Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 39 “Die”

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Chapter Thirty Nine: Die

All of the snow hou went from a violent charge to stillness. Numerous craters were left on the lake’s icy surface by the flames falling from the seal weapons.

The old monk’s wood staff fell back onto the ice. The tip of the staff, because it had passed through too much flesh and blood, hissed as it came into contact with the ice and a wisp of white smoke rose. The tip was too hot from rubbing hard against the bones.

The old monk received the true teachings of the former Ba Mountain Sword Field, and his combat power took a large step towards the peak of the world. He was in the middle of an inexplicable joy and excitement. But at this time, he unconsciously knitted his brows.

A shadow slowly walked out of the darkness and the falling ice ahead.

This person’s face was covered with thick black cloth. He carried two long swords on his back, one with an indigo hilt, and the other a red hilt. In the darkness, they flashed with light, and were more eye-catching than he was.

This person was the vice general who had been standing behind the general at the front of the army. Before the vice general moved, the ghost-like army, the general and the soldiers behind him kept their silence. No one moved or made a sound.

Light clang!

Two long swords came out of their sheathes at the same time. The blade of the indigo hilt sword was red, and the blade of the red hilt sword was indigo. They appeared very strange in the darkness.

This vice general crossed the swords. His footsteps were silent, but gaining in speed. The two swords became two ribbons of light in the darkness.

A hint of seriousness appeared between the old monk’s brows. He took a step forward, raised his staff, and his arm straightened. The wood staff immediately became a straight line that stabbed towards the vice general’s forehead.

Loud pop!

The vice general’s brow was easily pierced. The power of the staff tip went deep into his head. But even though the staff tip, cooled by the ice, reflected in his eyes, and the great pressure caused his eyes to sink inwards, this person did not change his movements. He allowed the old monk to pierce through his brow, and still continued to carry out his sword move.

The old monk’s forehead wrinkled. He did not make extra movements. With a light pop, the power from his staff destroyed all life in the vice general. But his gaze fell to the two sides of his chest.

On his oily monk-robes, two splits appeared. His iron like skin and two faint marks appeared through the splits.

The tip of the staff fell from the vice general’s brow, and when the staff fell to the ice, so did the man’s body fall backwards. The old monk looked forwards.

The ghost-like army moved, but it was just another person.

A cultivator dressed the same as this vice general passed the general, going along the same route, and coming alone towards the old monk.

The old monk’s perception stretched along the ice. He knew nothing about this army, and could not judge their military rank. But from the small differences in presence, he could sense the vice general that he had just killed, and learn many things.

The vice general that he had just killed had been the second person in the ghost-like army. While in that moment, there had not been any violence or crash of energies, the vice general was able to tear his monk robe, and leave a mark on his body. Such a result surpassed all the experts that he had encountered in the Donghu imperial palace.

Also, he was stronger now than when he had gone to the palace.

The second strongest person of the army far surpassed the powerful grandmasters in the Donghu imperial palace. This showed just how strong this army was. But more importantly, the vice general was the first to come to die, just to clear the way with his death.

Clear the way with his death. You all follow.

Ding Ning’s brow furrowed deeply. He had seen many armies before but never one like this.

The old monk’s emotions did not change. To him, the meaning of his life was to serve as Ding Ning’s attendant. So facing such an army at this moment, other than admiring the other’s strength and vicious best, killing people was no different from tearing a flatbread, and drinking a cup of tea.

What he needed to consider was how to decrease the damage the others created against him, and save energy as much as possible. Even the weak air resistance became something important that he needed to consider right now. So he did not even move a finger. He waited for the second strongest man from the army to get close before raising his wood staff again, and thrust it out.

The tip of the staff accurately stabbed into the other’s heart meridian. The power went between the bones, and passed through the weakest flesh to stab into the other’s meridian. But when the power just went in, the cultivator in front of him disappeared.

Deep explosion!

This cultivator’s body exploded from the inside out. What this cultivator did was to walk in front of the old monk, and before the old monk killed him, he ignited all the vital energy and primal energies of the universe in his body.

Popping sounds came from the old monk’s body. Like pebbles hitting a fragile window. Many more holes appeared on his robe. There were more marks on his dark skin.

Zhangsun Qianxue’s breathing paused. Her face turned pale, and she felt like vomiting. Especially when she saw the marks on the old monk’s body, her energy sea started to vibrate.

But at this time, Ding Ning gripped her hand, and shook his head at her. Zhangsun Qianxue breathed slowly, and the vibration of her energy sea stopped.

The old monk sensed her impulse of wanting to help. He did not turn around, but took another step forward.

In the darkness, a third person came. This person used a flying sword.

When the flying sword was still a dozen meters away from the old monk, this person was dead. Because this cultivator forced all the vital energy in his body out and into this sword.

The small crimson sword burned, and fell towards the old monk like a meteor on a straight path.

The old monk turned his body sideways. The power of this flying sword swept up many pieces of cloth from his body. It passed by the old monk, stabbing into the glaciers on the edge of the lake, and then created a great explosion.

The ice pieces on the surface of the ice started to pulse. The fourth cultivator walked over.

This was a large man much taller than normal people, and dragged an enormous hammer in his hand. When he raised his hammer’s height, the old monk’s staff pierced his heart.

The hammer fell down, and smashed a deep hole in front of the old monk. Many pieces of ice splashed up, and fell on the old monk.

Then there was the fifth, the sixth… at a thrilling rate, after one person was killed, another would walk in front of the old monk and get killed.

The cultivators came silently and died.

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