Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 38 “The Fastest In The World”

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Chapter Thirty Eight: The Fastest In The World

“We need to destroy these seal weapons.” Zhangsun Qianxue frowned and looked at the rear behind the enormous black shadows.

Most of the loads the snow hou had been transporting had been removed to become seal weapons standing up right on the ice. At this time, the “Heaven Slaughter” that turned the surface of the lake green was just one of them. The threat of the seal weapons far surpassed the surging black shadows.

“No need. These people are only capable of using these seal weapons once.” Ding Ning turned to her and shook his head. “They also just want to use these seal weapons once.”

The old monk narrowed his eyes and looked up at the green flames. His eyes were green in reflection. He managed to judge which of the streams would cause a true threat to their group.

He raised the wood staff in his hand, and pushed it up several times towards the sky.


Terrifying muffled sounds erupted at the same time. The green flames that covered the sky so that even realm seven grandmasters could not immediately escape its range became bursts of flame that charged upwards because of his simple actions.

These upwards moving flames collided with the lights from the seal weapons behind them, and created all kinds of explosions in the air. For a moment, a terrifying long river formed in the air, gathering flames of all colors that could easily tear a person apart. These flames flickered uncertainly like they would go out.

The old monk’s face also flickered in the light. At this moment, his movements paused for a short instant.

When Li Xixing had come to him with the letter, his cultivation, that had not moved despite his hard work, had started to loosen. He was spending each breath in a wonderful state of a breakthrough. At this time, he was extremely close to Wang Jingmeng’s power back when he fought his way into Changling. His mind was drawn back to the past in Changling, and many unforgettable memories forced their way into his mind. There were countless swords and sword essences in these scenes, and the most clear were Wang Jingmeng’s seemingly simple and unreasonably powerful sword essence.

Just as his movements paused for a short instant, a deep red flying sword broke through air, and the shadow of the flames on the sword was already reflecting on his forehead.

Ding Ning coughed slightly, and his gaze fell naturally on the deep red flying sword.

The old monk’s wood staff that had paused in the air moved along Ding Ning’s gaze as he coughed.

The deep red flying sword trembled countless times in a short moment, creating numerous paths where it could stab. The light on the edge of the blade even twisted together like a deep red ball of thread.

Yet the old monk’s wood staff seemed to have known the next movements of the flying sword. It did not even change where it was striking, and it easily hit the deep red flying sword that arrived first.

With a puff, vital energy sprayed off the deep red flyinging sword. The vital energy of the flying sword’s true master was forced out. The flying sword flew backwards, and stabbed into the left shoulder of a rider on a snow hou.

This rider was throwing a spear with all his strength. The flying sword was thrust into the left shoulder of the rider. The rider fell backwards, and hit the ground. His body was crushed into paste by the snow hou coming from behind. The long spear in his hand had been thrown, changing direction, and piercing through a rider ahead and his mount before being nailed to the ice.

A snow hou coming from behind could not stop in time, and crashed hard onto the beast nailed to the ground. There were the vicious sounds of bone cracking. The rider on top was thrown up into the air like a rock, hit the flames falling from the sky, and his body started to burn from the inside out.

Ding Ning did not go look at these scenes. His gaze fell upon an empty place in front of the old monk.

The staff tip of the old monk naturally stabbed towards that place. A thin gray flying sword appeared at the empty spot, and crashed onto the old monk’s staff like a moth to the flame.

The thin flying sword snapped in the middle, breaking into two uneven pieces, and flew out. One piece landed on the neck of a rider, and easily cut off the head of the rider.

Ding Ning did not look over there. His gaze moved around the old monk, and the latter’s staff fell where his gaze landed.

The movements of the wood staff were smooth and natural. The old monk’s entire body, including his perception, had never been as smooth as this. He had grasped this kind of sword essence that Wang Jingmeng used in the past to fight his way into Changling, the easiest and the fastest way to kill people. But at this time, he still found it hard to understand. When his wood staff once again fell where Ding Ning’s gaze landed, he turned his head, and asked in an extremely respectful tone, “How is this so fast?”

“True speed does not just come from one’s own body working with one’s vital energy. Speed also comes from going along with the direction of the surrounding primal energies of the universe. Going with the wind is always faster than against the wind.” Ding Ning looked back to his inquiring eyes and said, “Truly going with the flow is not just to follow the flow of the primal energies of the universe, but also the flow of your enemies. Your speed and their speed is true speed.”

The old monk understood and smiled. “So that is how it is.”

Ding Ning also smiled. “All cultivation manuals are different. Your cultivators method and the sword manual of Ba Mountain Sword Field together is faster than Wang Jingmeng back then.”

“Even if faster than you, but never higher. Such a sword essence. Unless one reaches this cultivation, and with you leading the way… Otherwise, even if I know the truth, who can learn this, and use such a sword essence?”

The old monk bowed in the Changling manner, and then turned around. When two finished such a conversation, half of the charging snow hou had fallen.

Ding Ning’s gaze no longer fell around the old monk. The old monk did not need him leading the way.

The old monk’s wood staff did not blur and did not feel fast, but it was the fastest in the world.


On the other side of the lake.

That ghost-like army did not move. Even though all the snow hou and the riders all died, turning to ice statues on the surface, the army was still waiting quietly.

Until the light from all of the seal weapons went out and the lake surface fell back into darkness, a vice general behind the general of the army bowed deeply and said softly, “No one can withstand even one blow from the old monk. So tonight, many people will die… but that is fine as long as General is still alive.”

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