked in laughter. She admired her big brother so much. What a cunning plan this was. She had thought of many excuses and hadn’t used any. Big Brother went unreasonably mad and managed to smooth the matter over …

“Then the matter will conclude, all have wrongs, and all will reflect. Take Aokong away, if he is not treated, he will die even without Aotian killing him.” Qin Ding finally spoke, and made the final decision. The old man had not favored the crippled Qin Aokong and silently agreed to Qin Aotian’s unreasonable actions. Aofeng felt slightly puzzled.

The medical staff seemed to awke up and hurriedly sprinted from a corner of the stadium to put Qin Aokong onto a cot to carry him away.

After handling this matter, Qin Ding’s deep gaze landed on Aofeng. “Aofeng, you passed Neversetting Sun alone and returned to Karroll?”

Aofeng was slightly unused to a gaze like this and raised an eyebrow. She said coolly, “So what?”

“Very good.” Qin Ding nodded, his harsh gaze showing a hint of gentleness. He continued ignoring Aofeng’s coldness and said, “Exiled members are usually separated from the family. You were able to return by yourself, you are no longer in exile. While you are not a magister, your martial skill is outstanding. Starting today, you will be promoted back to your main branch status, and given an estate next to your big brother. In the future, you brothers can stay in Karroll to work for the main family.”

Aofeng was shocked. This was rewarding and recruiting her?

Then, a small disdainful smile rose on her lips. So he saw the talent she showed now and wanted her to work for the family!

Gazes of admiration and envy came from all around, including many celestial magisters. This reward seemed significant.

But could this buy back my self-respect that was stepped on by you for many years?

In your dreams!

Sometimes, Aofeng’s stubborn temper was not any less than Qin Aotian, and he would never compromise on matters of principle.

“Old Patriarch’s rewards should be left for the people that your Qin Family needs to reward. I am an outsider, how can I accept this?” Aofeng crossed her arms and turned to look away as she said slowly.

No one had expected Aofeng to refuse Qin Ding’s reward so easily, and mockingly say they were an outsider. The admiration in the gazes immediately turned to shock and bewilderment. Other people wanted a reward from the patriarch, but this boy refused it!

“What did you say? Outsider?” Qin Ding’s face froze. He looked closely at Aofeng, finally growing angry. He said, “You are my grandson, I am your grandfather, how are you an outsider?”

“A grandfather that will kick me away when I am a good for nothing, and summon me back when I am a celestial rank expert? You are really competent at being a grandfather!” Aofeng looked back fearlessly at him and smirked, “When leaving Qin City, I told the world that I have left the Qin Family. You can ask Enforcer Qin Lian whether this is true. The Qin Aofeng standing here today is a guest that Big Brother brought back, you are not my grandfather, I am not a member of the Qin Family!”

The proud voice was loud and passed to every corner of the stadium!

Qin Ding almost thought something was wrong with his ears!

He looked back at the two visiting scholars, the elders, the celestial magisters, and the spectators. They had the same incredulous expression. Qin Ding finally believed his ears, and then came unparalleled embarrassment and shock.

The Qin Family dominated the continent, and was one of the four prestigious families. The main branch disciples were not any lesser in rank compared to the imperial sons of the emperor. They possessed the right to inherit this enormous family. Other than the inner yard elders and the visiting scholars, the enforcers had to listen to their orders. Today, his own grandson, when being rewarded by him, suddenly said, “I am not a member of your Qin Family.” How laughable was this!

But at this time, no one dared to laugh. Every face was filled with fear. Even Qin Aotian glanced worriedly at Aofeng and he imperceptibly moved in front of her.

Qin Ding’s old face was flushed red from Aofeng’s disdain, his eyes raised, his beard puffed up. The words were like a slap to his face, and caused him, the patriarch of the Qin Family, to embarrass himself in front of tens of thousands of people!

“Qin Lian! Qin Lian, come out! What is this!” Qin Ding trembled in anger as he shouted furiously.

Qin Lian wanted to cry. When he heard of Aofeng’s present power, he had worried an entire night. He never dreamt that Aofeng would still be so cunning to kill without blades. He hadn’t done anything, but pushed him onto the sword of the old patriarch. This was even more vicious than an actual sword strike.

“Old Patriarch, back then … due to some matters, Seventh Young Master and I had a minor conflict, and Seventh Young Master announced leaving the family …. ah!” Qin Lian was timid but still couldn’t avoid the calamity. Before he finished speaking, he was thrown into the air by Qin Ding’s slap. He hit the wall of the stadium and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Qin Ding’s chest rose and fell, clearly angered to his limits. His face twitched as he stared at Aofeng. Aofeng stared back coldly.

The old and the young stared at each other, no one speaking first. The presence of the two rose, and the pressure was stunning! Each person felt their hands sweat, their nerves tense. Inside, they thought, why did this have to be so exciting, just this little while, and this Seventh Young Master has dropped numerous bombs …

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